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created on 07 Nov, 2005

I use good quality cards, the ones that have been sent to me in a previous year, to stamp out snowflakes for my cards. also the ends of toothpaste cartons that are coloured silver can be used for punc...

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created on 28 Oct, 2008

After the top success of: Sister Jean's "Pilgrims' Guide to Holy Water" (British edition, French edition soon to be published). "Hit the Headlines" by Ann of Ayrshire. "French Lessons in Ten F...

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created on 03 Feb, 2009

Hello, As there are a few people out there tht would love to send birthday cards to their buddies I think it is time for a thread to keep everyone informed of the dates. I will try and keep this thr...

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created on 12 Jan, 2010

Can anyone tell me if the craft ones are the same thing as the ones you can buy for cooking? I've got one that I purchased from the Lakeland website a while ago that I don't use - would this be jus...

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created on 07 Feb, 2010

I want to make suncatches for a bathroom and for my nephew's bedroom where is the best sites to find these specialists kits as i want to try a new skill and show off to my sister too i hoe you can he...

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created on 20 Feb, 2010

I use baby wipes a lot while crafting, but they dry out quite quickly. So I washed out a Vitamin pot and now I keep my baby wipe in it, lasts for days!

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created on 08 Mar, 2010

Hugs for Elsie on chit chat section of forum hugs mandy craftybearxxx

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created on 19 May, 2010

When i am cutting out a fiddly decoparge I use my cutting mat on top of a tv swivle stand, I can the turn the whole page without lifting my blade.
Anyone else got a...

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created on 30 May, 2010

   Hi I am a mum of a 2 year old son.
At the moment besides drawing i have got some foan stickers which he enjoys sticking to make pictures! We also ...

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created on 18 Jun, 2010

loads hugs and best wishes on its way to you both xxxx

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alessandra104 alessandra104 Hello, thank you very much for kind comments on my gallery and my exploding boxes! You have some gorgeous cards on your gallery! Ciao Alessandra
xjenniegx xjenniegx hi rosie thank you so much for your buddy request which I am pleased to accept,you have some beautifull projects in your gallery xx

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Well,not much to tell,i have my lovely hubby, and my lovely kids and grand kids who i think the world of.
Am 66 going on a 100!lol
Love doing crafty stuff, specially making things to give others.
Only started making cards when my hubby egged me on to make my own
and am so glad he did.I have made some lovely friends on here.
And i love em to bits.


Love vintage,altered art,also fairies and funghi,etc etc etc.x
Not forgetting my lovely cat who is slightly schitzoid!!!I would like to thank,anyone and everyone who comes here and leaves me a nice comment,it is truly appreciated.And i am sorry i cannot get round to you all to thank you individually.xx


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Three more square cards

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