Craft with Artiste acrylic paints

Feeling those summer vibes? We are too! Get creative and make yourself a scrumptious ice cream poster with Artiste acrylic paints. The paints come in 72 vibrant colours, layer well and dry matte which gives a lovely chalky finish.


1. Paint the background colour for your poster on a sheet of paper from the Faber-Castell A4 160gsm Paper Pad using a medium sized brush. The pad is a good thickness for absorbing the paint without it warping or going wrinkly. Mix Artiste Blush Acrylic Paint with a little Artiste Blanc Acrylic Paint to create a lovely light pink. 

2. Draw three cones in pencil and paint using clay, dusty rose and guava Artiste acrylic paint. You can tidy up the cones once dry by going over the detail with a thin brush and the same pink used for the background.

3. Run various sized dies from the Xcut Circle Nesting Dies through the die-cutting machine with a Craft Planet 9 x 12'' Funky Foam Sheet to create stamps. Paint acrylic onto the foam circles, ensuring the paint goes to the edges and begin stamping ice cream stacks. Stamp the bottom circle first, wait for it to dry and then stamp the top one so it slightly overlaps. For the ice cream stacks we used night blue, lagoon, lush pink and golden sun Artiste acrylic paint.

4. Once the circles are in place, have fun decorating them using a thin paintbrush! Add dots and lines using contrasting colours. When happy with your design use a thin paintbrush to add the sentiment 'Hello summer' to the bottom of the poster. 

Project and how-to instructions by Rachel Sullivan.

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