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Intermediate 1 to 2 hours 1 Photo Used

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Creativity Magazine - Issue 45 - April 2014

This is our first ever April Issue and here at Creativity HQ it's been so exciting finding projects to reflect this time of year. Our blooming lovely paper flowers cover project captures the season perfectly along with the cutest Easter bunny cupcakes that look too good to eat. With a fabulous competition and 100 giveaways worth over £1000 for you to enter plus 3 great gifts, make sure you pick up your copy today.

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Step by Step


Tear some strips of Whitewash cardstock in a range of colours and glue them behind your main sheet as shown.


Tear all the borders of a Whitewash cardstock. If you tear upwards a beautiful coloured core will appear. Don’t be too precise; it should look torn.


Tear a circle of Whitewash cardstock and remove the inside as shown.


Cut some leaves in the shape of a paisley in various colours and in various sizes. This project has added extra detail by dry embossing the leaves in a swirly pattern. Sand each leaf on top lightly so you see the beautiful colour appear. Sand the borders and decorate them with the shimmer dots.


Lay the leaves together so they form a sort of flower as shown.


Cut a mat for the photo of whitewash cardstock. dampen the borders and curl them over.


Sew around the edges with doubled thread, sew in a small bead every other stitch as shown.


Attach the circle to the paper. Glue the photomat to the page and the ‘flower’ of paisleys as shown. Doodle a swirl on top of the circle with a pencil. Sew little pearly beads to finish.


Add the title by cutting the letters from the back of a sheet of Whitewash cardstock to finish. You could also use Papermania Foam Alphabet Stickers to create the title.

“The most important thing about scrapping is to tell the story of daily life and honour the people, places and things I love. My motto is ‘laugh out loud’!”


You will need