Set of cosmic drawings

Create out of this world, celestial scenes with the beautifully bright and easy to use Faber-Castell Creative Studio Soft Pastels. Each pack contains many wonderful colours to play with, helping you to explore your creative planetary skills! Trim three pieces of black cardstock to 5 x 8'' and against a dark background your planets will pop and sparkle with star dust.


Lightly draw a circle in the middle of your page, shade from the top-right using the side of the white soft pastel. Start with heavy strokes and gradually get lighter, leaving the bottom-left dense. For a soft touch, smudge with your finger. Begin to add small details to the moon, for the craters, create ‘C’ shapes with a white Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel and then fill with a black soft pastel. Draw fine lines emanating out from the middle of the craters with a white pencil. Add stars around the outside of the moon, scratch off some dust from the soft pastel and press into the paper to give the look of lots of tiny distant stars. 


Create a negative stencil of a rocket with some scrap cardstock and secure with craft tape, fill with a light coloured soft pastel. The stencil will give the rocket a harder edge. Add detail such
as a porthole and boosters using a white, shade with a dark colour for depth. Use a variety of bright soft pastels to draw diagonal, sketchy lines to give the impression of movement behind the rocket. Draw a few brightly coloured planets and comets. You can add a blast effect to your rocket by drawing white lines coming from the boosters and smudging with your finger tip. Add small white dots to look like shining stars. 


Die cut various circles into a piece of 5 x 8'' scrap cardstock, place on top, secure and shade in with a light coloured soft pastel. With a dry brush spread the pastel dust around each circle to create a halo effect for your planets. Lift the scrap piece of cardstock off and add detail with bright coloured pastels, mixing similar shades together and using white to add highlights. Use white and a mix of bright colours to make little dots and star shapes for the background.

Project and how-to instructions by Claire Sewell

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