Christmas house ornament

If our four dazzling houses in the September issue of Creativity aren’t enough for you, luckily we’ve got an online exclusive! Try your hand at this sparkly abode, with stylish stamped wood work and a sparkly glittered interior. 

1. Assemble the house to determine the outside walls and mark each section lightly with a pencil. Disassemble the house and paint the outside walls with Forest Green Artiste Acrylic Paint. Leave to dry.

2. Paint the outside roof sections in metallic silver paint and sprinkle Create Christmas Silver Fine Glitter over all the wet paint before it dries. Be liberal with the glitter and leave to stand for a minute before shaking off the excess. When applying the glitter, keep an A4 sheet of paper with a score down the middle underneath the roof sections to catch the excess. This makes it easier to add it back into the tub after. 

3. Secure your Creativity Essentials Wooden Boards Background Stamp to an A5 stamp block. Cover with an Artiste Metallic Silver Pigment Ink Pad and press your painted outside walls against the inked stamp to create the wooden effect. Once all four outer walls have been stamped, leave to dry.

4. Paint the inside walls and inside roof sections with a good helping of Metallic Sliver Artiste Acrylic Paint, being careful not to push paint through the window and door holes. Sprinkle glitter over all inside sections before the paint dries, and leave to stand before shaking off excess glitter, as before. 

5. Assemble the house except for the roof sections. Make sure to do this over your sheet of A4 paper as some glitter can become loose.

6. Thread your Create Christmas White LED Lights through the back of the house using the lowest side tier window. Stick the battery pack just underneath the lowest tier windows using Stick It! Double-sided Tape. When sticking, ensure it can’t be seen when looking at the house from the front. Next, scrunch the lights inside the house as you see fit to give an even spread of light throughout.

7. Thread Papermania Bare Basics Natural Jute through holes in the roof before attaching these sections to the top of the house. Be sure to attach the shorter roof section first for an easier assembly.

8. Finally, go around the house touching up the paint where necessary.

Blog Shopping List:

• PMA 105927 / Make Your Own 3D Decoration - Tall Wooden House / Create Christmas / 2.00

• PMA 401913 / Large Glitter Pots (250g) - Silver / Create Christmas / 6.99

• PMA 105963 / 20 Led Light String - White / Create Christmas / 5.99

• PMA 174171 / Natural Jute Set (3pcs) / Papermania / 3.00 / Bare Basics

• DOA 767202 / Value Brush Set (5pk) / Artiste / 5.99

• DOA 7691102 / Petal Mixing Palette (Medium) / Artiste / 2.50

• DCE 903101 / A5 Clear Stamp Block / Creativity Essentials / 6.99

• DCE 907132 / A5 Clear Stamp Set (1pcs) - Wooden Boards Background / Creativity Essentials / 9.99

• DOA 550111 / Pigment Ink Pad - Metallic Silver / Artiste / 2.00

• XCU 268431 / A4 Self-Healing Duo Cutting Mat - Black & White / Xcut / 8.99

• DOA 763244 / Acrylic Paint (2oz) - Forest Green / Artiste / 1.50

• DOA 763101 / Acrylic Paint (2oz) - Metallic Silver / Artiste / 2.25

Project and how-to instructions by Daniel Bowles. Find four more glittered wooden houses in the September (86) issue of docrafts Creativity magazine! Get your copy and all the glitter you could ever need in your nearest docrafts stockist, or find the magazine in the docrafts Shop.

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