Mini alpha bunting

Use the colourful patterns of Papermania’s Capsule Elements Pigment to brighten things up a little. This beautiful bunting is great for a child’s nursey, or switch up the letters and use for a party!

1. Take the Papermania Capsule Elements Pigment 12 x 12'' Paper Pack and order by your chosen colour gradient. You will need around 11 sheets.

2. Fold your paper in half and draw a faint triangle in pencil, with the fold line at the bottom. The fold line will need to measure 3'' and then you will need to mark a point in the centre 3.5'' up from the fold line. Draw two lines from the edge of your fold line to the tip to form the triangle. Cut the two lines up to the fold so that when you open it you have a diamond. Repeat for all 26 pieces.

3. Ink Papermania Wooden Alphabet Letters to co-ordinate with the piece of bunting they will sit on, and and fix to one half of the diamond with Anita’s Tacky Glue.

4. Adhere the diamonds together, leaving a gap at the fold, and thread some twine through. Alternatively, you could peg to the twine with mini wooden pegs.

Project, photography and how-to instructions by PDT member Amanda Johnson.

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