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A rainbow of colours

In gallery today,

Flowers are blooming

In glorious display.


1 About an hour ago

I keep buying stamps but i dont really know much about them. Can you point me in the right direction. Any demos or blogs to help a newbie. I dont even have many ink pads i dont really know what i am doing but id love to learn more. I hope you can help me. xxx

3 About an hour ago

Got an email from Honey Doo crafts to say they are on Create and Craft today at 10 am. I like their stamps and they are reasonably priced.

Met them at local Sincerely Yours craft show and they were very helpful.

Just thought I would share.

6 48 minutes ago

I had a relatively good sleep last night but Ive woken up feeling a bit cranky!

I am definitely missing Tiddler. We phoned him last night and he was making me laugh, giggling his head off he was!

He had a trip to Legoland yesterday but got stung by a bee! He bought t'other one a …

1 About 3 hours ago

Good morning everyone,I hope everyone has a good day. It's boring food shopping, but we do have breakfast out so that's nice.

I'll pop in and see mum later, got clean washing to take back. Then craft after dinner. My sister will be in the UK by now I think not sure when her plane is due …

1 About 2 hours ago

Its another bright day. The bedding is on the line and I have had my breakfast. Going trolley bashing this morning and then I have some flattening to do. Hope you all have a good day

1 About 4 hours ago

Good morning a lovely day here I have added a birthday card if you would like to take a look xx

4 31 minutes ago

Exciting day today (NOT), we are off trolley bashing. Cannot wait, so watch out for your ankles. Nothng planned for the rest of the day yet, but might just faff around. LOL! slept well last night and the sun is shining this morning. Have a good day folks.



2 About 4 hours ago

Morning all. Got to get going in a minute as us girlies are meeting up for the birthday cake and coffee. Bit noisy and dusty here yesterday as the chap is still trying to drill out the channel for the drains, the concrete is about 8inches thick so he's having a bit of a job. I honestly don't …

4 About 4 hours ago

Phone rings....."Mrs. Sanders, please".


"Mrs.Sanders, this is Dr. Jones at St.Agnes Laboratory. When your husband's doctor sent his biopsy to the Lab last week, a biopsy from another Mr.Sanders arrived as well. We are now uncertain which one belongs to your husband. …

11 About 2 hours ago

An early Good Morning from a dry Leeds.

Woke at 4 am and lay in bed an hour so decided to get up. I have a parcel to track today (not craft) so after that I may go back to bed for an hour in the hope I may have an extra hour.

I know there are a few on or going on holiday now so I …

29 17 minutes ago

It's that time of the month again for me to ask for suggestions for the August Swap. Can you put your ideas here please. I think we have all enjoyed the last theme.

Christmas is all around us especially on the T V Craft shows but are we fed up with it or should it be included.? What do …


It's that time of the month again for me to ask for suggestions for the August Swap. Can you put your ideas here please. I think we have all enjoyed the last theme.

Christmas is all around us especially on the T V Craft shows but are we fed up with it or should it be included.? What do …


I've recently bought the Christmas tissue paper to incorporate into my cards. But I have no idea how to use it. Any ideas??

4 About 4 hours ago

am living to regret it.

Was taken to our monthly Kent County Coucil Retirement meeting by my s-i-l and her husband yesterday afternoon and then went to check on the Guides who are camping in our local camp site. Brings back memories - they are lucky these days with these lovely tents …

7 About 3 hours ago

Hi can anyone advise where is the cheapest place to buy either ez mount or u mount, which one is the best...thank you karen

3 About 4 hours ago

Back and shattered after having a lovely day in Oxford with Lola. She took us to the covered market and found some cookies, wensleydale cheese and cherries that she wouldlike. We also had lunch while we were there. We then went to Primark as she had a voucher for her birthday so wanted to find …

6 About 17 hours ago

Please put your names down if you are interested, state if you would like draw 1 or draw 2.

Pictures are in the gallery.

I will do a draw on Saturday. xx

3 About 4 hours ago

i havent baked for some years i was looking at a recipe for cupcakes and it says use 5 eggs is that a lot of eggs or have i looked at it wrong and why so many eggs


2 About 16 hours ago

I have noticed that lots of you use beautifuly flowers on your cards and I just wondered where you are buying them from? I usually get mine from Hobbycraft but they don't have much choice and they seem quite expensive. Any help greatly appreciated!


7 About 14 hours ago

Just seen another machine out. Tangerine by tonic! I have the big shot plus the big shot and the sapphire.plus a silhouette and cricket create. Think my craftroom is a bit full!! Might help someone if you are looking for one though.

16 About 3 hours ago

Thank you so much for all the comments left on my cards ,now I really must try and catch up with the Christmas Challenge.



They were two elderly friends and had known each other from school and having attended class reunions together.

This was the 55th reunion of their class and they made up a foursome with two other singles.

They had a wonderful evening, their spirits high - he throwing admiring …

14 About an hour ago

Good morning everyone, guess what the weather is doing here, that's right, the rain is coming down like stair rods, lol.

Today, I need to go into Manchester or Stockport for some navy card. Looked in my box and have every other colour under the rainbow, so a shopping trip to the craft …

2 About 19 hours ago

Morning all. Just been deafened by the workmen cutting a drain trench in the concrete but seems to have stopped for the minute. Two workmen came and put the framework up for the extension and roofed it yesterday, worked all day till gone 6 and made a cracking job of it and guess what, they …

3 Yesterday at 8:28AM

Good morning I hope everyone has a good day. I must get up and clear window area, a chap is coming to assess damage to window catches. A lot of craft stash will have to go on my bed and totes parked down the side of the bed.

And I need to be out the door in an hour. I'm still in bed as I …

1 Yesterday at 11:22AM

good morning all I have added aa card if you would like to take a look xx

7 About 19 hours ago

What a dreadful start to the day. It has been pouring all night and it hasn't stopped yet. I certainly hope it is better where you are.

We are expecting our daughter & S-i-Law mid morning so no crafting for me.

Back later Sylvia x

55 About 12 hours ago

I had a late night so I suspect a nap will be on the cards later. Im off back up in the loft today ans over to Mums with the crochet mags and balls of wool! All she needs to do is buy some needles as I dont know where mine are (thats my story and Im sticking to it... Theyre in the childrens room …

3 Yesterday at 8:20AM

Good morning all. We have Lola today as Kirsty has been doing a night shift and will be sleeping today. Lola has asked to go to the covered market in Oxford. She like the cheese shop and then no doubt she will take us to the shop in Oxford that sells lots of different shape rubbers. I didn't get …

4 Yesterday at 8:10AM