Personalised notebooks

These adorable notebooks are the perfect little presents to give to your friends and family, just to be cute. Easy to make, you can whip one up a few in seconds!

1. Cut two A4 sheets of white paper into 16 A7 pieces, using the Xcut 13" Guillotine. 

2. Trim one Papermania A4 Kraftstax sheet into eight A7-sized pieces. You will only need two for each notebook cover, so set the other sheets aside for more notebooks.

3. Place your Kraftstax cover horizontally and measure 1cm in on the left-hand side. Use the Xcut Paper Creaser Set to score along this line and fold. Stack your white sheets behind and place a Kraftstax cover at the back. Temporarily secure together with bulldog clips.

4. Mark three dots behind your 1cm score line, one in the centre and two either side at 2cm. Punch using the Xcut Screw Hole Punch then push through your selected Papermania Capsule Elements Wood Brads to secure. Remove the bulldog clips.

5. Personalise with Papermania Capsule Elements Wood Alphabet Thicker Stickers.

Project, photography and how-to instructions by Project Design Team member Milly McCulloch.

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