Watercoloured alphabet frame

This adorable hand-lettered frame is the perfect personalised gift for your loved ones. Have a play with Faber-Castell Watercolour Pencils; they go perfectly with black pens!

1. Trim a sheet of Faber-Castell Sketch Pad paper to 10'' high and 8'' wide.

2. Lightly draw a grid in pencil to act as a guide for your letters, in increments of 2'' along the width of the paper and increments of 1.42'' down the length of the paper. The points where the lines cross will be the positioning of your letters. 

3. Letter the alphabet using the Faber-Castell Pitt Big Brush Pen, ensuring the letters 'Y' and 'Z' are centred to the bottom lines. Rub out the pencil grid lines.

4. Select seven colours from the Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Magnus Artists’ Watercolours Pencil Tin. Lightly shade over your chosen letters; you could colour letters to make a word or pick a random pattern.

5. Dip a paintbrush in water and lightly brush it over each of the shaded letters. The Artist Pen is waterproof, so the ink won’t bleed or smudge! Make sure you wipe your brush on some paper towel and dip it into some water between each colour so they don’t mix.

Project and how-to instructions by Project Design Team member Milly Withers.

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