Cork memo boards

Get creative with geo shapes and pastel paints and display your reminders in style with superb desk accessories. 

1. Mask off geometric shapes onto three Papermania Bare Basics Cork Coasters, and paint with two layers of Artiste’s acrylic paints in sea spray, metallic sapphire and lush pink.

2. Once dry, run Anita’s Tacky Glue along the edge of each paint line and securely adhere craft tapes from Noteworthy’s Pastel Hues Decorative Tapes, Noteworthy’s Graphic Florals Decorative Tape and Papermania’s Moroccan Blue Craft Tape. Wrap the tape around the back to neaten the edge.

3. On one coaster, fix two dark blue mini binder clips from Noteworthy’s Graphic Florals Small Stationery Set to the centre of the cork section. Repeat with the pink and teal binder clips for the other cork coasters. 

4. To make the coasters thicker and sturdier use tacky glue to secure a second cork coaster to the back of each.

Project and how-to instructions by Ellie Berry.

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