Felt weather chart

Teach your little ones about the weather with this handy felt chart. Choose your own icons or cut out the same as ours for all possibilities! Great for at home or in the classroom, come rain or shine.

1. Adhere a piece of teal felt from the Craft Planet Acrylic Felt Value Pack to a piece of cardboard. Attach twine from the Papermania Create Christmas Twine Pack to the back, at the top. Pop a piece another piece of teal felt onto the back of the cardboard to hide the twine.

2. Cut four 2cm wide strips in mid-blue felt from the pack and make a border around the teal base, include a divider strip down the middle. Fix using Craft Planet PVA Glue.

3. Die cut 'Today is' from red felt using the Xcut Wedding Alphabet and Numbers A5 Die Set and secure PVA glue.

4. Fussy cut various weather icons from felt. We chose a sun, clouds, sun and a cloud, a snowflake, a lightning bolt, rain and a rainbow. For the rain icon, we adhered the rain droplets to white thread and then joined them to the cloud.

5. To finish, attach Velcro to the back of your icons and to the background so that they sit securely on your chart and are easily interchangeable.

Project and how-to instructions by Sophie Ward.

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