Silver Melon Bead Set

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Intermediate 2 to 3 hours NECKLACES

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Creativity Magazine - Issue 46 - May 2014

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Step by Step


Earrings - Take a head pin from the starter pack and thread the following onto it: barrel bead, melon crystal, barrel, hex pillow. Make a loop at the end of the pin (there is just enough wire), and add a 4mm jump ring.


Remove a single link from the large chain (the links open and close like jump rings), thread it through the small jump ring and an earring finding, and close. Repeat to make another earring.


Bracelet - Cut two lengths of 0.3mm bead wire at least 8cm long and another at least 15cm long.


Half squash a silver crimp bead to make it an oval shape and thread all three wires through it. Arrange the wires with the longest in the middle, and the crimp positioned so that about 1cm of the shorter wires and 5cm of the longer wire are sticking out of one end. Squash the crimp to hold them securely.


Onto the short end of the wires thread the following: barrel bead, hex pillow, barrel, small clear bead (from the melon set), crimp bead. Thread the wire back through the crimp to make a small loop, pull through any spare wire and squash the crimp. Trim any visible ends of wire and attach a 4mm jump ring to the loop.


Working on the long end of the wires, thread the following: a. Centre wire: melon crystal, barrel bead, melon, b. Each outer wire: barrel, melon, barrel


Thread all three wires through a half-squashed crimp bead, arrange all the beads into a flower shape and secure with the crimp, ensuring the wires are arranged neatly. The grooves in the melon beads will help to keep the arrangement in place. Repeat step 5 for the remaining wire to complete your centrepiece.


Attach equal lengths of the large link chain to the jump rings on each side of the centrepiece - I used 3 large links each side to make a 17cm long bracelet. Finish by attaching the two parts of a rope toggle fastener to the chain ends using small jump rings.


Necklace - To make the dropper - Follow steps 3 to 7 from the bracelet instructions. Onto the remaining wire, thread a barrel bead, a small clear bead and a crimp bead. Pass the long wire end back through the crimp to make a small loop, squash the crimp and trim any spare wire.


Thread a hex pillow bead onto a 25mm eye pin and curl the remaining wire into a spiral. Using a small jump ring, attach the head pin to the short end of the dropper made in step 9. Attach a single link from the large chain to the jump ring at the other end of the dropper.


To make the neck chain - Cut a length of approx. 10cm of 0.3mm bead wire. Thread a crimp bead onto one end, pass the end of the wire back through to make a small loop, and squash the crimp flat.


Thread the following onto the wire: small clear bead, barrel, pillow, barrel, melon, barrel, pillow, barrel, clear bead, crimp. Pass the end of the wire back through the crimp to make a small loop and squash the crimp to secure. Trim the spare end of wire


Repeat steps 11 and 12 to make a second beaded section. Remove a 5 link section from the long chain and attach each end to one of the beaded sections using 4mm jump rings. At the other ends of the beaded sections, use jump rings to attach extra lengths of large chain to give a fairly close fit around the neck. Attach a small rope toggle fastener to the ends of the chain.


Attach the dropper to the middle link in the 5 link section of chain using the single link at the top of the dropper.

I started making cards for family & friends a couple of years ago, partly to give me an excuse to buy lots of pretty papers & sparkly things. I've been a keen photographer for many years, & have recently discovered the joys of scrapbooking. My own craftin


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