Delicate Multi-Drop Necklace

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Intermediate 1 to 2 hours NECKLACES

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Creativity Magazine - Issue 45 - April 2014

This is our first ever April Issue and here at Creativity HQ it's been so exciting finding projects to reflect this time of year. Our blooming lovely paper flowers cover project captures the season perfectly along with the cutest Easter bunny cupcakes that look too good to eat. With a fabulous competition and 100 giveaways worth over £1000 for you to enter plus 3 great gifts, make sure you pick up your copy today.

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Step by Step


Attach 7 marquis marcasite connectors to large jump rings. Thread a small green crystal onto an eyepin and turn the end to a loop. Attach at the bottom of the marcasite connectors using a small jump ring


Cut beading wire to measure approximately 35cm. Attach one end to a jump ring using a crimp bead. Thread on a gold bead.


Thread on a pearl, a green crystal and another pearl. Add a small gold bead.


Repeat step 3, 7 more times, but replacing the gold bead with one of the connectors on jump rings.


Repeat step 3, 7 more times, but replacing the gold bead with one of the connectors on jump rings.


Finish the beaded section by attaching a jump ring with a crimp bead.


Trim 4 lengths of gold chain each measuring 12cm. Attach jump rings at one end of each pair. Attach the other ends of each pair to the jump rings on the end of the beaded sections.


Add the two parts of a toggle clasp to complete.

Hi there! My earliest memory of crafting is sitting with my Nan embroidering when I was tiny. Since then I’ve enjoyed cross-stitch, knitting, & a multitude of paper-crafting techniques. I have been making cards for years but really became hooked when I was introduced to heat embossing. I’ve been addicted to paper, brads, ribbon, stamps, beads, wire…. ever since! I’m really looking forward to meeting you to show you what you can achieve with all the wonderful products available to you!


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