Abstract gift bag and tags

This project allows you to really experiment with Faber-Castell's Creative Studio Oil Pastels as you have complete freedom over each and every scribble and line. For our bags and tag we chose to use a summery selection
 of pinks, blue, yellow, peach and mint green however, you can select any five colours that complement each other from the pack to build a gorgeous and modern design that truly stands out. Top off with harsh black lines for a more geometric approach and finish with some subtle foiling for a bit of decadant glamour.

1. Start by colouring a large block of colour in one of the bottom corners. You then want to colour other patches using the different colours and varying in size across the entire surface. Overlap some of the blocks of colour, this works especially well with the two different tones of pink as you get a lovely ombré effect as shown on the tag. You also want the blocks of colour to be drawn both horizontally and vertically to form depth and interest. 

2. Once happy with your blocks of colour, start to build texture. Try this by drawing  numerous lines, at different lengths, widths, some close together and some further apart, ensuring some are horizontal and some are vertical. Next, draw small squares and dots of pastels for little pops of colour. Work with the black pastel over the top of your design, draw small dots, lines and on the big bag a large block of colour as you have more surface area to fill. 

3. To finish, punch various squares, rectangles and circles using the Xcut Palm Punches and Anita’s Silver Mirri Board, place them in the corners and in any blank sections that may be left. Try not do over do it, only put the punched shapes in one or two sections of either the bag or tag. 

Project and how-to instructions by Amy Nichols.

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