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Get set for a spooktacular event with the coolest Halloween decorations around.

1. Paint a wooden dowel rod with a coat of Artiste Acrylic Paint in Blanc. Prepare your Xcut Xpress machine and your turning arm, as this project uses 50 die-cut ghosts. Cut one from vellum, one from cardstock and one from Craft Planet funky foam for each individual ghost, using the new mini die. Mix up the cardstock by using different shades of white and grey. After each one is cut, apply a layer of silicone glue to the foam section and fix the vellum on top. Press the layers together to ensure they’re well fixed, or keep under a book. 

2. When the dowel rod is dry, tie eight lengths of invisible thread along the top, making sure that they’re spaced out equally. Place the dowel on a at surface and start fixing the ghosts. Apply more glue to the remaining foam side, placing the thread onto the ghost and then the last cardstock piece on top. Wooden pegs are handy to keep the layers together while they’re drying. When all of the ghosts are well fixed, trim any excess invisible thread, close to the bottom ghost. Securely tie a length of black twine at both ends of your dowel and it’s ready to hang!

Project and how-to instructions by Camila Bertolini.

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