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Hi everyone I'm back hope to upload tomorrow if this jet lag has passed

there's a lot of great cards since I went on holiday I'm going to enjoy catching up

with your creations Florence

2 About an hour ago

Could you contact me please Julia. Lots of love

Ruth xx


I came home to a lovely package today the result of a draw Crafty Vonx ran. I have messaged Diane to thank her. I just wanted to say how brilliant this site is for members to swop and enjoy craft with each other.


Hope you've enjoyed your special day!

Happy Birthday

from Claire

11 About an hour ago

Hope you've had a wonderful day with your family

Happy Birthday

from Claire

9 About an hour ago

If you like stamping here is your chance to go in a draw. I have 4 lots of stamps (images in my gallery) they are all free gifts from magazines , new in their original packet, but I shall not use these.

If you are interested and like your name on the list state which set your are …

7 About 5 hours ago

Hi everyone, a friend,s mum who was an avid crafter has recently died . Her craftroom was full to the rafters with everything you can think of and my friend has the job of clearing everything out. I have looked at a lot of her stock and most of it is unopened and brand new. I have the task of …

4 About 4 hours ago

Had test and was told they couldn't see anything but it didn't cover certain parts of the tummy area. I had to fast and drink at least a litre of water. Unfortunately I felt very, very ill and dizzy but I was annoyed as they didn't ask whether I had followed the instructions. I ordered my …

3 About 8 hours ago

I have tried to get onto cutting edge crafts website several times today, without success.

Doesanyone know if they are still trading please?

(They're based in Skegness if any of you live near there.)

9 About 2 hours ago

I went food shopping this morning and sometimes treat myself to a new magazine....I brought two one was Papercraft Essentials and on page 10 is one of my cards.....

The 2nd magazine was Making Cards which has got a free magazine called Get Creative....and its Quilling....which is not my …

12 About 5 hours ago

Hi please can anyone help...im looking for purple onion stamps a desiger called stacey yacula, is there anyone in the uk that stocks these stamps...thank you karen

5 About 6 hours ago

I got this this morning with making cards magazine....not my thing!.....please put your names here and I do the draw Sunday....Joolsx

2 About 8 hours ago

Just finished off the xmas decoratio we started at beading yesterday. I have uploaded it to my gallery if anyone wants a peek


Can someone please tell me what weight off card to use for cutting

1 About 10 hours ago

A Chinese Doctor can't find a job in a hospital in the US so he opens a clinic and puts a sign outside


An American Lawyer thinks this a great opportunity to earn $100 and goes into the clinic.

Lawyer: "I have lost my …

8 About 2 hours ago

Thanks Mary for the last challenge and to Phil for being Mr Random and picking me.

As it's lunchtime when posting this I would like to see your Rascal with his food or drink.

Who would like to join in?

LesleyW - me

1 About an hour ago

Good morning its cloudy and wet again. I may not go out this morning unless it looks like no further heavy downpours which make driving difficult.

I was working on my Xmas cards for Balance class yesterday and got them all finished. Must make envelopes for them next.

Breakfast …

1 About 9 hours ago

The winner of the little rascal challenge , picked from the hat by Phil, is LesleyW☺👒

I've got your address Lesley so I'll sort out some bits for you.

Can you host the next challenge?

3 About 9 hours ago

Gosh where are we all this morning?

Its still raining here has been all through night not that I'm going anywhere.

Dave doing ASDA me stopping in LOL.

Be back later


99 56 minutes ago

Have a fabulous day..June

20 About 3 hours ago

Rained again during the night and not sure what it's going to do today, we shall see. Just having my coffee and then going to get ready for the day. Have not decided what I am doing today yet, will think about it! Hope you all have a good day.




3 About 10 hours ago

Good morning ladies. I have uploaded another Christmas card today

8 About 11 hours ago

Its still dark but I don't think it is raining. I had fun at beading yesterday. We started a Christmas decoration but we talked and laughed so much not a lot got done. Have trolley bashing to do today and then Imay have some crafting time. Hope you all have a good day

2 About 14 hours ago

I am up bright & breezy... But to be fair I was knackered after my first day and it wasnt even a full day... Oops! But I have plenty projects and 'stuff' to be getting on with, but unfortunately I was in bed before 7.30pm and out like a light. I had the feeling I was coming down with …

2 About 18 hours ago

Sorry I'm late again......Mr glum I put 2 lbs on this week, heaven knows how. Ric lost 4.5 lbs.. I think he must be spiking my food as he does all the cooking LOL.

Never mind I'm still over a stone lighter than I started out and we had been on holiday so must try harder this week.

13 About 4 hours ago

Hi Julia would you like to do a swap with me this month just let me know the theme is Garden and Pets. It would be lovely to hear from you xx Ruth


Hi, Does anyone know of any dolls knitting patterns specifically for baby annabell doll?

There seems to be loads of patterns on the auction site but not specifically for this doll, and the postage is too much just for a pattern that would go in the post for a normal letter size. Thanks …

4 About 11 hours ago

Bought a kettle today and as usual with a new one the drinks tasted funny! I boiled it twice as the instructions, so I boiled it with a tea bag in it and it did make a difference! I threw the water away, it was to get rid of the taste of a new kettle! Has anyone tried anything else? x Joyce x

4 About 15 hours ago

Thank you for such lovely comments on my cards. I have loitered for a very long while and decided it was time to upload somethings. I have as much stock as most of you here, can't stop myself buying when I see something I think I can't live without, usually dies and lovely paper packs. I only …

2 Yesterday at 9:52PM

has anyone heard anything about Leonie from Create and craft?

no one seems to be mentioning her and she hasnt been on for a while.


14 About 2 hours ago