Joyeux Noel

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Intermediate 1 to 2 hours 1 Photo Used

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Creativity Magazine - Issue 46 - May 2014

Mays’s issue of docrafts Creativity is bursting at the seams with stimulating ideas for your spring makes. Showcasing the new Papermania Heritage Press collection, there are plenty of ideas for inspired Father’s Day makes, and you’ll be itching to get your hands on the three fantastic cover gifts. With £15 worth of money-saving vouchers in your Creativity Essentials booklet, £300 worth of craft stash to be won, over £1000 worth of giveaways, as well as loads of project ideas, don’t miss out!

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Step by Step


Glue a square of red patterned paper measuring 9.5” on top of a square of green cardstock measuring 10” inch and centre on to a piece of white patterned paper.


Cut a strip of green patterned paper to measure 9.5 x 4”. Apply metallic pigment ink around the edge and sprinkle on gold and copper embossing powder and heat. Glue this to the right of the page.


Using red thread, stitch a border around the white background and on the red layer.


Tear a piece of white patterend paper with christmas text to measure about 4 x 6”. Curl the top left corner forwards. Heat emboss the edges and the curled corner with gold and copper embossing powder. Glue it towards the centre of the page. Attach a piece of black thread around the curled corner to resemble a scroll. Attach the thread to the page with some adhesive stones.


Stamp the large Christmas Ornament stamp 8 times onto brown cardstock, using metallic pigment ink. Gently sprinkle gold embossingpowder on parts of each ornament, tip it of, and sprinkle some copper embossing powder over the rest of it, then heat emboss it.


Cut out the Christmas Ornaments and arrange them into a snowflake shape. Glue them behind a 4” square of gold cardstock and glue in the middle of the layout. Attach a gold ribbon with a bow in the bottom left corner.


Stamp the text ‘Joyeux Noel’ on a piece of white patterned paper and make a mat of brown, white patterned and brown paper again. Distress with gold ink. Apply some adhesive stones on the letters for decoration.


Stamp the Christmas Ornament stamp on the brown paper flowers with embossing ink and heat emboss one with gold and one with copper embossing powder. Attach the flowers with plain brown paper flowers with a Christmas tree brad.

“The most important thing about scrapping is to tell the story of daily life and honour the people, places and things I love. My motto is ‘laugh out loud’!”


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