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I had lots of spare 11's so I made a necklace, bracelet and earrings. Have uploaded them to my gallery if anyone wants a peek


good morning, a lovely nice sunny morning to wake up to!

has anyone made a x-large pop up box card, i have been asked to make one for a table centre piece for an 18th, new york themed, just wondered what the biggest size would be as the bars might sag lol xx


1 About an hour ago

Help, I am looking for lables that you put on the cards bags that say

'this card is left blank inside for your own masgane'

hope someone can help me ( the shop i did get them from has stop doing them.


7 About an hour ago

Morning all. Late up this morning because we just had to stay up and watch the last of the Eurovision (which was 01.30 to us). I know, I know, how sad are we then but it's so spectacularly bad we just couldn't help ourselves lol. I just loved the way they kept saying 'building bridges' when …

2 About an hour ago

Its another sunny day and we are off to our friends 80th birthday bash later. Hope you all have a good day

3 About 3 hours ago

I just hope I've got it right this time!

19 45 minutes ago

I seem to have hiccups and my message has posted three times but cannot delete two of them. TUT!



No one about as yet this morning! Had a good night's sleep and was up before 6am. Yesterday our grandson Ryan took part in the walk from London to Brighton and will find out later how he did - that is some walk! He was doing it for Help for Heroes and walking with one of his old army friends. …

3 About 3 hours ago

No one about as yet this morning! Had a good night's sleep and was up before 6am. Yesterday our grandson Ryan took part in the walk from London to Brighton and will find out later how he did - that is some walk! He was doing it for Help for Heroes and walking with one of his old army friends. …






Morning all

Not the best morning here is Rhoose.

I've uploaded a baby card this morning if any would like to have a peep. Lovely cards already added,

Happy Crafting,

Mel xx

5 About an hour ago

Have a fabulous day Debs


22 33 minutes ago

I need your opinion please. Do you think that fairy die cuts are suitable for ladies cards or should they just be used on kids csrds ? X

8 About an hour ago

Many thanks to all who have taken time to comment on my knitted/card makes this month.

I do appreciate you taking time to stop by.

Kate (Dafdilly10)

1 About 14 hours ago

Took the mother in law out for a run on her scooter today and took the spare one for a test drive.

8 About 11 hours ago

Hi for those who might like a bargain quixotic is closeing down....thought i would share...karen

4 About 13 hours ago

My friend is retiring and I have finally managed to work out how Tagxedo works, so thought I would make a card using this programme. Can anybody help me with words please - so far I have got:

card making



I did think of shopping and relax after …

5 About 15 hours ago

Have any of you ever been to a Docrafts demo to find there isn't one? Went to Croydon Hobbycrafts to a demo that I had received numerous emails about only to be met with blank looks. The woman that I had seen doing demos previously aparently no longer works for them. When I complained, they …

4 About 12 hours ago

The winners of my draw for the papers are



Could you both send me your addresses, and I will get them posted out to you straight after the bank holiday.

you should be able to message me, if not please send me a friends request, thanks Irene …

5 About 15 hours ago

Dear All

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all my buddies who sent me a birthday card, I've had so many - too many to thank individually, so thought I'd pop on here to pass on my gratitude to you all. I've opened the cards a day early as I won't be at home tomorrow on my birthday. …

11 About 3 hours ago

Has anybody else been naughty today? Switched on the TV this morning onto C&C and Tattered Lace were on, normally I would turn it straight off BUT, they were just showing the extra large square dies (which takes in 8 x 8). I have the Spellbinders Grand which do 7 x 7 and I am using these …

5 About 19 hours ago

Good morning everyone its a warm and cloudy day here today, off to Northampton for the day as it's bri's mum birthday Monday and Bri will be working so we are going to see her today instead, I have made a birthday cake and some rice crispy cakes to give to her aswell. Hope you all have a …

1 Yesterday at 11:12AM

Its a lovely bright one thuis morning. We are going into town to get a few bits and to get a nice pot plant for a friend who is 80. She is having a birthday bash tomorrow and has specified no presents but we can't go empty handed. Hope all those that are poorly get well soon and you all have a …

1 Yesterday at 8:13AM

I would like to thank you all for my birthday wishes yesterday, and all my cards from my buddys. Going out tonight with all the family for a meal. Thank you Angela. xx

9 About 13 hours ago

Happy birthday Debs, I hope you have a fabulous day today with plenty of sunshine & lots of crafty goodies to play with! Enjoy your day! Caroline x

7 About 18 hours ago

Good Morning everyone,

Dry day here in Leeds. We are leaving in half an hour to drive to the Garden Centre which takes almost an hour. Hoping to get a nice Hanging Basket.

I will catch up with everything from yesterday and the gallery later.

Hope whatever you have planned …

82 About 11 hours ago

Morning everyone I hope your all well, hopefully it looks like its going to be a nice day here..I still have work but finish at 3 so still have some of the day to myself...Another peel off card for me today thank you all once again for previous comments you have all left xx

Take Care …

7 About 16 hours ago

did not get round to posting yesterday, we did not get to bed until early hours after seeng Gypsy and nearly did not get to the coach on our way as there had been a bad accident on the A12 and the traffic was piled up and not moving so had to take another route, kept in touch with Sandra and the …

3 Yesterday at 8:01AM

Hi all,

Some time ago I purchased a pack of these card blanks (when Boofle was in favour!!), I think they were slightly longer than normal blanks. I have been looking for them as used the last one I had this week but can't seem to find them anywhere.

Does anybody know if they are …

3 About 13 hours ago

i need help in completing thanks for any replies

4 About 21 hours ago