Pearl and Flower Earrings

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Intermediate 45 minutes EARRINGS

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Creativity Magazine - Issue 45 - April 2014

This is our first ever April Issue and here at Creativity HQ it's been so exciting finding projects to reflect this time of year. Our blooming lovely paper flowers cover project captures the season perfectly along with the cutest Easter bunny cupcakes that look too good to eat. With a fabulous competition and 100 giveaways worth over £1000 for you to enter plus 3 great gifts, make sure you pick up your copy today.

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Step by Step


Cut 4” length of Silver Wire and thread on 6 Seed Beads, 1 Pearl, 1 Flower, 1 Button Freshwater Pearl 1 Flower, 1 Pearl and 6 Seed Beads.


Thread both strands through a Crimp Bead, add an Earring Hoop then back through the Crimp Bead and seal. Cut off the wire leaving a small amount to thread back down through the beads for neatness.

HI - I've been a DoCrafts Designer since 2004 - and love every minute of the job from making all the cards etc to meeting all the people at the demonstrations throughout the south west. I love all aspects of Art and Craft including making my own Cards, Scrapbooking, Stained Glass, Painting, making my own Silk papers from real silk fibres, Driftwood Sculpture - the list goes on and on.