Three ways with Moroccan stencils

Style your home with a rustic, Moroccan touch. Decorate and upcycle items with the beautiful and intricate designs from the Papermania Moroccan Blue A4 Vellum and Laser Cut Paper Pack. Go for a natural approach with pyrography, create texture with Anita's Plaster of Paris or add colour with Artiste acrylic paints.


1. Prepare your piece of wood by making sure the surface is smooth, we recommend wiping it with a damp cloth.

2. Select a laser cut design from the paper pack and position it onto your wooden surface. Trace carefully inside the stencil using a sharp-pointed pencil.

3. Before you start burning your design, practice with the different sized nibs included in the Weller Pyrography Iron Woodburning Kit to ensure you feel comfortable working with the tool. The longer you hold the tool in the same place the deeper the burn will be. Once you have burnt the entire design, apply one or two coats of Artiste Speciality Medium Mat Varnish.

Plaster of Paris

1. Paint a Papermania Bare Basics Hexagon Nesting Box with Artiste Metallic Titanium Gold Acrylic Paint.

2. To create the plaster, squeeze a dollop of Artiste Blanc Acrylic Paint into a small container and slowly add sprinkles of Plaster of Paris, mix until it has the consistency of cake frosting. 

3. Place your stencil onto the box, dip a sponge into the paste and start to dab over the stencil, gradually building up the plaster. Once happy, carefully lift the stencil and let it dry. Try to avoid applying the paste where the lip of the lid would sit when closed.

4. When dry, apply a coat of mat varnish to your box. Wash your utensils right away; the plaster dries pretty quick.

Acrylic paint

1. Place a stencil over a white piece of cardstock and apply a selection of co-ordinating acrylic paints over the top, remove once a watercolour effect is created.

2. Mix the Plaster of Paris as before and apply over half of the cardstock with a sponge. Leave the stencil in place and apply a coat of metallic titanium gold acrylic paint, once dry, carefully lift the stencil.

3. Die cut the area you are most happy with, with the Xcut Square Parenthesis Large Nesting Dies, die cut again in white funky foam and adhere to the back. Cut again in co-ordinating cardstock and a with bigger die, matt the artwork on top.

4. Using the Xcut A5 Wedding Alphabet & Numbers Die Set, cut the sentiment 'Live, love, laugh' using white cardstock and Craft Planet White Funky Foam, pop it together and fix to parenthesis.

5. Punch two holes either side with the Xcut Screw Hole Punch and add a length of twine.

Project and how-to instructions by Camila Bertolini.

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