Kids fishing game

Take your little ones on an adventure they will never forget, and you don't even have to leave the house. Suitable for inside or out, this under the sea themed crafting session will keep them entertained for hours, not only whilst creating but for years to come!

Fish tank

Upcycle an old cardboard box into a plethora of deep sea diving. Pop your handmade creatures inside and lower your line!

1. Cut a window into the front of a cardboard box and a 9.5cm circle on each side for portholes, paint the outside with Artiste Blanc Acrylic Paint. Cover the circles with a square of Papermania 12 x 12'' Clear Acetate from the inside using double-sided tape. Line the inside of the box with blue cardstock, a darker colour at the back and lighter along the two sides to resemble the mesmerizing colours of the ocean.

2. To jazz up the portholes, die cut eight rings with Xcut Circle Nesting Dies and gold Xcut Xtras' A5 Adhesive Metal Effect Sheets. Sandwich two rings together with Stick it! Foam Dots so that you are left with four. Run the smallest circle die through the machine with silver Xcut Xtras' various times to create rivets for the front of each ring. Attach one ring on the outside and inside of each hole using a glue gun.

3. Create three-dimensional rocks using leftover cardboard. Cut into two triangular pieces and apply ripped, black cardstock with double-sided tape. Ensure the top of the rock is one straight rip to achieve rough edges for a more realistic look. Fix smaller pieces of ripped cardstock on top to create seabed of rocks. Adhere the large rocks to the base with a glue gun. Transfer the submarine, crab, reefs and starfish from the template onto various colours of Craft Planet Funky Foam. Cut strips of green felt, twist and stick them to the back of the box to create long reefs. For the last, finishing touch, cover the edges of the box with Papermania Modern Lustre Metallic Craft Tape in Gold.

Fish tank accessories

Get the kids hooked with their very own oceanic animals and a magnetic fishing rod.

1. Transfer the fishes 1, 2 and 5 from the template onto Craft Planet felt, trim the fishes bodies twice. Cut the fishes decorative scales in contrasting colours and hand stitch or the two layers together ensuring that the jellyfish’s (fish 2) tentacles are sandwiched in-between. Use Craft Planet Adhesive Funky Foam for fishes 3 and 4, cut twice but flip the template for the back piece. Add the fishes decorative scales and then peel back the adhesive, positioning the fins between the two layers. Pop on Craft Planet Wiggle Eyes. Cut small lengths of Stick it! Magnetic Craft Tape and adhere to the reverse side of each fish using a Stick it! Glue Gun.

2. For the rods, cut felt to 21 x 4cm and fold in half, stitch three edges and turn inside out. Insert a pencil and sew closed placing a 50cm length of Papermania Bare Basics Natural Jute into the seam. Attach metal Papermania Modern Lustre Charms to the string with a glue gun to attract the magnet.

Project and how-to instructions by Amy Surey.

Turtles and crabs

1. To make the turtles, cut two polystyrene eggs in half, cover two halves with Artiste Avocado Acrylic Paint and the other two with Artiste Christmas Green Acrylic Paint. Using a pencil, draw rectangle shapes for the turtle's shells and paint them in Artiste Forest Green or Christmas Green Acrylic Paint. Cut green chenille stems to 4cm, twelve times and fold in half for the legs. Trim three 2cm pieces for the tails. Stick the legs and tails into the polystyrene and adhere green pompoms with a glue gun for heads, pop on wiggle eyes.

2. Cover three shells in Artiste Rouge Acrylic Paint to create the crab's body. Once dry, add wiggle eyes. Cut thirty, 4.5cm pieces from red chenille stems for the legs. Fold a small bend on one end of each leg and adhere five legs to each side of the shell, fixing them at the bend. Trim six 1.5cm pieces for the pincers, bending and fixing to the front two legs of each crab.

Project and how-to instructions by Hannah Haughy.

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