12 tips for shooting great project photos


We know it can be daunting, but these simple tips will help you stage your projects and get the best photo you can so your gallery is as gorgeous looking as the makes you share! Be creative and above all else have fun.

1. Turn off the flash! Flash is not your friend especially on cards with reflective surfaces.

2. Use a tripod or rest your camera on a table or sturdy box to keep it steady.

3. Photograph your project on a table with a piece of wallpaper or scrapbook paper behind it in a complimentary colour.

4. Shoot your project in front of a window placing your tripod between the window and your project. put the camera on timer and move out of the way to maximise light. 

5. You could put your table at right angles to the window and then put a reflector (such as a white piece of card) opposite the window to bounce back the light.

6. Exposure Compensation –If your camera has this facility, you will see a little scale. Settings towards the right hand side of the scale will make your image lighter.

7. Props add a nice touch, think of groups of items and mixed textures in odd numbers.

8. Don’t crop in close to your subject, leave plenty of space for the project to breathe

9. Use free editing software like Picasa to enhance your photographs before uploading.

10. Shoot cards from a slight angle to give depth and show that it is a card and not a flat layout.

11. Pop a piece of thin plastic under jewellery items where you want soft reflections.

12. Take inspiration from the internet. Pinterest is great for getting ideas on how to stage crafts for photographs. You could also check out the galleries listed below, we think they're fab examples of great photography done at home.








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