Moroccan Coaster

Add a bit of spice to your life with these Moroccan inspired coasters. Grab a ceramic coaster and upcycle with papers from Papermania Moroccan Blue.

Paper coaster

1. Select a paper from the Papermania Moroccan Blue 12 x 12'' Paper Pack and draw around the coaster ensuring the pattern covers the coaster evenly and fussy cut.

2. Adhere the paper to the coaster using Anita's Tacky Glue, put the glue onto the coaster rather than the paper.

3. Once dry, finish your coaster with layer of Artiste Speciality Medium Gloss Varnish. Apply as many coats as desired, we recommend at least two.

Die-cut tile coaster

1. Choose 9 papers from the Moroccan Blue paper pack, run one of the 9 tiles from the Xcut Moroccan Tiles dies through the Xcut Xpress with each of the papers.

2. Position your tiles in the order you would like them to sit on the coaster and fix with tacky glue. Adhere from the middle outwards to ensure they are even.

3. Finish with a couple of coats of gloss.

Project and how-to instructions by Hannah Haughy.

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