Hand-lettered wooden save the date

Tell your guests to save the date for your special day with one rustic and pretty, hand-lettered gesture. Pick up or create your own wood slices and whip up one big batch.

1. Sand your pieces of wood so they are perfectly smooth and completely dust free.

2. Apply Winsor & Newton Clear Gesso over the area you plan to letter with a paintbrush, cover with few thin coats. The gesso will sink in to the wood a little but it stops the pens bleeding. Leave to dry for a day or so.

3. Plan your save the date design on a piece of paper and then transfer it onto the wood using pencil, you can always erase it if you make a mistake. Use your ruler to measure the centre of the slice so your 'Save the date', arrows and date are central.

4. Go over your design with the 1.5 black bullet tip pitt artist pen from the Faber-Castell Creative Studio Pitt Artist Pen Hand Lettering Starter Set. When lettering the names and the save the date, make the downstrokes thicker for a faux calligraphy look. 

5. To make the arrows super-sharp, go over them with the S black pitt artist pen which is really fine.

6. Once the ink is dry, erase all the pencil marks and lines from the wood.

7. Using the cold grey brush pitt artist pen, make shadows on right hand side of the names and ampersand. If your writing is big enough you could also do the same on 'Save the date' too.

8. Add dots around the edge of the wood, before the bark starts using the 1.5 black bullet tip pitt artist pen.

Project and how-to instructions by Carrie Sorrell.

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