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Has anybody else been naughty today? Switched on the TV this morning onto C&C and Tattered Lace were on, normally I would turn it straight off BUT, they were just showing the extra large square dies (which takes in 8 x 8). I have the Spellbinders Grand which do 7 x 7 and I am using these …

2 8 minutes ago

Good morning everyone its a warm and cloudy day here today, off to Northampton for the day as it's bri's mum birthday Monday and Bri will be working so we are going to see her today instead, I have made a birthday cake and some rice crispy cakes to give to her aswell. Hope you all have a …

1 About an hour ago

Its a lovely bright one thuis morning. We are going into town to get a few bits and to get a nice pot plant for a friend who is 80. She is having a birthday bash tomorrow and has specified no presents but we can't go empty handed. Hope all those that are poorly get well soon and you all have a …

1 About 4 hours ago

I would like to thank you all for my birthday wishes yesterday, and all my cards from my buddys. Going out tonight with all the family for a meal. Thank you Angela. xx

5 5 minutes ago

Happy birthday Debs, I hope you have a fabulous day today with plenty of sunshine & lots of crafty goodies to play with! Enjoy your day! Caroline x

5 34 minutes ago

Good Morning everyone,

Dry day here in Leeds. We are leaving in half an hour to drive to the Garden Centre which takes almost an hour. Hoping to get a nice Hanging Basket.

I will catch up with everything from yesterday and the gallery later.

Hope whatever you have planned …

26 39 seconds ago

Morning everyone I hope your all well, hopefully it looks like its going to be a nice day here..I still have work but finish at 3 so still have some of the day to myself...Another peel off card for me today thank you all once again for previous comments you have all left xx

Take Care …

4 About an hour ago

did not get round to posting yesterday, we did not get to bed until early hours after seeng Gypsy and nearly did not get to the coach on our way as there had been a bad accident on the A12 and the traffic was piled up and not moving so had to take another route, kept in touch with Sandra and the …

3 About 4 hours ago

Hi all,

Some time ago I purchased a pack of these card blanks (when Boofle was in favour!!), I think they were slightly longer than normal blanks. I have been looking for them as used the last one I had this week but can't seem to find them anywhere.

Does anybody know if they are …

1 About an hour ago

i need help in completing thanks for any replies

3 About 2 hours ago

i would like to see a dolly, playing in the garden, or outdoor, prize at the end,, x

ps thanks to sarabee husband for picking my number out, x

1 31 minutes ago

Hello everyone, sorry I am a little late but got chatting to a friend and before I know it its 8pm.

Welcome to this weekends blog hop and woohooo its a Bank Holiday weekend.

Everyone is welcome to join in, all we ask is that you copy and paste your blog link into your post. Then …

10 4 minutes ago

Have any of you have AVG security on your computer. I had a new comp. last November and have AVG on it. It seems to be messing with my computer. I had to renew it last week. I have paid £35 for the next 12 months and it still keeps telling me that my security will run out shortly.Also my …

7 About 3 hours ago
3 About 13 hours ago

Thank you very much , the CD arrived this morning . Am looking forward to playing

Sue x

3 About 16 hours ago

For those of you who have been following and asking about Molly, I am happy to say after the miss last time she is having a litter. She has had her scan this afternoon and the Vet says he 99% certain there is 3 possibly 4 which is great news as I was not sure she would be able to Puppies again …

8 About an hour ago

Am sure I am not the only one who got this email - sad - hope they find a new place soon.

9 About an hour ago

Good afternoon crafter's, I have been out this morning for hair cut. Met my friend and Mr W gave us a lift back. (He had given me a lift down to town as well)

I've been colouring in again. I need to start making cards now with the pictures lol. Mr W has put ironing board up for me …

1 About 16 hours ago

I have been asked to make a birthday card for a 17 yr old boy who is into "designer clothes" - I have no idea what boys are wearing, any ideas? (He's also into computers, XBox etc; now that I can manage!)

Jan x

7 About 14 hours ago

Has anyone tried to have a go at these?

They are the words that you can 'fold' into the books by folding each page at a certain length, and they can make the words 'Love' etc.

I did watch her on C&C the other day making one and I just got confused with all the measurements on …

5 About 13 hours ago

Does anyone have these instructions please? I've lost mine

3 About 17 hours ago

Hi fellow crafters I don't norally do this as we advertise our events in another section of the website but I wanted to draw your attention tothis demo as I will be doing a 2 in one demo where I will be demonstrating not only scrap booking but die cutting as well.

I love diecutting and …


For all you bargain hunters I am sorry to say the site/ shop is closing.I have no connection with the shop.Some bargains to be found....

2 About 19 hours ago

Dave was staring sadly into his Pint and sighed heavily.

"What's up Dave" asked the barman, "it's not like you to be so down in the mouth".

"It's my 4 yr old son..." Dave replied.

"Don't tell me, he's in trouble for fighting in school? - my lads just the same - forget …

17 About 5 hours ago

could you tell me if you will be doing a new cd of tatty ted me to you and with the baby tatty .

Really miss your cds they are so good please

thank you kathy 2010 at kpkard@gmail.com

2 About 2 hours ago

Please can anyone recommend the best (and cheapest) place to buy a large tub of UTEE? I've had a look online but I'm not sure where's the cheapest place to buy it.

Many thanks!


2 About 14 hours ago

Thank you to all who left comments on the cards I uploaded yesterday and for the 'Welcome back' although I have been lurking now and again I have been away quite a lot in the last few months..for pleasure I might add..(cruising) I don't have anymore planned for the near future so maybe I can get …

2 About 2 hours ago

Hi everyone, I'm so excited to win the last challenge as I'm very new to this. Mary is helping me through the process, so please be patient with me.

Here is my sketch for the challenge - please feel free to be as tight or as liberal with the sketch as you like, as long as it is …

8 About 3 hours ago

just seen some really good ideas for our craft rooms.


hope its its okay to share …

5 About 16 hours ago

Been checking out if I can get any help with installing a central heating system. Seems that our country can send out, foreign aid, give help to newcomers to England and generally just hand out money to anyone that asks but not pensioners that have worked all their life.

Oh I can pay …

8 About 3 hours ago