Painted teepee

Keep the kids occupied for hours with a colourful teepee big enough to have a party in! This bright design is created using a plethora of Marabu Textil Paints and Painter Pens, which makes it perfect for all the family to participate in decorating. Marabu stencils also provide a quick method of applying neat designs to your creation with ease. 


1. To begin, cut the following panels from heavyweight cotton canvas: Three triangles measuring 144 (length) x 74 (base) x 6cm (top). Two lower front panels measuring 89 x 81 x 37cm. One upper front panel measuring 55 x 61 x 12cm. Four 144 x 17cm sleeves for the post. Four 38cm square window curtains. Six 100 x 8cm curtain ties.


2. Paint the front lower panels using the Marabu Textil paints and pens; we used the Gentian, Dark Blue, Tangerine, Caribbean, Medium Blue, Medium Yellow and Silver Glitter 50ml paints, and the Black, Orange, Dark Blue, Blue Glitter, Silver Glitter and Petrol Glitter painter pens. Start from the bottom edge, painting rows of freehand designs. You could always cut your own shapes to use as stencils. Alternate with paints, pens and stencils to achieve a varied design. Ensure the panels are painted so that the designs match up along the tall edges on each front panel.

3. Stencil a star design onto the centre of the top front panel, using the Marabu Star Collection Silhouette Stencil and the Stencilling Brush Set; you could use a Marabu Décor & Hobby brush if preferred.

4. Freehand paint a design onto two of the curtain panels, using the Marabu painter pens.

5. Paint four of the tie pieces in one colour to co-ordinate with the design made on the curtain panel. Paint the remaining two pieces in a colour that complements the design on the front lower panels.


6. Pin the two lower front panels to the upper front panel, allowing for the centre edges to overlap. Ensure that the painted sides of the fabric are facing together. Stitch in place, open the seam and press.

7. Neatly hem all the side and front panels at the top and bottom edges, folding over the raw edge and stitching.

8. Use a pencil to draw a 30 x 30cm window centrally onto two of the side panels. Cut out, using a rotary cutter. Snip 1cm into each corner and fold the edges over. Stitch them flat.

9. Pin the back panel to a side panel, with front-sides facing. Sandwich a folded pole sleeve in between the two layers. Pin the other edge of the side panel to the front edge panel (right-sides facing), remembering to insert a pole sleeve between the panels. Continue along the front panel and remaining side panel edges, doing the same until all panels are pinned together, with all four pole sleeves enclosed within the seams. Sew all pinned seams.

10. Pin a painted curtain panel to a non-painted curtain panel, with right-sides together, and stitch around the sides and bottom edge. Turn the curtain right way out, press the seams flat, and then topstitch around the three sewn edges. Repeat with the other curtain.

11. Fold the top edge of both curtain panels under by 1cm and pin in position over the window. Remember to sandwich two ties into the seam, roughly 8cm in from the side edges. Sew along both pinned curtain top edges to secure.

12. Choose the position for your ties on the front door panels, along the side edges, approximately half way down from the top of the teepee. Unpick a 2cm gap between each seam and insert the tie with half the length through the gap. Sew each seam hole back up, sandwiching the tie.

13. Paint the tops of the poles with a striped design, using your choice of Marabu Chalky Chic paints (we love Ginger, Stone-Grey and Slate). Leave to dry and then apply a protective coat of soft matt varnish. Slide the poles into the sleeves on the side of the tepee, positioning the poles until the panels are taut. Use twine or painted fabric strips to tie the poles at the top of the teepee to secure them in place.

Project and how-to instructions by Amy Surey.

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