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ribbon storage
By: BeePee
Thu 26 April 2012
9 member reviews
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Silk painted card
By: BeePee
Tue 24 April 2012
24 member reviews
56 viewings
money wallet
By: BeePee
Mon 26 March 2012
18 member reviews
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Recycled card
By: BeePee
Mon 26 March 2012
22 member reviews
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Card with iPad digi-art
By: BeePee
Wed 21 March 2012
8 member reviews
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Gold and Black Greetings
By: BeePee
Tue 28 February 2012
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43 viewings
By: BeePee
Tue 28 February 2012
10 member reviews
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Lilac Church
By: BeePee
Tue 28 February 2012
6 member reviews
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Christmas Wreath
By: BeePee
Tue 28 February 2012
6 member reviews
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We Three Kings
By: BeePee
Tue 28 February 2012
7 member reviews
20 viewings
With Love at Christmas
By: BeePee
Tue 28 February 2012
8 member reviews
21 viewings
Silver Wreath
By: BeePee
Sun 26 February 2012
15 member reviews
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donemark donemark Hi, thank you for your lovely comments on my cards. You have a beautiful gallery of cards
JoyceWestLothian1 JoyceWestLothian1 Hi, Thanks for your comments on my Baptismal card. Just peeked at your cards. They're lovely. Carry on the good work. Love Joyce xx

About me

Recently retired as a (part-time) Customer Services Officer in the local Adult Education Centre so I should now  have more time for my hobbies!  These include Family History, Lacemaking, sketching and painting and cardmaking.  Don't know how I found time to go to work!


As well as cardmaking, for which I use this website my interests include:

Family History - Lots of ancestors in Kent, quite a few in Somerset, Worcestershire and Hampshire and the most difficult to find in Ireland (Co Sligo & Co Armagh)
I have recently joined the committee of the Medway branch of Kent Family History Society

Lacemaking - for about 20 years I taught bobbin lacemaking in various LEA centres, but the demand has gradually fallen away but I still have a small group at home once a month and  have lots of lacemaking contacts through The Lace Guild and the lace email discussion group Arachne
From time to time I do some lace pattern designing, mostly with the computer now rather than with graph paper.  I have a Mac so I don't use specialist lace design software, Adobe Illustrator does all I want and mo


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Hubby's birthday

Hubby's birthday

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Time Swap
By: BeePee
Thu 22 April 2010
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