Mermania throwing game

Want to keep the kids entertained this summer? This super-cool throwing game is not only a great craft project, but it will keep the little ones entertained for hours on end! It will also make a great addition to parties.

Mermaid and merman

1. Create two tubes with a diameter of 6cm from pieces of 15 x 20cm light brown cardstock. Secure with a Stick it! Glue Stick.

2. Cut a 6 x 20cm panel of green and blue cardstock, green for the mermaid, blue for the merman. Draw scales onto the panels with the green and blue pen from the Artiste Watercolour Dual-Tip Pens, then add a dot of gold glitter in the centre of each scale using the Craft Planet Glitter Glue Tubes. Adhere each panel around the tubes. Fussy cut the tails from the same coloured cardstock, decorate and fix to the back.

3. For the mermaid, fussy cut two shell shapes from purple cardstock and embellish with the purple watercolour pen, attach these to a strip of light pink cardstock and adhere to the middle of the tube. Cut thin 10cm strips of pink cardstock and curl the ends with a Q Craft Quilling Needle & Slotted Tool. Trim a fringe from the same light pink cardstock, fix the strips of hair to the reverse, and attach to the top of the tube. Punch various stars using the Xcut Traditional Star Palm Punch and place onto a thin strip of white paper. Cover with Papermania Gold Fine Glitter and pop around the top of the mermaid’s head creating a tiara. Draw some eyes and a mouth using the black watercolour pen.

4. Trim a piece of 7 x 20cm orange cardstock to make a beard for the merman. Snip various 6cm slits into the cardstock, curling the ends at different lengths. Cut 5cm long strips for his hair and shorter ones for his fringe, attach to the reverse of a strip of cardstock with a 1.5cm thickness and adhere around the top of the tube. Fussy cut small triangles and place onto a thin strip of white paper, cover in glitter and fix around his hair for his crown. Draw his eyes and mouth with a black pen.

Octopus rings

1. Using purple and blue cardstock and the Xcut Circle Cutter, cut a circle with the diameter of 16cm and then cut out its centre with a diameter of 10cm.

2. Embellish the rings with an array of coloured circles to look like tentacles. Punch using the Xcut Medium Circle Palm Punch and the Xcut Small Circle Palm Punch.

Project and how-to instructions by Sophie Ward.

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