Meet craft blogger Michelle Short

In keeping with our Christmas cardmaking special of Creativity magazine, our hand-picked blog of the month for September is The Card Grotto (, run by avid papercrafter Michelle Short. We had a brief chat with her in the pages of Creativity magazine to discuss crafty must-haves and papercraft beginnings. Here’s more!

1. What inspired you to start The Card Grotto?

I had been sharing photos of my cards over on the docrafts forum for many years. Although it was nice having them there for people to comment on, I decided that the time was right to start my own blog. It’s a great way to look back on how my cards have improved over the years. 

2. How did you first get into making cards?

I first came across card making via my cousin. She used to make handmade cards and I thought that might be something fun to do occasionally, as I have always been a creative person. I started off with minimal supplies… 12 years later I am still making cards! 

3. What are your top three craft must-haves?

A good paper trimmer is essential. I love my guillotine-style one and I use it on every card I make. I absolutely love colouring, so I like to have a variety of colouring mediums on hand. My favourite medium is Copic markers. My final craft must-have is stamps, I almost can’t make a card without them!

4. What’s your favourite type of greeting to make?

I love making cards for all occasions but I particularly like making cards with no occasion in mind. I like creating cards to send to friends as a ‘Hello’ or ‘I am thinking of you’.

5. Christmas is just around the corner… When do you start making your seasonal greetings?

I have to be honest, I am a last-minute kind of crafter when it comes to Christmas cards! Each year I tell myself that I will start early but never do. I tend to start in early November. I generally come up with an idea and mass produce it. I can make about 30 cards in one day doing it this way, if the design is simple. 

6. You do a lot of stamping and colouring within your projects; do you have any top tips?

I love stamping and colouring, I think I always will. I really like masking with stamps to create scenes. In terms of colouring, I say experiment and have fun! It’s nice to try different colouring mediums, and you can get completely different looks from each one. 

7. Who taught you what you know?

A lot of what I know is through trial and error. I always learn from my mistakes and find ways of doing things differently. There is, however, a wealth of knowledge from other crafters via blogs, YouTube videos and social media. 

8. Are there any other types of craft you enjoy doing?

I have dabbled with lots of different crafts over the years. I like drawing and painting but often end up making the pieces into cards.

9. We’ve been having a sneaky peek at your craft room – it looks amazing! How did you go about organising the space?

I am a very organised person, I like to have things in their place and labelled. I have always had a large desk in my room as I like to spread out while crafting. I like to have things on my desk that I grab often – my Copic markers and small tools for instance. I then have drawers under my desk that hold my next most-used items – stamping blocks, most used inks pads, stamping accessories, adhesives etc. Finally, I have my cardstock, stamps, dies, inks pads and embellishments all behind me in a cabinet. I like things to look neat and tidy but also work for me.

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