Halloween-horror garland

Be ready for the spookiest time of the year and make your home look hair-raising this Halloween with our not-so-scary hanging decorations!

Basic pom-pom

1. Draw two 5.5cm diameter circles onto cardboard and then draw two smaller circles inside these. Snip a narrow V-shape through to the centre of the larger circle and cut out the small inner circles to create two templates

2. Cut a long length of wool and place it between the templates, with two loose ends sticking out from either side of the V-shape.  

3. Holding the two templates together, generously wrap black wool around them and continue until you cannot wrap any more wool, creating a couple of layers. Take the two loose ends and pull up to the centre of the template. Tie in a single knot. 

4. Putting the scissors between the two pieces of cardboard, snip around the edge of the wool to create the pom-pom effect. Pull the two loose ends tightly and tie in another knot. Pull the pom-pom out from between the cardboard template and fluff out the wool. Repeat to make a second pom-pom. 

Spooky spider 

1. Measure and cut two Craft Planet Black Chenille Stems into eight 7cm lengths. 

2. Take a completed black pom-pom and fix four stems on each side around the bottom using a Stick it! Hot Melt Glue Gun. 

3. Finish by affixing two wiggly eyes. 

Bloodcurdling bat

1. Draw around the bat wing template twice onto Craft Planet Acrylic Black Felt and cut out. 

2. Take a black chenille stem and trim two sections to the same length as the wings then adhere them to the back of the wings using the glue gun. 

3. Fix the wings either side of a black pom-pom and adhere two wiggly eyes. 

Wicked witch's hat

1. Trace around the witch's hat template onto Craft Planet Acrylic Lavender Felt. Cut a length of black wool, fold in half and tie a double knot in the end. 

2. Place the knotted end at the narrow end of the triangular section of felt and roll to make a cone shape. Adhere along one side of the cone using the glue gun and secure tightly at the top, to ensure the wool doesn't come out. 

3. Cut out the base circle from the template and snip four sections from the centre. Fold these up and adhere to the inside of the cone. 

4. Take a 15 x 1cm piece of black felt and fix where the cone meets the base. Cut a 1.5 x 1.5cm square from Papermania White Cardstock and trim a 5 x 5mm square out of the middle. Adhere this to the black felt using the glue gun. 

Ghoulish ghost

1. Cut a 10 x 10cm square piece of white cardstock and wrap white wool around the centre 50 times, taking care that the card doesn't bend. 

2. Cut a long piece of wool to make a hanging. Feed it through one of the middle strands and tie in a double-knot at the 'head' of the bundle. Remove the wool from the cardstock. 

3. Trim another section of wool, wrap around the bundle a couple of times, quite near the top and tie in a double-knot to create the neck of the ghost. Cut through the loops of wool at the bottom to leave loose ends and adhere two oval wiggly eyes on the front. 

Freaky Frankenstein

1. Draw around the template for Frankenstein's head twice onto Craft Planet Green Acrylic Felt and cut out. Next trace and cut out the hair in black felt and mouth in white felt. Roughly position the features onto one side of the head, along with one round and one oval wiggly eye. 

2. Sew the mouth onto the head using black thread to look like teeth. Sew an X for a nose and a small scar on one of the cheeks. Adhere the hair and eyes to the face using Craft Planet PVA Glue.

3. Stitch together the two pieces of the head, using green thread. Leave a small gap at the bottom and fill with stuffing, to make the head 3D. Once filled, sew up the gap in the bottom. 

Project and how-to instructions by Hannah Haughy.

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