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Pop your pens and pencils into adorable creatures that you would normally find in the back garden. Grab the templates from and, you've got yourself a fox, a badger and a squirrel with a very clever tail.

To create each animals body, transfer the box template onto orange, grey and brown coloured cardstock, score fold and crease as directed on the template. To make an inside shelf for the boxes, cut a 9 x 9cm square of cardstock and score 1cm in, around all four edges. Snip into the left score line of each corner. Fold and crease the score lines using the Xcut Paper Creaser Set and dhere each corner together with a Stick it! Glue Stick to create a box shape.


1. Fussy cut an oval in cream coloured cardstock and fix to the front of the main body.

2. Using the Xcut Circle Nesting Dies die cut a large circle in orange cardstock, cut into four quarters and discard two of the pieces. Using the Xcut Medium Heart Palm Punch, punch two hearts in orange cardstock and two in cream cardstock. Use the bottom of the punched hearts to create the foxes ears, sandwich the ears between the two orange quarters.

3. Die cut a cream coloured heart using the Xcut Nesting Hearts Mini Die and snip in half, adhere onto the orange quarter with a split down the middle. Attach a black fussy cut nose and two eyes using a Stick it! 3D Mini Foam Dot. Pop the foxes face onto its body.

4. Use the template, cut the foxes tail in orange cardstock, trim the tip of the tail in cream cardstock twice and then stick to the front and back of the orange tail.


1. Cut an oval in white cardstock and fix to the front of the main body. Trim a small black oval and pop on the back of the main body with a foam dot for the badgers tail.

5. Transfer the template for the badgers head onto white cardstock twice. Using the Xcut medium and small circle palm punches, punch two medium circles in white cardstock and two small circles in black cardstock. Adhere one on top of the other and sandwich in-between to the two heads to create ears.

2. Fussy cut two triangular shapes for the badgers head. Trim two tiny white circles and two smaller black circles and pop together for eyes. Cut a nose and pop onto the head with a foam dot. Adhere to the head into place with foam dots.


1. Trim an oval shape for the squirrels main body and fix to the front. 

2. Transfer the squirrels head from the template onto brown cardstock twice. Fussy cut two ears and sandwich in-between the two heads. Cut a triangle and stick to the top of the head, then trim and fix on two small black eyes. Fussy cut a small oval shape in cream cardstock for the nose, snip a thin slit and then add a tiny brown triangle of cardstock on top with a foam dot. Attach the head to the main body with foam dots.

3. Cut out the squirrels tail in brown cardstock using template, make sure you add the crease mark as directed. 

4. Trim two strips of cardstock measuring 6.5 x 20cm and another at 6.5 x 7cm. Score 1cm in along each edge and cut small slits up to the 1cm mark.

5. Bend the slits inwards and carefully mould the strips of cardstock around outside of the tail, fixing in place as you go. Use the two tab to glue to the reverse side of the box.

Project and how-to instructions by Jackie Jasper.

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