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Evening everyone and welcome to this weekends blog hop.

Everyone is welcome to join in, all you need to do is copy your blog link and paste it into your post and then visit all the blogs listed over the weekend and leave a comment.

I will post in a little while x

1 10 minutes ago

Does anyone know if the Presscut straight edge nesting dies and the scalloped dies layer the same as Spellbinder Nestabilities. I wanted to buy the oval sets as they are alot cheaper than Spellbinders but will only get them if you can layer the scalloped and straight together. I contacted Crafts …

2 43 minutes ago

Have just spent ages making & covering a springy card, and now realise it is upside down!! Will just have to cut it up & put it on another card. A wasted couple of hours. xx

11 21 minutes ago

She is still poorly, saw nurse this morning, she has picked up a sickness bug from nursery, a few children has it, but nurse worried sbout her being dehydrated, so ang has just taken her back to drs, they said they may have to send her to hospital , we got her to drink a bit, but obviously …

6 About an hour ago

YAY 3lbs off this week and at last reached my Club 10.. I have now lost 1st 11.5lb pity it took this darn virus to do it though.. Didn't feel like celebrating so maybe next week. Ric has lost another 1.5lbs.. so is doing really well with over 2.5st loss in total....

11 55 minutes ago

Anyone grabbed a crafty bargain yet?

What did you get?

I "spent" £50 at Hobbycraft, used the discount code and a gift card.

Total cost to me.........78p

11 About 2 hours ago

I'd just like to thank everyone who commented on my Bookatrix and box..the lady I made it for was very pleased with it..Pxx

3 About 2 hours ago

Our internet was down earlier so I couldn't get on here. I got all the Christmas parcels wrapped yesterday and have started writing the cards. I've decided I will have lobster for my Xmas dinner so will be buying that nearer the time. Its our daughter Kirsty's birthday today so we may see her …

1 About 9 hours ago

for those of you who have not yet entered your project, the challenge will close at 8pm on the 29th November. Still time to get those entries in.



Today France remembers the victims of the attacks in Paris. I have added a special card that will be sent to cousins in Ireland. They have spent many happy holidays in France and phoned me the day after the tragedy. I have written verses appropriate for Christmas on the insert, but for the …

18 About 2 hours ago
  • has any one got the xcut a5 houses ifpossible wouldthey cut me two sets i will gladto pay posstage or anyother costs i hope im notbeing to cheeky thank you holly4
4 About 5 hours ago
  • has any one got the xcut a5 houses if theyhave would they cut 2 lots for me i hope im not being to cheekyi will pay any posstage thank you holly4

Morning All. Just off to hairdressers HHAGD See you later. Hx

64 10 minutes ago

Morning ladies. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my new doors honestly, how can you get beside yourself over a set of doors I ask you? well, seeing as if I'd allowed himself to have his way I would have ended up with brown melamine and a cupboard a foot smaller so I think I just …

4 About 9 hours ago

Raining here again. TUT! Got our leak finally sorted yesterday, but before it was we had to keep turning the water on and off to flush the loos! Hope it is going to be okay now and can get the washing done. Did the trolley bashng on Wednesday but at our local shop. Yesterday we went to …

3 About 9 hours ago

Have a wonderful day Ann

June xx

22 About 3 hours ago

Goodmorning everyone I have uploaded another Christmas card

Thank you all so much for the previous comments

Take Care Sharon xx

11 About 8 hours ago

has any one got the xcut a5 set of houses if so would they mind cutting me a couple of sets i will pay the postage


You need to make a card for that day’s letter; it can be a theme, Digi or rubber stamp ,image, a colour or a technique, i.e. for the letter A on day one Angel, Apple, Apricot Aqua, Acetate Aperture or it could be Away in a manger, alleluia (also spelt hallelujah)

I hope you will …

11 About 4 hours ago

Just had an enail that from tonight 6pm till midnight Friday is giving 25% discount due to Black Friday

5 About 23 hours ago

I just wondered now that the TODO machine has been around a while how many of you have got one and/or are many of you interested in it? Still doesn't really appeal to me, mind you i haven't got room for it but im sure if i really really wanted one i would find a space somewhere! Emma

11 About 9 hours ago

Hello friends Can any of you ladies tell me how many cards do you have to upload before you go on news feed would love to know


Mary x ( Nana Maro )

10 About 9 hours ago

I've not been on for a while....had a long look through all your makes/cards , I only had time to comment on a few...but they are all beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous ect ect ect. hopefully I will be back to making some more cards, or even some other projects .... ( I should be so lucky ) must put …

4 Yesterday at 4:51PM

hi, hope you all keeping warm, lovely crafting weather all tucked up in doors lol

am looking for recommendations for score boards what are the best ones to use, and a bit larger than a4size please.

thank you


8 About 5 hours ago

You bet I am like the proverbial pig lol. My new doors are on and if you would like a nosey they are in my gallery. Two chaps fitted them, no fuss, hoovered up and were gone in an hour, perfect. Valxx

6 About 4 hours ago


Just a short video which tickled my SOH


12 Yesterday at 4:16PM

Morning to all,

My daughter, bless her is having her head shaved on Saturday in the hopes of raising some funds for a very worthy cause, close to the hearts of some of this community. I am taking the liberty of posting the link to the page for those of you that may wish to contribute or …

2 About 6 hours ago

Just to say the digi/ stamping challenge ends on Monday, you all said that you wanted to do it, can you tell me if you have change your mind/ will run out of time. Nikki

3 About 6 hours ago

Not doing much today, well i wasnt when i typed the first 4 words but angela has phoned just now and said evie has been sick all night, no temp, o.k in herself, which to me suggest its something she has eaten , anyway she has packing boxes all over the place ready to go to container but …

3 Yesterday at 2:52PM

Morning all. Well, the locks went back but no refunds!!!!!! anyhow, long story short, the grumpy Dad wasn't at all helpful but the son is and he followed himself back home here assuring him that they would fit offering to fit one to the patio door and show him how to do it, which he did, and …

1 Yesterday at 8:30AM