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gentle S/P,from bits
Wed 23 April 2014
43 member reviews
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very simple,very clean.
Sun 20 April 2014
42 member reviews
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todays offer
Sat 19 April 2014
38 member reviews
97 viewings
re-cycle 3(last for now)
Mon 14 April 2014
43 member reviews
114 viewings
recycled 2
Mon 14 April 2014
39 member reviews
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nice n easy
Sun 13 April 2014
36 member reviews
85 viewings
with thanks
Sun 13 April 2014
20 member reviews
69 viewings
To all buddies on D.C.
Thu 10 April 2014
53 member reviews
145 viewings
labour of love
Sun 23 March 2014
63 member reviews
218 viewings
easing back in
Tue 18 March 2014
53 member reviews
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floral gems
Mon 30 September 2013
45 member reviews
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pink/silver/black,no sentiment yet.
Fri 27 September 2013
44 member reviews
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GloriaCamisa GloriaCamisa Hi Peter, thank you for your comments on my Tagxedo cards recently. Lovely to hear from you again. Glo xx
daisymoo daisymoo Morning Peter, thank you for accepting me as a buddy. Hope your health is improving me dear. Hugs x

About me

I am 61 and a semi retired hairdresser from Liverpool,Been crafting for about 4/5 years now but the last year everything seems to have come to fruition with having more time, I have become a one man card making industry.. I am well and truly into card making it is an addiction and I am hooked.
Friends said "it will keep you out the pub"it hasnt, but i never spent this amount of money in the pub,what do they say"no such thing as a rich crafter" is very true.
Thanks for all the fab comments you send it really spurs me on..
I dont attend classes but I do watch a lot of demo's,both on the craft TV and most of all UTUBE..
Happy crafting to everyone on this site.


card making.


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Tri-easel with mini gatefold
Thu 24 March 2011
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