Three ways with Magic Colour

Dive into dreamy, underwater scenes and relax in the inky layers of Magic Colour Liquid Acrylics. Create watery artworks and let your creativity flow!

Abstract waves

1. Brush a good amount of clean water across a smooth piece of watercolour paper.

2. With a medium to thick paintbrush, brush blue and green liquid acrylic through the watered surface. The water will guide the ink around the page but you can gently move the page to assist the ink to flow. Repeat with a mix of aqua tones until the colours have spread and blended throughout the paper.

3. Once dry, hold the paper on its side and dribble thin rivers of blue and green Liquid Acrylic along the edge so that it runs down the width of the page. Add drops of white ink into the mix of blues and green for definition.

4. Flick tiny drops of ink from a thin brush to give a feel of sea spray.


1. Brush a big circle of clean water onto a smooth piece of watercolour paper.

2. Add drops of blue and green ink from a medium sized paint brush and let it flow around the circle of water. Keep adding a mix of aqua tones until the puddle is filled with colour.

3. Once dry, lightly draw circles of little fish to resemble a whirlpool shape. Paint their bodies as a raindrop in differing shades of blue and green, then add a little fin. Build up the size of fish as you reach the middle of the whirlpool. Add a thin white line to some of the fish to create definition and light.


1. Draw two simple whale shapes, one on top of the other, facing opposite directions onto watercolour paper, then fill the drawings with Windsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid.

2. Once dry, paint a thin watery layer over the whales and add large drops of blue and green, letting the colours bleed into each other.

3. When dry, flick white ink in different directions across the page to create movement and bubbles.

Project and how-to instructions by Claire Sewell.

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