High-heel watercolour painting

Who doesn’t love a brand-new pair of shoes? Or even better, high-heels! Have a go at designing your own with flowing watercolours from Faber-Castell’s Watercolours Starter Kit.

1. Lightly sketch a shoe with a pencil to create a faint outline to add the base of your watercolours to.

2. Select the middle cadmium red, scarlet red and titanium white tube from the Faber-Castell 12 x 12ml Watercolours Starter Kit. Squeeze a bit of each onto a palette, then add white to each dollop of red to pinken the colour. Use the big paintbrush from the Artiste Value Brush Set and the lightest pink to paint the strap of the shoe, paint the heel and front of the shoe with the darker pink. Don’t worry if you do not fill the entire shoe as a few white sections will create the illusion of shine and dimension. Paint the shoe sole with the Light Yellow Orche.

3. Once dry, add flashes of shade over the top, to the outline and the inner sole. Paint a bow in the middle of the strap with dark pink, then a little bit of black to the tie socket and the heel. With a smaller paintbrush from the pack, paint a thin black outline around the shoe, don’t make it a solid, flowing line, this will break up the harshness.

4. Add detail to lighter parts of the shoe and the bow, using a thin pen from the Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen Wallet of 4 Black.

Project and how-to instructions by Ellie Berry.

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