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Wishing you a wonderful birthday and hope you have a fabulous day. Joy xx



Just reminding people that this swap is still going ..send up to 8 atcs of any theme at anytime, monthly if you want and in return i will send you other peoples atcs back.

Its a large stamp needed to me and the same for returns including an addressed envelope to yourself.

This is …

1 About an hour ago

Thank you to mollicat and mooncat for hosting the dark green atc swap

also thanks to

Hop to it for dark green

Mooncat for flutterby

Sarah JC1 for wild grass

sandyponty for water the strawberries

jackie x

2 About an hour ago

This is a very sad and difficult post for me to do .... it is with great sadness to say that my dear beloved mum sadly passed away peacefully on the 4th of February in hospital, thankfully i managed to make the 157 mile trip from the northeast to chester and my dear dad and sister and i were …

21 10 minutes ago

Any takers for the Little Rascals Challenge this time, it's a bit thin on the ground. Only a week left to get your entries in, I know strictly speaking this should go in the Challenge section, but Little Rascals is so far down the list now, I fear it has got forgotten.

6 6 minutes ago

Has anyone tried to varnish paper before. I am planning to die cut some paper flowers and though that they might make a nice brooch if i could protect them with a light coat of varnish.

4 About 3 hours ago

Good morning ladies, very cold here. Not long since it stopped raining, well, spitting really, ha ha. Must be windy as the clouds are scurrying by. Form filling today, we were interrupted yesterday as my Mum had hurt her back and needed me to take her to the doctor's. I told her, as she was …

2 53 minutes ago

Well I thought I was a bit late, but good morning all you lovely ladies. Quite bright but very cold here this morning, have some bedding on the line, hope it dries.

not much planned for today, maybe out this afternoon. Hope you enjoy whatever you have planned, take care. Sandra x

37 8 minutes ago

Its a chilly start here today. I have some flattening to do and would then like to get out to the greenhouse to put in some seeds. The tomatoes are doing well in the propagater and some flower seedsarecoming up. Hope you all have a good day

2 About 5 hours ago

I went to a local vintage fair last Saturday. I love vintage. I have to keep my hands in my pockets or else I end up buying lots of stuff. I was looking for fabric and lace. I bought a cream coloured velvet scarf for £3 and an Alice in Wonderland bag which is a great size for all the bits …

10 51 minutes ago

Good morning crafter's, I hope everyone has a good day. Sue I hope you get a good quote for your bathroom. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Now I've forgotten the rest. If I go back to yesterdays posts to have a read I'll lose today's lol.

Its food shop this morning, then ironing this …

1 About 5 hours ago

Another cold morning here, was freezing cold yesterday and hope it soon warms up. Got the h/w done yesterday, but still have a couple of jobs I need to do. Almost finished all the flattening. We are off trolley bashing this morning and then plan to finish sorting my craft stuff, at least it …

3 About 8 hours ago

Good morning everyone I hope your well today I have just uploaded the card I made for our lovely Jackie on here I hope she had a fantastic birthday...thank you all once again for the comments on my Christmas cards

Take Care Sharon xx

10 About an hour ago

Morning all. Up early today as it's our club day and I'm driving. Just having a cuppa then must have breakfast. I can't be bothered to drag all my stuff today so I'm just gonna take something I started to promark last week and finish that whilst I exercise my jaw!

No crafting for me …

4 About 8 hours ago

Good morning - just

Is anyone else struggling like me to sleep. Have tossed and turned for couple of hours so decided to get up.

Thought I'd see if anyone else was around


1 About 15 hours ago

I bought some Memento ink pads at a craft show for trying ink blending, however I cannot seem to get enough ink on the brushes to make them work. Is there a way to refresh them or do you think they are dried out?

i bought some cheaper ink pads for £1 each online, branded ones, and …

7 49 minutes ago

Hi Sarah.l still owe you last months PIF.

Could l have your address please? Eve

1 About 5 hours ago

Afternoon all. I have been looking for keen crafters that live in Southampton for a while now but am not having a lot of luck. I was wondering if their is anyone that would like to have gatherings, a chat, exchange ideas and craft together on a regular basis? I hope I get better luck here.

1 About 9 hours ago

Hi All,

I have tiny eyelets (approx 1mm in diameter). I took them out of the box (very old), and lots of them are stuck inside each other, in pairs.

I have tried dislodging them by hand (no joy) and have had a few that have separated by using my teeth (yes, really I had no other …

7 About 18 hours ago

does anyone know if they have stopped making the cutting blades for the pink/grey paper trimmer as i cant seem to get them anywhere only seem to have the scoring blades xxxx

3 About 6 hours ago

Stop looking at all your lovely galleries, it is 4.30 pm and still no sign of any housework, I keep coming across things that reminds me I haven't done in ages, so then I go sorting out, quilling, teabag folding, iris folding the list is endless. Oh well I am happy what else matters.

5 About 9 hours ago

Can anyone tell me why I get only five cards when I ask for Easter cards! There used to be loads of examples in the past! Am I missing them? Thank you. X Joyce X

3 About 20 hours ago

I would not normally ask this but it is my John’s 80th birthday on the 18th of April.

All of his family have now past away as many of his friends so he will not get many cards. He only has our wonderful son daughter-in-law and granddaughter

Please …

32 About an hour ago

Late hello to you all. Not been able to get on my computer till now as himself has acquired a new piece of equipment for his sound system and is testing it out which mean he needs my lappy to plug his stick into for his music and all the other bits and pieces are dotted around the lounge with …

2 Yesterday at 11:50AM

Was up at 6am, but got on with some jobs that needed doing, had breakfast, washing on and now am off to the craft room again! Had a good clear out yesterday and am now going to do the space under the single bed which has sliding doors, I may be gone for some time cos I will have to get on the …

2 Yesterday at 11:40AM

Busy day today. Got Evie at 1 , but before that we want to go and see a friend who has just finished his radiotherapy treatment. Havent seen him since before xmas as we both had bugs and wouldn't risk giving tgem to him but we o, k now. Will ring first to see if its o, k as he may be having …

2 Yesterday at 11:36AM

Can anyone tell me if they know of any buses running to the NEC from the Derbyshire, Nottingham area please. I will be back later. Thank you

4 About 20 hours ago

I haven`t been on the site for a while, as I have been having problems, can any one tell me please if they know of any buses running to the NEC from the Derby or Nottingham area . Thanks. I will be back later.

3 About 20 hours ago

Hello please can someone help me, i need to know the size of these numbers in inches...thankyou karen

7 About 20 hours ago

Good morning all. I am sorry that I am a bit late in setting this challenge. I had a bit of a wobble yesterday and could not function properly. However, I feel ok now so the challenge is da da da......


So any animal that can be a pet, which literally can be ANYTHING.

9 About 9 hours ago