Layered charcoal drawing

19 Apr, 2018

Create a simple and modern tropical scene with the Faber-Castell Pitt Charcoal Set, Anita’s A4 Parchment Vellum Plain White and brightly coloured cardstock. Faber-Castell’s Pitt charcoal is wonderful for loose, abstract sketches. The set holds an array of different sized charcoals that can be layered up to create a variety of marks. Try the putty rubber and blending tool for lovely, soft effects.

1. Plan your layout, we recommend working with two to three layers. You will need to cut a piece of coloured cardstock for each layer. For the first layer we have chosen a rectangle of light grey cardstock to sit at the bottom of the A4 sheet of vellum. Fix to the vellum with double-sided tape.

2. For the next layer, cut a large coral circle to resemble the sun. Adhere just above the centre of the vellum sheet and begin to draw short palm trees. Use the medium charcoal pencil from the set, gently mark out the outside shape of the palm trees and then start to fill in the trees with the natural charcoal sticks. Rub the drawing with the blending tool to soften the lines and blow away any excess powder. Draw back into the trees with the hard and medium charcoal pencils to add extra detail and shadow to the trunk and palm leaves.

3. Cut a semi-circle from teal cardstock to go on the next layer of vellum. This will act as the ocean. Draw a couple of longer trees as done before.

4. Remove any unwanted marks and smudges from the drawings with the putty rubber included in the set. Once happy, spray with some fixative.

5. When dry, layer up the vellum sheets and fix together with cute bull dog clips.

Project and how-to instructions by Rachel Sullivan.

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