Watercolour parrot painting

Dreaming of paradise? Pop one of nature’s finest creatures onto your wall to brighten your day and take you to a world far, far away! The Faber-Castell Watercolours Starter Set contains highly pigmented paints in delicate and rich colours. Able to be applied directly from the tube, the watercolours flow beautifully. It’s the perfect product for a student or hobby painter that wants to get started with watercolour.

1. Sketch your design onto a sheet of Faber-Castell A4 Watercolour Pad. Begin with the branches, ensuring that they go off in various directions to fill the page. To make the branches look more natural, draw one of the adjoining twigs as if it has snapped. Add your leaves, making sure that they are drawn considerably thinner to differentiate between the leaves and the twigs. Once happy with the shape of your branch, draw the outline of the sat parrot. Next, sketch details inside the bird such as feathers, the face, beak and eyes.

2. Mix together a couple of tones of brown and fill the branches, add grey and white for shading. Using a vibrant dark green, paint the leaves, mixing with white to pick up areas where the sunlight would shine.

3. Paint the back of the parrot in a pastel pink, the breast in yellow and the neck and tail with blue watercolour, adding white as you go to accentuate and get the texture of the feathers. Use black to colour the parrots beak and eye, shading the outside of his beak with a tad of white.

4. Once the watercolour painting is dry, use a sharp pencil from the Faber-Castell 9000 Art Set to sharpen details such as the eye and some of the twigs off the branch.

Project and how-to instructions by Fleur Nichols.

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