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Creativity Magazine - Issue 46 - May 2014

Mays’s issue of docrafts Creativity is bursting at the seams with stimulating ideas for your spring makes. Showcasing the new Papermania Heritage Press collection, there are plenty of ideas for inspired Father’s Day makes, and you’ll be itching to get your hands on the three fantastic cover gifts. With £15 worth of money-saving vouchers in your Creativity Essentials booklet, £300 worth of craft stash to be won, over £1000 worth of giveaways, as well as loads of project ideas, don’t miss out!

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Step by Step


Cut the base for your door hanger using the template provided. Use stiff card or even chipboard if possible.


Cover both sides of the door hanger with co-ordinating patterned paper, cutting the handle aperture with a craft knife. For an ultra neat finish, sand around the edges of the paper using an emery board.


For the do not disturb side: Cut orange paper to measure 6.5 x 14 cm, blue paper to measure 7.5 x 9cm and a strip of grid paper to measure 1.5 x 16 cm. Ink the edges with chestnut ink and fix to the door hanger as shown. Take a cardstock sticker and adhere to the right of the hanger with 3D foam pads. Embellish the hanger further with epoxy brads and cardstock borders. Add ‘do not disturb’ using a mix of white and pink foam alphaminis letters.


For the I’m up already side: Cut three 4cm orange squares and three pink squares. Ink the edges with chestnut ink, and fix to a piece of cardstock measuring 12 x 8cm as shown. Stick to the door hanger and add scalloped and glittered border stickers to the top and bottom of the panel. Add a dotted border to each of the squares as shown.


Add a cardstock sticker icon to the bottom of the checkerboard panel using 3D foam pads. Take three cardstock flower stickers and add to the hanger also using foam pads. Add the I’m up already greeting using a mix of alphamini letters, forming an apostrophe by cutting down an unused letter.


Finally add a bow the handle aperture using gold wide organza ribbon.

Where would I be without crafting? I can think of nothing better than spending my days with a messy desk and a happy heart! I present Creativity! TV here on and also fill you in of my comings and goings in docrafts Creativity! Magazine. I'm s


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