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Tue 24 June 2014
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the customer is always right..?
Mon 23 June 2014
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tonic die
Sat 14 June 2014
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corner die
Mon 2 June 2014
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3D effect
Sun 1 June 2014
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tattered lace
Sun 1 June 2014
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more of the same
Sun 11 May 2014
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pop art/abstract-ish.
Sun 11 May 2014
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glitter flutterbies
Fri 9 May 2014
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cheap as chips
Thu 8 May 2014
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deco cocktails
Thu 1 May 2014
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gentle S/P,from bits
Wed 23 April 2014
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Debsh23 Debsh23 Hi Peter, Thank you for commenting on my 'Rangers' footy card, I do appreciate it. Take care... Regards Debs x
dragonlady2 dragonlady2 Hi Peter, She's already know my fancy cut scissors will be her as soon as she can manage slightly bigger sized ones, and keeps reminding me! She loves sticking bits down, even sticker books she's spot on. She loves my peel offs too. I think I've won, her mother hates crafting, and never thought her daughter would do it, she's even got her own craft box. Also, so glad our H/Martins return, I'd hate to lose them - Pat x

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I am 61 and a semi retired hairdresser from Liverpool,Been crafting for about 4/5 years now but the last year everything seems to have come to fruition with having more time, I have become a one man card making industry.. I am well and truly into card making it is an addiction and I am hooked.
Friends said "it will keep you out the pub"it hasnt, but i never spent this amount of money in the pub,what do they say"no such thing as a rich crafter" is very true.
Thanks for all the fab comments you send it really spurs me on..
I dont attend classes but I do watch a lot of demo's,both on the craft TV and most of all UTUBE..
Happy crafting to everyone on this site.


card making.


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Tri-easel with mini gatefold
Thu 24 March 2011
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