Moroccan cushion

Add a little pizazz to your home with this Moroccan inspired cushion created with Marabu’s Textil Painter Pens and fabric paints. The pompoms from Papermania’s Moroccan Blue Embellishment Pack makes this trendy cushion the perfect item to kick start summer in your home.

1. Draw a 30cm circle onto a piece of A3 paper using pencil, mark the centre point and divide into sixteen equal sections with a protractor. Using the pencil lines as a guide, start to mark your design using a black marker pen.

2. Lay a flat, ironed piece of white fabric over the design you have drawn out and start to trace using a pencil. Once happy, go over it with a dark blue Marabu Textil-Painter Pen. Test the pen on a piece of scrap fabric first to get a feel for it. Cut the circle out with a 1cm border around the edge, you will need to do this three more times with a plain fabric for the back and inner linings of the cushion.

3. Use fabric paints from the Marabu Textil Assortment Pack to fill in the shapes you have drawn. The paints are great for mixing and do not fade. Marabu Textil paint is washing machine resistant up to 60oc.

4. To add texture to the cushion, we recommend stitching some fabric shapes onto the design. Dye a small piece of fabric in your selected colour and once dry, trace the shape from your cushion design onto the fabric and cut. You may also want to place a plain piece of fabric and some interfacing underneath for stiffness. Set up your sewing machine with dark blue thread that complements the pen and carefully sew the shape onto the cushion.

5. Start to place gems from the Papermania Moroccan Blue Gem Bottles onto the cushion with the Sailor 2 in 1 Glue Pen.

6. Pin the pompom trim from the Papermania Moroccan Blue Embellishment Pack around the edge of the outer pencil line of the cushion, the pompoms should face inwards. Tack the pompom trim in place with another fabric circle placed behind for a lining.

7. Layer up two plain circles for the back of the cushion and begin to stitch together with the front using the tacking stitch as a guide. Make sure the pompoms are pushed towards the centre keeping them away from the sewing foot. Leave a small gap to turn the cushion inside out, fill with toy filling and hand stitch closed.

Project and how-to instructions by Sue Smith.

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