Festive winter scene

Create this rustic snow scene with just a few simple items. It’s also a great excuse to get out the house and find the most superb of twigs.

1. To make this small winter scene gather some twigs and a chunky piece of wood.

2. Take two Create Christmas Make Your Own Polystyrene Decorations Cones and cover with ovals of Craft Planet Acrylic Felt Light Green measuring 3 x 2.5cm, starting from the bottom, working your way up.

3. Poke your twigs into the bottom of the polystyrene cones to resemble tree trunks.

4. Create some holes either side of your wooden base and glue the trees into them with a Stick it! Hot Melt Glue Gun.

5. Paint a layer of Artiste Acrylic Paint Blanc onto the base and the edges of the trees to make it look like it has been snowing. You could also add some glitter for a bit of Christmas sparkle!

6. Assemble the Create Christmas Make Your Own 3D Decoration Wooden House and decorate. Arrange how you would like it to sit in your scene and fix.

7. String Papermania Love Santa Christmas Light Charms from either tree.

Project, photography and how-to instructions by Project Design Team member Alina Bartan.

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