Christmas table decorations

Make sure everyone knows where they’re sitting with the prettiest place mats and some super-sweet napkin rings to accompany them. Your Christmas dinner with a handcrafted twist is sure to be the tastiest one yet.

Napkin rings

Remove the bow from two Create Christmas mini wreaths. Use a hot glue gun to fix the two wreaths on top of each other, with any remaining glue marks from the bow facing the inside. Apply the hot glue with care, using just enough to firmly fix it without showing any excess. Wrap a length of natural jute at the top and secure with a bow. Stick two pine cones with the stalks facing each other. Place on a sheet of spare cardstock and fl ick over Blanc Artiste Acrylic Paint with a paintbrush. Leave to dry and adhere to your napkins with a length of jute.

Place settings

Transfer the pyramid template onto some Modern Lustre papers. Cut and score all the designated lines, as indicated on the template. Use a craft knife and a metal ruler to cut an aperture in the triangles, leaving a border of around 1cm. Cover the aperture from behind using a complementary colour of cardstock, securing with tacky glue. Apply more glue to each of the tabs and fix the box into place.

Cut a 1.5cm strip of white cardstock and stamp your names using the alphabet stamp set. Cut both ends of the strip at an angle and attach to a cocktail stick with a hot glue gun. Insert the cocktail stick into the top of the pyramid to finish.

Place mat and coaster

Transfer the large hexagon template onto a sheet of Kraftstax cardstock. Cut out the shape and cover the entire surface with a sheet of Craft Planet Funky Foam, using a hot glue gun. Flip the hexagon base over and trim any excess foam with a large pair of scissors, or a craft knife and metal ruler. Cut a second Kraftstax hexagon and adhere over the funky foam side. 

Choose a selection of Modern Lustre papers and some additional shades of grey cardstock. Prepare your Xcut Xpress machine and your turning arm; this project requires around 50 hexagons! If you have adhesive funky foam, stick the papers directly on top before cutting. If not, trim one foam hexagon to every paper one. Cut all your hexagons using the Xcut Hexagon Nesting Dies.

Start adhering your pieces to the hexagon base, fixing the first one in the centre, with all the sides parallel to the base sides. Start building a pattern outwards from the centre until the front is complete. To make a coaster, repeat the same process on a smaller scale, using the medium hexagon die.

Alternative crackers

Liven up Christmas dinner with these gorgeous contemporary crackers, and you'll never have to groan at a bad joke again! Fill them with lollies, confetti, funny poems or other tiny treats.

1. Choose a variety of Modern Lustre papers and some complementary colours of cardstock to suit your festive décor. You could make these crackers in so many shapes; we chose circles, hexagons and stars. To start the project, draw the shape onto your selected sheets with a pencil, and cut out with scissors or a craft knife. The easiest way to make them all uniform is to make a template from thick cardstock and draw around it as many times as you need. To save time, cut multiple sheets together.

2. When all your shapes are cut, use the Xcut Xtrim Lite with the perforated blade to make one perforated line along the middle. To fill the crackers, place the contents in the centre of one shape with care, ensuring they’re not touching the edge. Use the nib of Anita’s Tacky Glue to apply adhesive around the perimeter, 5mm inside the edge. Place the corresponding shape on top to close, making sure the perforated lines match on both sides. Press firmly around the edges to guarantee that it’s fully stuck, and leave to dry.

3. Another option is to machine stitch around the shape, leaving a 4cm gap. Pour the treats inside and sew the gap to close. Wrap several lengths of jute around the middle. Pop out some Modern Lustre die-cut sentiments and punch a hole at the top. Thread a length of jute through the hole and secure with a bow. For an extra-special touch, why not tie some Modern Lustre charms to embellish?

Project and how-to instructions by Camila Bertolini. Project originally published in issue 88 of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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