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How many of you had one in your childhood home? The one I remember was navy blue with a red diamond in the middle; my grandma told me that was the 'devil's eye' so any evil spirit flying over the house could see down the chimney that there was a devil in the house already.

The rug was …

3 5 minutes ago

Hi, I am thinking of buying Spellbinders nestabilities (decorative elements) Lacey dies. If anyone uses these what circle set do you use with them. Many thanks . Val r x


Hi folks One more update on Bess She is still doing well after the amputation of her front leg

and the other day she was so pleased when I took her ball with me

(she had been carrying it round all morning)

but she forgot she was now a tri- paw

when I rolled it …

13 20 minutes ago

Can any body recommend a downloadable version or have a link to of the word LOVE for book folding. All the ones I've found - mainly Debbi Moore are on cd, and I prefer to have the printable. Plus, I would need it by Thursday. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

Happy …

5 39 minutes ago

Today is the day... Happy Safer Internet Day!

http://www.saferinternet.org.uk/safer-internet-day/2016 Although this is directed mainly at children I think we can all learn to be safer and …
6 About an hour ago

My brother and I were brought up in a single parent family therefore it is memories of a treasured Mum I relate to today - Pancake Day.

A short tme ago I was mixing the batter for this evening using my electric hand beater. When the batter was finished I still had to get mums fork and …

About an hour ago


if this isn't the cutest.....

6 About 4 hours ago

To anyone thinking of getting this glue it's fantastic. No mess, it does the job. Ok it was £35 but I have so many cheap ones which drip or burn me. I had a battery one but it ate batteries. If the temp wasn't right everything fell off my project. This Heats up in 15 secs. Cools down 5 to …

5 About an hour ago

Morning all, so for those that don't know the A-Z is a colour based challenge, we work through the alphabet picking colours with each letter. Everyone is welcome to join in making any craft project with the colours chosen in, you can create a painting, canvas, knitting, sewing, digital or even …

2 About 4 hours ago

Good Morning all, hope you had a good night, we had it much quieter. Thanks for all joining in yesterday, love it and i do read all those left after i pop off for the night too. Im smiling this morning as finally managed last night to stamp an image, so hands on the mend at last. So today is a …

34 About 2 hours ago

Up early and glad the wind has now dropped,it certainly made a lot of noise. Just about to have my boiled egg and soldiers - LOL! No plans yet for today, but think some h/w might have to be done. Have a good day folks.




2 About 10 hours ago

Good morning everyone to follow. Thought I open up had to put the bins out early.

It looks quite pleasant out there no wind and dry hope it stays like this but hope it is better down south then yesterday, I think you have had enough of the bad weather.

Hope the poorlies are not …

49 15 minutes ago

A very good morning crafters.

and its dry out there, for the moment.

ASDA day has come round again, not that I'll be going, oh no, not me!

I shall give H. his bath after I've walked him, that'll please him and I dont think lol.

watched the first of X Files, slow …

15 33 minutes ago

Its dry here today but quite chilly. I had a good time at beading yesterday and finished a bracelet. The lady who runs it brought a lot of parchment goodies as she has decided it is not for her and gave me first refusal so I bought lots of goodies from her. Trolley bashing to do this morning and …

2 About 12 hours ago

Goodmorning everyone I hope your all well today...Anniversary card today from me for my in-laws I adore them both I'm very lucky not everyone can say that.

Thank you all for the commetnts you have kindly left for me I'm off to check out the gallery now.

Have a great day whatever …

5 About 6 hours ago

Good morning all I have added a card we will be later to look at your cards.Macy is going to the vets this morning for surgery she is 15 bless her and we are hoping she will pull through. It will be a long morning we have to phone at 2.15pm.

2 About 13 hours ago

Hi all, I've decided to post this after thinking a while. I went to see my oncologist today. The chemo I'm on is not working for me. He does have another one I can go on in a weeks time. Unfortunately my body is not taking the side effects and I have become very weak. I also post as and when I …

35 43 minutes ago

can anyone tell me where to find the free draws they used to have in the creativity magazine, I assume they still do them, possibly not these days, I haven't bought a magazine for a while now. Thanks

3 About 23 hours ago

Thank you so much Docrafts for my January Prize Draw which arrived this morning as a complete surprise. I am looking forward to playing with all my new goodies. I think I am very lucky to win such a fantastic prize.

Best wishes, Jenny x

7 About 6 hours ago

if you should receive an email from me with an attachment please ignore it i never send ANY attachments with my emails



if you should receive an email from me with an attachment please ignore it i never add an attachment to ANY of my emails


4 Yesterday at 9:08PM
3 About 13 hours ago

Hi just to say thank you for your lovely comments on my recent card upload.




Just uploaded three pages of what will be my favourite day of the whole year whatever else happens. My Golden Wedding Day.

Thank you for looking. I always appreciate all your comments.

Sara xxx


Just uploaded three pages for this challenge, all showing photos of my Golden Wedding day in January.

Thank you for looking. I always appreciate all your comments.

Sara xxx


Good afternoon all

I am trying to sort through all my crafting stash and get rid of stuff I know I won't use (unfortunately I keep getting sidetracked and discovering things I'd forgotten!) but I would like to do draws for the things I no longer want. When I, eventually, get round to …

2 About 7 hours ago

Thank you for my lovely card I received this morning, it's beautiful. Thank you for thinking of me. Love mol xx

1 About 13 hours ago

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last post, they have really cheered me up. I will try and keep in touch, thanks again love mol xx

9 About 23 hours ago

A young girl walks into a supermarket and on her way around she sees a bloke who had been chatting her up the previous evening.

He was stacking shelves with washing powder boxes.

"You lying monkey" she yells, "Last night you told me you were a stunt pilot"

"No I didn't, …

18 About 6 hours ago

I had never heard of this until recently and now it seems I really MUST have one. I've looked on line at one or two videos and seen some fabulous projects made with it, and, although a little more expensive than most of my other "crafty" treats - I am very tempted.

My question is - is …

7 About 9 hours ago