Concertina lighthouse card

16 Jun, 2018

Trim and chop the Xcut Lighthouse Die into a clever and colourful concertina card.

1. Cut a panel of light blue cardstock to 11.5 x 25cm.

2. Die cut the lighthouse die in royal blue cardstock and trim off the bottom rectangle that acts as the sea – fix to the bottom of the panel then create a fold that goes back on itself at the top of the rectangle. Fold again but in the other direction.

3. Run the die through the die-cutting machine with green cardstock, snip the small section of trees from the die and fix it just above the blue rectangle. Fold the panel back of itself as before.

4. Now you want a red version of the lighthouse, cut off the rectangle and trees and fix onto the remaining piece of cardstock so that when the concertina folds are closed the design lines up. Die cut the die in the same blue cardstock used for the panel and pop the cloud inside the red outline using a Stick it! 3D Mini Foam Dot.

5. Trim another piece of cardstock using the same colour as the panel to 11.5 x 12cm and fold in half. Attach to the back of the red lighthouse to create the back of the card.

Project and how-to instructions by Amy Nichols. 

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