Meet craft blogger Daisy Martin

You might remember Daisy Martin as our blogger of the month back in the May issue of Creativity. You may also know her as the crafter behind issue 72's happy mail cover project! We've sat back down with Daisy to find out more about her crafty blog – MyGreenCow, as well as her two online shops – Daisy Mae Jewellery and Cloudy Cow.

How did MyGreenCow come about? And most importantly, how did you decide on the name?

I actually created my Youtube channel [before the blog] as a way to share videos and comment on other people's videos. So MyGreenCow really wasn't created to be used as my 'creative space' on the internet initally. Cows were relevant as my dad is a farmer, and 'Green' appealed to me.


What can readers expect from the blog?

Primarily they will be able to see what projects I've been working on, whether it's my journal, Smash Book, Happy Mail or something anything else I've had a crack at!

Some of Daisy's happy mail

What's your favourite type of craft to do?

I enjoy papercrafting, and mainly the kind that documents my life. At the moment my favourite thing to do is creative journaling, using photos, stickers, washi tape, stamps and pretty papers to document a memory in an 'informal' way.

Is there anything you've not yet done that you'd like to try your hand at?

I really want to have a go at embroidery. It's one of those things that you don't need a ton of supplied to get started.

Daisy's creative journaling

What inspired, and continues to inspire, your interest in scrapbooking and jewellery making?

For both of them a lot of my inspiration comes from social media and being online. I have different Instagram accounts for both my blog and jewellery shop, but sometimes I will see someone I follow on my jewellery shop account post about an outfit, and the colour combinations in that outfit will inspire me to create a page in my journal using those colours… Vice versa really! I'm also very aware of my surroundings, so I do also pick up on things when I’m out and about too, such as clothes, shop window displays, street art, leaves, fonts used on signs etc.


You have two online shops as well as a very popular blog. How do you divide your time between being creative and running the business side of things?

Of course I’d love to do the creative stuff all the time, who wouldn’t? But obviously some of the admin stuff has deadlines, so anything with a deadline becomes priority, along with anything that involves anyone else. Once anything with a deadline is sorted, that’s when I’ll create. If inspiration hits, that all goes out of the window because I have to take it and create, whether that's creating a new website banner, journal page or piece of jewellery… inspiration is too precious to ignore.


What is the best part about working for yourself?

The flexibility for sure. If I want to do something or change my schedule, I can do, and I don’t have to plan my life around working for somebody else. My boyfriend works long shifts at a hotel, so my being self-employed means I can take my days off with his and we can actually spend time together. I'm working on trying to switch my phone off earlier though, as when you're self-employed you are constantly 'working', especially when your business is online.



What has been your most exciting commission to date?

It would have to be a tie between the Paperchase content I did back in January, and the Happy Mail special feature I did for the July issue (72) of Creativity magazine. The Paperchase content was the first ever content work I’d done, and though it was stressful, it was a huge learning curve and it felt like such an achievement once it was all done! The Happy Mail feature in Creativity was fantastic because I didn’t realise my project would be on the front cover! It's incredible to be featured in a magazine, but to see the cover in shops and being able to say "I made that" is an uncomparable feeling.


 Recognise Daisy's happy mail from the cover of issue 72?


What’s next for your online shops and MyGreenCow?

The next step is going to be sorting out my office space as a base to create my blog and Youtube posts. It’s the one room in the house that I have full control over designing, so, being a creative person, you can imagine just how many ideas I have floating around. I’m also planning a rebrand for MyGreenCow with a new logo and design. Now that I have the space I would love to expand my shops – stocking up and creating more things so that eventually I can attend craft and jewellery fairs with my own stall. It’s one thing having a shop online, but it means much more to actually meet the customers and get instant feedback.


Blog of the month feature originally published in the May issue (70) of docrafts Creativity magazine.

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