Craft tub critters

With the kids holidays fast approaching you may want some ideas to keep your little ones occupied. Craft Planet’s fabulous craft tub consists of hours of fun, all you need is a little imagination, and why not start with a family of cute critters.

Large critters

1. Punch two circles using the Xcut Large Circle Palm Punch and some cardstock, adhere the two together then pop a medium sized pompom on top.

2. Cut a length of pipe cleaner, curl the end a few times, then fix to the pompom ensuring the cardstock circles are at the bottom.

3. Use the Xcut Large Heart Palm Punch to punch the critters face, place two eyes onto the heart using the eye stickers from the craft tub, then adhere to the pompom.

Tiny critters

These smaller critters work as magnets however you can use cardstock as before if you prefer.

1. Punch a circle of Xcut A5 Adhesive Backed Magnetic Shim using the Xcut Medium Circle Palm Punch, then fix a small pompom on top.

2. Cut a small piece of pipe cleaner, curl it and adhere to the pompom ensuring the magnetic circle is at the bottom.

3. Fix two eyes onto a heart punched from the Xcut Medium Palm Punch and place it onto the pompom.

Project and how-to instructions by Project Design Team member Jackie Jasper.

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