DIY macramé hanger masterclass

We're all suckers for succulents here; the more greenery you've got in your home, the better! If, like us, you spent your school lunch breaks and weekends learning how to make friendship bracelets and (the more recent) Scoubidous or paracord bracelets for your best buddies, you already know the basics for creating these on-trend hanging baskets to display your plants.

Once you get knotting, all those hours of practice from your younger years will come flooding back! Give your plant pots a makeover with a lick of paint or a touch of Papier Patch and hang them high with pride. Natural jute at the ready:

1. Take three packs of Bare Basics natural jute and select a roll from each. Cut two of the rolls of jute in half so that you now have four long pieces. Trim three more lengths from the last roll to about 50cm each.

2. Group the four pieces together and fold in half, forming a looped handle. To secure, tie a gathering knot 5cm from the top using one of the 50cm pieces of jute.

3. To tie the gathering knot; create a loop with the 50cm jute, holding it against the eight strands as shown.

4. Wind the long end of jute around the strands several times, until you are happy with the length of the knot.

5. Tuck the loose end into the loop you previously made and pull on the other end of the jute from the top. Keep pulling tightly until the loop is now inside the coils. Trim the ends.

6. Divide your jute lengths so that you have one piece each side and six in the middle. Now it’s time to tie a half-knot twist sinnet!

7. Pick up the right-hand string and fold it over the top of the four middle strings, then under the left-hand string.

8. Take the left-hand string and fold it under the middle pieces and up through the loop that the first string created.

9. Pull both ends whilst pushing the loose knot upwards, until it is tight. Keep tying these knots until you create a helix shape, going down about 3cm.

10. Tie a second gathering knot with your second piece of 50cm jute, immediately below the helix.

11. Separate your strands into four groups of two. At this point you may want to thread some beads on to the jute, so that they hang just above the top of the flower pot.

12. Tie each pair of strands together with an overhand (standard) knot, about 14cm below the helix. Make sure that they are as level with each other as possible.

13. Take a strand and tie it in a knot with a strand from the next pairing, about 5cm down. Do this four times until all strands are knotted together.

14. Slide your plant pot into the net of knots you have now made to ensure that it’s the right size. Make the knots higher up or lower down if the sizing is wrong.

15. Repeat this step again; tying a further four knots 5cm down from the last ones. Slide your plant pot into the middle of the net again, checking that the knots fit snugly.

16. When the sizing is correct, tie all of the strands in a third gathering knot directly underneath the centre of the plant pot. Trim the bottom of the strands to your desired length.

Keen to start your luscious hanging garden? Take a look at our handy DIY plant pot tutorials for painting, stencilling, die cutting and decoupage to get your collection started.

Project and how-to instructions by Lorna Slessor. Project originally published in the March issue (68) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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