A trio of trees

Grab a pack of Create Christmas Make Your Own Polystyrene Decorations and turn some cones into beautiful trees for the house. Keep the matching set together to create a pretty scene or place them in different rooms in your humble abode.

Tree stands

1. To prepare the tree stands cut three pieces of 8cm wooden dowel and paint with Artiste Acrylic Paint Blanc. Set aside to dry.

2. Die cut six medium-sized circles in white cardstock, then die cut a tiny circle into the centre of three.

3. Die cut a further nine circles from white Craft Planet Funky Foam and make a small hole in the centre of each with the Xcut Screw Hole Punch.

4. To assemble each stand, glue three funky foam circles together, a cardstock circle with a hole on top and then a circle without on the bottom. Push the dowel into the hole to create a stand.

Jute tree

1. Cover the entire cone with twine from the Papermania Bare Basics Natural Jute Set by wrapping it around until it is fully covered. Glue in place as you go and leave a length of twine at the top to curl and fix.

2. Attach a handful of hand-tied jute bows along with some blue gemstones from the Anita’s 2mm 12 Colour Gemstone Wheel. Fix a silver star cut from Anita’s Silver A4 Mirri Board at top and push the tree onto the stand.

Burlap ribbon tree

1. Paint a cone with Artiste Acrylic Paint in Periwinkle.

2. Create four hoops of Bare Basics burlap to fit the shape of the cone and a small pointed hat shape for the top. Fix into place.

3. Decorate with a selection of blue and clear gemstones from the Anita’s 3mm 12 Colour Gemstone Wheel and finish with a silver star. Pop into its stand.

Blue sequin tree

1. Cover the cone with a sheet of blue cardstock from the Papermania A4 Premium Cardstock Textured Capsule Multi pack. Wrap and glue a coil of jute twine around it, creating a curl at the top.

2. Decorate with blue and white sequins from Craft Planets Sequin Mix and tiny clear gemstones. Add a silver star to the very end of the curl and fix into the stand to finish.

Project, photography and how-to instructions by Project Design Team member Jackie Jasper.

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