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hope you can join me on Saturday for a docrafts demo at Howdens Garden Centre Inverness 10-4, free gift for the first 12 peeps that attend <3


does anybody use Hallmark Cd for creating cards etc. in particular adding ages to cards if so which one and is it easy to use thankyyou


Evening peeps

I just wanted to pop on and say thank you to you all for leaving lovely comments on my card today. I haven't been very productive of late but once my Log Cabin is all up and running I hope that will all change. Electrics are done, carpet is down, craft wardrobes are in …

1 14 minutes ago

I am going on a craft weekend for 3 nights/4 days and i dont knwo what to take. its basically craft until your drop.

I have asked the others and they all just say you can never take too much but i dont want to look stupid if i bring two cases, one for clothes and one for craft stuf

4 50 minutes ago

This week has gone so fast, I can't believe we are here again so quickly.

Hope you will all join me in this weekends blog hop. Everyone is welcome.

All you need to do to take part is to paste your blog link into your post (so we can find you easily) and visit each blog leaving a …

6 13 minutes ago

Really disappointed to find no Gorjuss girls papers and ribbons in the goody bag as advertised :-((((( completely gutted

2 About an hour ago

Just a word of warning to anyone considering going to this - normally there are two halls - this time everything is packed into one - knitting, sewing, jewellry making, food, handbags, paintings and papercraft all in together, probably other stuff too. Personally I was very disappointed. …

12 About an hour ago

I took my son out to see all different kinds of flooring. He was really surprised at the prices we were quoted. He won't be going back t o the developers to give them the order for flooring. While we were out he told me they gave him a quote of £1600 for his ONE bed apartment for a type of …


Hi everyone, can anyone recommend a diecutting machine, must be A4. My grand Calibur has had it and I need to replace it, there are so many out there , I would like to try something different but don't know which to go for, Any advice would be welcome

Gwen 70

12 About an hour ago

Hi can someone please help i used to buy tiny white flowers from pinkgem designs but she no longer sells them, does any one who does. they measure about 1.05 cms...thankyou karen

14 About an hour ago

can anyone tell me do you stamp first then die cut, or is it the other way about, TIA


7 About 4 hours ago

I am off to the theatre tonight to see The Full Monty. I am looking forward to a night out!


9 About 5 hours ago

I'm using a clear rubber stamp, ink and embossing powder and the first one came out patchy.

So, I press harder and then it comes out so blotchy and thick that I lose the finer details in the stamp.

Can you recommend what inks and powders you use with clear acrylic stamps.

13 About an hour ago

Hi Everyone,

A BIG THANK-YOU for all your lovely comments on my Childrens cards yesterday. I am amazed, I still think of myself as a learner, as I keep finding new things to do and there are many more on here so much better than me at crafting and card making, so THANK-YOU all once …

4 About 8 hours ago

Morning all but seeing at it's getting on for mid-day here I'm guessing you are all about your business by now! Just catching up on my emails and stuff this morning, turned the lappy on and it was doing an update tut so that took another 20 minutes.

Not a good night at the bar last …

2 About 10 hours ago

I have sent you a friend request so I can PM re John's birthday


1 About 14 hours ago

Does anyone know if @ngie still has her site with Footy Stuff on..Pxx

2 About 5 hours ago

At last, my magazine arrived in yesterdays post. I did receive an email from docraft telling me that I was in their second sending out of mags because I had renewed my membership on the 1st March. I should be receiving the rest of this years magazines before the 1st of the month. Hugs Susan

3 About 9 hours ago

Good morning ladies, had a very busy day yesterday, starting with taking my Mum to hospital for an x-ray of her back. Then it was back home for a very short while before a trip to Manchester Town Hall. By the time we got home it was gone 4:00pm. No time to do anything after that, lol.

2 About 10 hours ago

Slept like a baby last night thanks to medication. Going out toa garden center this morning, Merv wants to be awayby 9.30 and I am having a cuppa in bed still, so have to get a move on, no time to answer individual posts, just wanted to say good morning to you all. Sleep makes such a …

3 About 10 hours ago

Has anyone used this company and if you have, were they any good?

I placed my first ever order with them on the 25th Feb and I havent heard anything since, the order just says processed. I have sent them an email, just waiting to hear.

It doesnt help but in their blurb they say; …

15 About 5 hours ago

Never thought of doing this until I saw someone else has done it!

My old HP 3 in one only scans now, won't print, so I have several spare carts.

I have:

2 double and 1 single colour carts #57.

2 double black carts #56.

For some unkown reason I have 1 #58 …

8 About 6 hours ago

First lot of washing is on the line and next lot in machine. Have hw to do and then some crafting. Hope all those that are unwell get well soon

2 About 14 hours ago

Good morning to any crafter's who might pop in.

Is there any news of fantasycrafter? All I know she was going in to hospital to have a cyst removed. I pray she is OK.

Its church, hair cut and meeting friends for crafting then popping in to see mum.

Yesterday was HW …

4 About 5 hours ago

If anyone has an Epsom printer I have a lot of inks free to good home. Will check which ones they are later. I now have a canon.

6 About 4 hours ago

Whoopie, I found the craft stuff I was looking for yesterday, at least the craft room got a big tidy up! Amazing though what we keep and a case of why do we keep it. LOL! Just a couple of jobs to do this morning and then the day is mine. Had a lovely long chat with Linda on Skype yesterday, …

4 About 14 hours ago

Good Morning all,

Hope the poorlies are beginning to feel uplifted by the prospect of some nice weather. Those with plans hope they go smoothly.

Getting ready to go shopping for food at M&S & Waitrose. Back later.

Have a lovely day. Sylvia x

87 44 seconds ago

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well.

I have uploaded a pair of cards (1 post) which I made using stamped images sent to me by GloriaCamisa (thank you Gloria) if you would care to take a peek.

I will be back later to catch up on your makes :o)

Jackie xx

13 49 minutes ago

hi ,does anyone know where i can get hold of `maurice digi`either the one holding a camera or the one holding a christmas stocking,pleeeeease,lynne x

2 About 2 hours ago

good evening.does anyone know where i can get hold of `maurice digi`either holding a camera or holding a christmas stocking,pleeeeease,lynne x

2 About 8 hours ago