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Am now the proud owner of this new machine .. and its soooo big ! After losing the washer on the floor { and using a magnet to find it }, the handle went on easily. Waiting until tomorrow to use it properly, but looks good.

1 29 minutes ago

I keep meaning to post my tip. Junk mail although a pain to keep receiving, does have its uses. I keep mine for using as shims. Maybe you have another use for yours?

4 24 minutes ago

Can I be cheeky and ask if anyone has any of the LOTV toddler toppers, I need to make a 1st birthday card for my great nephew and would love to use a topper from this range, but I don't think I would use a whole pad.I have many of the others which I am willing to exchange for.

I hope I …

4 14 minutes ago

How many of you remembered to put your clocks forward an hour? I dont like doing it as you lose an hour , I dont get much sleep as itis, so cant afford to lose an hour ha ha. Going to be busy sorting card stuff out for nexr saturday today, then ang steve and evie are here about r for "sunday …

1 38 minutes ago

Has anyone got the address or phone number for a contact in this country for repairs on a grand calibur please.


2 About 2 hours ago

Thank you all for your comments yesterday regarding my dancing at Wembley. Well the update is I did it, there were 84,000 people there highest number of people Saracens have ever had. There were 2,500 people from the Rock Choir singing there hearts out. Dance went so quickly one minute we …

2 About 3 hours ago

he is so gorgous he can come and cut our grass any time,love the programme are any of you watching it xx

15 12 minutes ago

I was just wondering If anyone knows it there are any Harrison Fisher CDs or craft kits around I have just found some lovely images that would make great cards but a little wary of using them because of copyright

3 About 3 hours ago

Cant find a thread so started this one Are you all still in bed Hope you altered our clocks last night I have added a card i made with m dies if you want a peek

Take care love Ann xx

5 About an hour ago

How many of you remembered to put your clocks forward an hour? I dont like doing it as you lose an hour , I dont get much sleep as itis, so cant afford to lose an hour ha ha. Going to be busy sorting card stuff out for nexr saturday today, then ang steve and evie are here about r for "sunday …

4 About 5 hours ago

Morning all. I am confused of Cyprus at the minute, I'v put the clock forward one hour and it is 10.44 but according to my computer it is 11.44 so don't know what is going on there lol.

Had a nice meal last night with our friends and we wern't too late home so was in bed by just gone 11 …

2 About 7 hours ago

hello everyone, on Friday i posted that I was having a table at a patchwork and quilting show in Oldham, Jackleen as me to let you how it went, well, I raised £78 for charity, last Wednesday , 2 friends, Sheila and Pam held a coffee morning to raise money for their niece, who is running …

19 About an hour ago

Have a wonderful birthday...June

21 About an hour ago

Good morning, I hope everyone has a good restful Sunday.

I sat at my desk last night making Easter cards. I just need to add gems to flowers and print inserts. Then get ready to post.

Sewing quillow is on hold at the moment, must get these cards sent off.

I've just been …

53 40 minutes ago

Trying to organise myself as Kirsty and Lola are picking me up at 9 a.m. to go to Excel. Will see you all later

2 About 7 hours ago

good morning just taken a look at our emails and there are four saying our details have been found on line is this another scam has anyone else had any of these ?? xx

16 47 minutes ago

Good morning crafter's

Its a solemn Sunday when those of us who go to church hear the Gospel reading of Our Lord's triumphant entry into Jerusalem, and the people threw palm branches in the road ahead of him. Following on we hear about the Last Supper, his time of prayer in the garden. …


Had a good day yesterday, nearly got blown away along the seafront and we were glad to get inside for our lunch! The show was very good and did not know that Anton and Erin could sing and they were very good, dancing great and Anton was really funny when he talked to the audience. Was a full …

3 About 7 hours ago

I've got a horrible cold and have spent most of the day napping. I am now wide awake and partaking in some back episodes of Criminal Minds looking at the clock and trying to believe it's an hour later than it really is in the hope that I can convince my body I am tired.

so Night Owls.... …

1 About 9 hours ago

Due to computer break down , I am now running window 7 but my photo shop 4 does not like it one bit. Can anyone help please and advise me on a program that will allow me to resize my digis and do all the usual things us crafters do with images. A little worried about downloading a program I …

2 About 7 hours ago

Am being taken on Sunday by family (son/d-i-l and the now 10-year old twins) and fortunately they will take late husband's wheelchair for me in case I need it. D-i-l and son are the ones for sewing and I am the crafter, twins interested in both.

Will enjoy as I cannot make AP …

4 About 9 hours ago

I've been into The Ranger store today and they have a selection of Minnie Mouse craft goodies (papers, ribbons, embossing folders, die cuts etc). Does anyone know what the Disney Angel Policy is for selling cards made with these goods? The reason I ask is that I'm sure quite a few years ago …

21 About an hour ago

I'm looking for the cricut cartrige lite hoot and holler, if anyone sees one or would maybe like to exchange or sell


2 About 22 hours ago

can anybody tell me what you use for to put your stamps on to stamp verses


5 About 8 hours ago

Cards for John’s 80th birthday I will put them in my Gallery on or just after 18th of April

Thank you

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Sorry I'm only just able to tell you this, but posting charges are going up on Monday. I called into the Post Office this morning to get some extra stamps and asked if there would be an increase in April. She told me the new prices start on Monday!!

So I've now bought 144 stamps to see …

3 Yesterday at 1:24PM

Afternoon all.

I bought the press cut step card #2. And i was hoping someone else had bought or used this die please. I can't find instructions to double check the folds.

I think I must be folding wrong cos even tho it looks right the folds are sticking out at the bottom and …

10 About 5 hours ago

Are you all having a lie in? or is someone typing at the same time?

I've just ordered the tattered lace mini die set for myself and Jenny. I also got the free tonic gift for signing up for their club. Too bad I'd just cut myself a half dozen from Jenny's the day before, lol.

133 About 17 hours ago

Good morning crafter's I've had a long sleep a good eight hours. The plan today is to stay in and after I'm up and about, breakfast, cook casserole and then get quillow body ready for sewing. Then maybe get machine out and stitch it!

Then finish off some cards. I printed a load of …

3 About 21 hours ago

I have not been on here much recently as I have been busy making for an Easter fayre next Saturday, but have "lurked" sometimes in the evening and want to say thank you very much to the kind people who left comments in mygallery, its very encouraging. After this week is over I will get back …

2 About 8 hours ago