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Intermediate 1 to 2 hours 1 Photo Used

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Creativity Magazine - Issue 46 - May 2014

Mays’s issue of docrafts Creativity is bursting at the seams with stimulating ideas for your spring makes. Showcasing the new Papermania Heritage Press collection, there are plenty of ideas for inspired Father’s Day makes, and you’ll be itching to get your hands on the three fantastic cover gifts. With £15 worth of money-saving vouchers in your Creativity Essentials booklet, £300 worth of craft stash to be won, over £1000 worth of giveaways, as well as loads of project ideas, don’t miss out!

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Step by Step


Trim white card to measure 29cm by 29cm. Cover one corner of the back of the sheet with a patterned paper. Fold back the corner and secure with brads. Glue in place on the red sheet and tuck a corner of coordinating patterned paper behind. Add a circle sticker.


Layer your photograph onto red card. Layer onto rectangles of patterned paper, clustering the elements in the centre of the page.


Make and bow from ribbon and glue to the left hand side of the photo. Cluster the tag and word stickers to spell out the title under the photograph.


Print or write your journalling onto white card. Cut into strips and arrange under the title.


Feed buttons onto cotton thread and suspend from the top left corner. Glue the buttons in place to prevent them moving.


Add a doodled border down the left hand side to complete.

Hello! I'm Melanie, proud mother of two (three including docrafts where I can satisfy and indulge in my passion for crafts and of course - Shopping!