Easter is on its way

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Creativity Magazine - Issue 45 - April 2014

This is our first ever April Issue and here at Creativity HQ it's been so exciting finding projects to reflect this time of year. Our blooming lovely paper flowers cover project captures the season perfectly along with the cutest Easter bunny cupcakes that look too good to eat. With a fabulous competition and 100 giveaways worth over £1000 for you to enter plus 3 great gifts, make sure you pick up your copy today.

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Step by Step


Cut a piece of yellow cardstock to measure 2 by 12” and glue it on the pink cardstock. Cut a piece light blue cardstock to measure 10 by 10”, matt it onto light brown cardstock.


Cut a circle of the pink dotty patterned paper. Glue towards the top of the page. Glue the brown striped paper beneath as shown.


Take a piece of copper organza ribbon and position horizontally at the bottom of the blue cardstock layer. Glue into place on the reverse.Apply dotty pink ribbon over, again securing in place on the reverse. Glue the whole layer in the centre of the layout. Arrange your photographs across the striped paper layer.


Lightly ink your stamp of the bunny holding the easter egg with the periwinkle acrylic paint and stamp it on to fabric. (clean your stamps directly after stamping). Paint some details with your pink acrylic paint and allow to dry. Apply fabric interfacing to the reverse of the fabric to stop it fraying and cut out. Glue in the bottom left corner of the page. Make a bow of the copper organza ribbon and attach it next to the bunny.


Lightly ink your stamp of the two small ducks with paint. Stamp 4 ducks onto fabric and allow to dry. Apply interfacing to the reverse and cut into circles using pinking shears. Glue evenly along the ribbon, placing some sticker flowers in between.


As described above stamp and colour the sitting bunny. Embroider some details such as flowers and whiskers and place some wadding on the reverse. Sew around the shape using a sewing machine and cut it out. It’s nice if you see a little tiny bit of fringe around the edge. Attach it at the top left of the page.


Spell out your title using the foam letters. Stamp the text ‘with bunches of love’ on a piece of blue cardstock. Cut it to the shape of a simple arrow. Matt it with light brown cardstock and place it in the centre of the circle with some brads.


Finally sew with your sewing machine a nice pink border around the page.

“The most important thing about scrapping is to tell the story of daily life and honour the people, places and things I love. My motto is ‘laugh out loud’!”


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