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Did not get on yesterday as our server went down, so no internet but back again now. Have a few jobs to do today and must get the spare room sorted as next weekend we have Kerry and Steve staying, they are at a wedding near us. Will be good to see them both. On Tuesday we shall be in London …


I have been asked to make a wedding card for a couple getting married on a yacht in Cyprus, and to use this as a theme, but I am really stuck for inspiration. Does anyone have any ideas at all that I could use? Think my mojo's gone awol.

Thanks in advance.


2 About 6 hours ago

Thank you so much to Debs husband for picking me out of the cereal bowl, first time i been in one of those, A big thank you to Debs for a great first Challenge which she did very well, first is a bit nerve wracking i think.

For this Challenge I will keep it fairly simple, For a change …

4 About 5 hours ago

Thinking of selling my cards and i dont know where to start. any tips and ideas for exmaple i dont know how much to sell them for.

2 About 10 hours ago

Hello everyone and welcome to this weekends blog hop.

I hope everyone reading this will join in (it's easy). All we ask you to do is post your blog address into your post and then visit each blog and leave a comment.

I will be posting tomorrow - hope you all have a great crafty …

6 About 5 hours ago

Join me at Howdens Garden Centre Inverness tomorrow for their monthly free Docrafts demo between 10-4

Plus free crafty gift for the first 12 who attend :D look forward to seeing you x


Good Afternoon All,

Nother month flown by! I have been busy with my latest hobby book folding! Although I don't have the time for much folding I love to do designs for book folders.

Everyone is welcome to join us new and old, this list for you to add your name to stays up …

8 5 minutes ago

Ken was up a ladder clearing out the guttering of his bungalow next door and I spotted Wendy talking to him so shot out of the door to ask if she would bring me a jar of beetroot next time she goes shopping. Told her the saga of the delivery and Sainsbury's response and the lovely lady has said …

4 About 8 hours ago

"Sorry" to everyone. I've had a lot of reviews on my cards but I haven't left many for other people. At first I didn't know how to leave a comment but I think I might have the hang of it now. I just wanted you ladies to know that I'm not being selfish and I love all your cards. Thank you too for …

1 About 13 hours ago

Does anybody know why I can't buy a number three stamp. I've never yet seen a number three stamp in the shop. X

6 About 13 hours ago

wishing karen flowers a very happy birthday xx

4 About 10 hours ago

Good afternoon if anyone pops in. I had hairdresser this morning, and took white slacks back to M&S and walked in the door when it hit me. I had forgotten to take receipt out of folder.

My sister who is visiting said white slacks for mum not a good idea. I saw some nice light grey …

1 About 10 hours ago

Yay.. Another 2.5lbs brings my total loss to 13lbs.

Ric last .5lbs bringing his total loss to 1st 3lbs.

We were both rewarded for our efforts, Ric is Slimmer of the Month and I'm Slimmer of the Week for the second week running.

Plus Ric won the raffle of a bag of cooking …

13 54 seconds ago

Golf & Whisky

An 80yr old Scotsman went to his G.P. for a Check-Up. The G.P. was amazed at what good shape the old fellow was in and asked, "How do you stay in such great physical condition?"

"I am Scottish and I am a golfer" said the old fellow;" that is why I am in such …

12 About 7 hours ago

Hi sent a buddy request so i could message to get the address to send off your Ink blending mat, think you may have missed it, Could you let me know your address to get this sent off x Anne

3 About 10 hours ago

Well, there I was at the sink all my new Honey Doo stamps in it ready to be washed.

starts cleaning them, and the littlest leaf of the "Trio of Flowers" disappeared down the plug hole!!

9 About 10 hours ago

Hi i sent a buddy request so i could message to get your address for the ink blending Mat, as i have had no reply wondered if you have missed it , have them all parceled just waiting for your address to get them to the postie x anne

1 About 10 hours ago

despite the very nice young man trying to get me a delivery of pickled beetroot he wasn't successful. Something to do with payment for them. However, he is going to credit me with the cost of my five jars PLUS the reimbursement of the money I have already paid. Doesn't solve my problem of not …

4 About 17 hours ago


My husband passed away last month I would like to send out Christmas cards this year in his memory.

He passed away from a rare cancer and would like the card to have a purple ribbon on the front .

Any of you guys know where I could buy a template I am not …

6 About 14 hours ago

Stell1953 congrats Anne :) If you can send me a friend request so I can get you a little prize in the post that would be super :)Thanks everyone for taking part and for making my first time as a challenge host a lovely and smooth one. You all made some stunning cards and it was so hard to chose …

5 About 10 hours ago

Anyone help. I bougt tattered lace essential pop up box die,Can not use as i have no information on how to use them, i do not want to seperate them as i may be doing the wrong thing x

3 About 15 hours ago

Morning peeps! I've been asked to make a 60th birthday cake on an art deco theme. I have found some images that I could get printed but does anyone know if there are any cake toppers available on the market?

3 About 10 hours ago

Morning peeps! I've been asked to make a 6th birthday cake on an art deco theme. I have found some images that I could get printed but does anyone know if there are any cake toppers available on the market?


Saturday !st August will be the last day LOTV are at their present address however; they are not moving too far.

On Saturday they are holding a sale sadly for callers only. I live very close but won't be going just thought annyone who is close enough may wish to visit.

For those …

4 About 13 hours ago

Thanks to those of you who drew my attention to winning the #docraftsSummer draw. I hadn't noticed that I won.

Unfortunately I lost my dear old dad on Wednesday. He'd been poorly and we were told a couple of weeks ago that the cancer had spread to his bone marrow so we knew it was …

27 About 8 hours ago

Good morning all, I had a lovely time yesterday, when I eventually got to my cousin's. I had to find a different route, as the Mancunian Way was closed for some reason, it was open when I was coming back home though. We had a go at heat embossing, Carol was highly delighted with the gold …

2 About 11 hours ago

Good morning I have added a card if you would like to take a look x

9 About 10 hours ago

I really enjoyed the last challenge and Emma has let me know that I've won so I thought I'd get this started.

This time I would like to see Enchanted/mythical creatures.

Lots of scope I hope, think about fairy stories and fantasy.

Any medium any colours any theme

8 About 10 hours ago

I can't say its a good one as the flower thiefs and vandals have been in my garden again. They have pulled the heads off some flowers and thrown them on the garden and tried dislodging others. Yesterday evening I put slate around the base of my new fushias and sticks and tied them to them. They …

10 About 15 hours ago

Well, you will be pleased to know I completely weeded the plot. Ive put sticks in for the sweet peas and tomatoes and trimmed back the black/redcurrant bushes, tamed the raspberries and I picked a good kilo of whitecurrants. Ooh they are yummy. I had a few red gooseberries and some blueberries …

6 About 22 hours ago