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Thu 2 May 2013
15 member reviews
35 viewings
Morris Minor - Need 4 Speed
Thu 2 May 2013
11 member reviews
34 viewings
Anglia - Need 4 Speed
Thu 2 May 2013
8 member reviews
28 viewings
Mini Need 4 Speed
Thu 2 May 2013
16 member reviews
38 viewings
Mint Tea
Wed 1 May 2013
36 member reviews
83 viewings
Herbs R Us
Wed 1 May 2013
28 member reviews
72 viewings
Sew Happy Jumping - Commission
Wed 1 May 2013
24 member reviews
62 viewings
Wine Anyone
Wed 1 May 2013
16 member reviews
58 viewings
Bird House Window Card
Wed 1 May 2013
17 member reviews
69 viewings
Our New Houses
Wed 1 May 2013
15 member reviews
55 viewings
All at sea
Wed 1 May 2013
10 member reviews
33 viewings
Beach Huts
Wed 1 May 2013
13 member reviews
45 viewings

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furryfriend furryfriend Thank you for asking me too be a buddy,happy crafting x
ampsybabe ampsybabe Merry Christmas Kate and a very Happy New Year to you and your family xxx

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Hi, I am happily married and live in West Dorset.

Thank you everyone who leaves me comments I love to see if people like them. My husband says they are good, but he is biased (I'm not good at promoting myself, but have no problem doing it for others)!

I am now a Docrafts demonstrator (Kate_Evans), so if anyone wants to come along to say hello and get some inspiration please feel free.

Please take a look and see what you think of my blog:

I would very much like it, if anyone would like to become a follower of my blog and leave me any comments.

I would also like to say thank you to everyone who has left some feedback/comments it is greatly appreciated.

Can't think what else to say at this moment


Paper Crafts/Pyrography
Would love to give up my day job and concentrate doing what i love which is crafts - If you have a job like this i am envious.

I have a blog:
"Please take a look"


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Decorated Fairy Keepsake Box
Wed 25 April 2012
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