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Intermediate 1 to 2 hours 1 Photo Used

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Creativity Magazine - Issue 46 - May 2014

Mays’s issue of docrafts Creativity is bursting at the seams with stimulating ideas for your spring makes. Showcasing the new Papermania Heritage Press collection, there are plenty of ideas for inspired Father’s Day makes, and you’ll be itching to get your hands on the three fantastic cover gifts. With £15 worth of money-saving vouchers in your Creativity Essentials booklet, £300 worth of craft stash to be won, over £1000 worth of giveaways, as well as loads of project ideas, don’t miss out!

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Step by Step


Adhere a 10 x 11.75 piece of striped paper on the left hand side to a sheet of Navy coredinations card stock.


Rip the bottom off a piece of 6.5 x 10 pink flower paper and adhere at a slight angle on the right side of page. Adhere a 5 x 7 photo on top of this tucking some flowers behind and over the photo of the right side.


Cut out a rainbow with animals underneath. Tuck some note paper behind it for journaling and adhere to the bottom left of the photo over lapping it.


Cut a 12 inch strip of paper with little sheep on it and fold into a ruffle before adhering to the bottom of the photo.


Cut some striped paper with decorative scissors and adhere to bottom of ruffle.


Add a circle rub on to the centre of one of the notelets and adhere with foam pads to left of the layout at a slight angle. Finish this line with some ribbon attached with staples.


Tuck and adhere some buttons in behind the ruffles. By adding smaller buttons on top of large buttons will give some depth to your layout.


Add your title using the rainbow as your guide. Add small white dots around the edge of the layout.

I have always been 'crafty' and while sitting with my gran when I was younger I admired all she did and said to myself that I wanted to create things like her. I am just a girl who has been let loose with paper and scissors. Can I make a mess ... You sure bet I can! I am a freelance designer for docrafts and enjoy creating projects for the Creativity! Magazine, Creativity! Club TV and demos.


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