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Well it is early in the day a little after 1 am to be precise. I did have a little shut eye then woke and thought I'd join the Night Owls, not to be as they had all left the Room. I thought they are never going to believe that I came to join them so I decided to open up Tuesday so they could …

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March Goody Bag Swap.

The Theme for March is:

Exotic Hot Colours.


M for March.


About 2 hours ago

Hi all I hope everyone is well and been able to dodge the showers/snow/hail today, I'm off to Halifax on a school trip tomorrow so I hope we don't have anymore! Here's this months PIF swap please leave your thanks here.

Eve y




Sarah …


Thanks to Anne for hosting the last challenge, and to Mr Random for picking me.

For this challenge I would like a water theme. This could be a river or stream, pond, the sea, rain, teardrops or even a bath, so I would like to also see some kind of shine - mirri card, glossy accents, …


hello i have just been given a cuttlebug and have purchased some large dies, i have tried everything to get them to cut, i have read the instuction but it still won't cut....can anyone give me a clue

1 About 4 hours ago


1 About 5 hours ago


Anyone had problem with orders on online craft stores ? Order on 24th told dispatch 25th and still received the order.

Been told have to wait 15 working days before they do anything with post office.

What are our consumer rights on this ?



4 About 4 hours ago

im looking for a pearcing ruler the one you can put little holes round you card ive tried amazon,sunrise crafts, joanna sheene, creat and craft were i saw it before, but cant get one anywere


10 About 4 hours ago

I have been asked to make 2 bookatrix and have lost the ball embossing tool ..please can someone tell me what size it is and do the Range sell them..Pxx

2 About 8 hours ago

I have been asked to make 2 bookatrix cards and have lost the ball tool to emboss with ..please can anyone tell me what size it is and do the Range sell them..Pxx

5 About 8 hours ago

I had an email the other day saying Hobbycraft had Artbin magnetic storage cases for half price and thought as I already had one which had so much in it , it was getting too heavy to carry.

So yeaterday Ric and I went to our local Hobbycraft in Worthing to get one.

When we …

5 About 5 hours ago

You have a PM Joan, also posted a thread on Chit Chat for you, not sure which one to post on, so did them both. Sonia


You have a PM. Sonia


After all the years of crafting I have learnt to be careful what I buy and where I buy it because you can be caught out so easily. I have been to the Range this morning for some very small storage pots to hold paint in. All they needed to be was airtight and hold ony about 2 or 3cms of paint so …

9 About 6 hours ago

feeling a lot better with things today oh has been to hospital news fairly ok about his cancer,so afterwards went up to the crematorium at grenoside where my son is, last year i planted some bulbs at the side of his plaque( had to do this because if i leave flowers or anything they get chucked …

6 About 6 hours ago

I have not received my March magazine, I see it is on Sale on some craft sites. Is it just me or are there other do craft members who are still waiting for the magazine?

Hugs Susan

8 About 8 hours ago

Went to see new dr today at the other clinc i registered with, he read the notes on my files & took in account my dad & brother having diabitis he is very sure the dizzy & faint spells are nothing to do with my meds & low bp BUT they wont help matters, he is certain its a …

14 About 7 hours ago

my multi millionaire brother has an apartment in south of France, he let me and Andy stay there at no cost for our silver wedding. Each year he lets my mum go for 12 days at no cost and he pays her flights. i am 50 in April and mum invited me to join her and my brother and sister (who has a high …

15 About 4 hours ago

I phoned Crafters companion this morning and was told to use the sandwich shown in the leaflet sold with the eBosser. I explained that I had tried several times and had even used a card shim but the cut was incomplete. She reiterated to use the instructions in the leaflet and not to use a card …

3 About 13 hours ago

Does anyone know of any new cute cdroms which have been released lately. I have the forever friends, me to you and country companions and I wondered if there were any others of the same style around. I know it won't be on ddd as they seemed to have ceased production but if there are any others …

4 About 6 hours ago

i am a bit cross this morning. We have a fir bush under our bau window in the front garden which is overtaking the window, so my husband in his infinite wisdomn decided to cut it down this morning. He got so far with the branches using seceteers, but now wants to take it right down to floor …

3 About 11 hours ago

Hi everyone, here are the details for the January challenge:

Topic: New Beginnings

Rules: none :-)

Sketch (optional) by kind permission of pagemaps.com:



the winner of the 3 floral paper packs is


sorry to everyone else

jenny can you message me with your address please - thanks


3 About 7 hours ago

Good morning ladies, I had a busy day yesterday, as my Mum wanted to go to the Trafford Centre, to look for her Easter outfit. She always buys herself something, preferrably in either a nice pale green or yellow. Well, she managed to find a beautiful yellow blouse and a pair of grey trousers …

1 About 14 hours ago

Hi everyone, here are the details for the February challenge:

Topic: I love...

Rules: none :-)

Sketch (optional), by kind permission of www.pagemaps.com:

3 About 8 hours ago

Good morning crafter's, I hope everyone had a good weekend with some crafting involved

Mum has had another craft session at the care home, photo to be uploaded to my gallery soon I must get up now.

I hope to finish g/s Australian memory album before next months crop. Then start …

3 About 9 hours ago

Late start for me today. Washing is in machine and have had breakfast. Have hw to do and a cake to bake as some friends are coming round toight. Just heard that Lola has gotinto the secondary school of her choice so we are all very pleased. Hope you all have a good day

3 About 14 hours ago

Third time posting let's see if this one works!

Anyone been to Florida recently and recommend any craft stores please?

9 About an hour ago

For all the beautiful handmade birthday cards I have received, I will take their pics as soon as light allows, and get them into my gallery.

Love to you all, Jackie xx

3 About 11 hours ago

Have a fabulous birthday ladies...June

52 About 3 hours ago