Hand-lettered notebook

31 May, 2018

Have a go at a range of techniques using the Faber-Castell Hand Lettering Pitt Artist Pen Starter Set to build a motivational quote that will stand with you forever. Try script, 3D block letters, brush lettering and slab-serif letterforms. We incorporated our favourite words into a cute illustration of the moon and stars but once you’ve got the hang of it, you could combine any hand lettered quote and illustration. Why not try the sun and clouds?

1. Use a Faber-Castell 9000 B Pencil to mark a circle in the top-centre of an A5 notebook, your text will go inside. Lightly write 'Tomorrow is a new day' in pencil, making sure you stay inside the circle. Use the eraser tip to correct any mistakes if needed.

2. Start with the Black B Brush Nib 199 to brush letter the word 'Tomorrow'. Use the nib to draw thick, downwards strokes, hold the pen at an angle to create width. Apply less pressure and only use the tip for thinner strokes. Use the Black 1.5 199 Fineliner to write 'Is a' in slab-serif letterforms. Add an extra stroke besides every vertical and horizontal line. Layer the letters and fill gaps with small, thin, horizontal strokes. Your block lettering needs to be nice and chunky, use the Black Small 199 Fineliner to draw the outline of the word 'New'. Draw small lines 45 degrees from each edge, then connect them with lots of lines to build shading, making the letters look 3D. Finally, use the brush nib to finish off your quote with script. Write 'Day', adding a big swirl to the end.

3. Use the Black Small 199 Fineliner to draw the shape of the moon, using the circle outlining the text as your crest. Add some hanging stars to the bottom of the moon, draw each line at a different length. Dot some diamonds and stars onto the notebook using grey tones from the set. Finish with small dots made from the black fineliners and erase any pencil lines that are visible on the illustration.

Project and how-to instructions by Ellie Berry.

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