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Beware of this number calling you - 020 7183 1675 - it is an Asian sounding person and they are asking if you have received your local free paper or leaflets from such and such a store, they then tell you your address. Don't know what it is all about but doesn't sound right. If it is about a …

2 3 minutes ago

Beware of this number calling you - 020 7183 1675 - it is an Asian sounding person and they are asking if you have received your local free paper or leaflets from such and such a store, they then tell you your address. Don't know what it is all about but doesn't sound right. If it is about a …

1 19 minutes ago

Good morning crafter's, I'm getting there slowly with finishing some iris folded cards. Then I have all the Michael Powel seaside stamped and coloured images to turn into cards.

Some birthday, some Get Well and some Thank you'd I think.

Breakfast is ready, I'll pop back this …

2 21 minutes ago

Good morning I have added my card for A to Z Colour Challenge is you would like to take a look xx

4 About 2 hours ago

Its sunny this morning so may take a stroll into town. Thank you for all the lovely comments on the pictures. Lola had a great time baking and making a mess. We are off to see her in her ballet school production of Sleeping Beauty tonight. She is in the garland dance and is also a black cat so …

3 32 minutes ago

Had a good day with my friend Chris yesterday, we both had a good spend up (as you do) and pleased with what I bought. It did rain for a while but we were too busy buying things to notice! LOL! After we got home had a suprise our granddaughter Kerry popped in to see us, she was on her way for …

2 About 3 hours ago

Hello everyone,

Nice bright Sunny start to the day here in Leeds. I'd just like to say hope Kate and others feeling under the weather feel brighter today.

Up early as the Birds decided it was time the World woke up.

Hope whatever you have planned has you enjoying a very …

19 10 minutes ago

Morning all, up early for the fairy although I have had her put her start time back till 9 so not too bad now. We have a very nasty day here, thick mist can't see the hills, a tad on the chilly side and at 7.30ish this morning it absolutely tipped it down! I think it might just be the last of …

3 About 3 hours ago

Yesterday I finished makng a man bag. I posted a pic of it. Felt I needed to challenge myself from doing ladies summery tote bags. Fully lined with various pockets and magnetic clasp. Strong webbing for the strap. Thank you for looking.

1 40 minutes ago

What exactly are card extensions and how do you use them?

6 6 minutes ago

Thank you to everyone who commented on my Exploding Box Card. It's the first one I have made and the first project I have posted for a while and your positive comments are much appreciated.

Jac x

1 About 11 hours ago
FLAWLESS MALE LOGIC... Woman:Do you drink beer? Man: YesWoman:How many beers a day?Man:Usually about 3Woman:How much do you pay per beer?Man: £5.00 which includes a tip(This is where it gets scary!)Woman:And how long have you …
3 About 4 hours ago

Evening everyone, hope you are all ready for the weekend.

Welcome to the blog hop. Everyone is welcome to join in, all we ask is that you copy and paste your blog link into your post so we can find you easily and then visit each blog and leave a comment.

I will be joining in …

9 23 minutes ago

Fab sale if anyone is interested.....just sharing..karen

3 35 minutes ago

I cant find this Challenge, has a new one been posted yet xx Anne

5 52 minutes ago

Late doing trolley bashing was going to have something to eat there but closed so plan B, himself suggested one of our fav really Cypriot tavernas in town, not your tourist meze. So, apart from the usual stuff like dips and salads there are different things they bring you, Mum is the cook, dad …

3 About 3 hours ago

Good Evening All,

Goodness nearly half way through the year already!

Everyone is welcome to join us new and old, this list for you to add your name to stays up for just over a week, til next sunday 7th June, 6pm I usually close the list, and then put a new thread up entitled …

8 About 2 hours ago

Just dropped Lola off as she has a dress rehearsal for her ballet school production. of Sleeping Beauty She had a great time baking and making Eton Mess and I have put a couple of pictures in my gallery if anyone wants a peek

3 About 16 hours ago

Hi how do I delete in and out messages ? Angela.x

7 About 12 hours ago

Jack Patch Puss

Just received an email - Some stamps & Pads to clear half price. Sylvia

7 About 11 hours ago

Hi I'm looking for tonic studio die reach for the stars and can seem to get it any where I have tried ebay but can't get it delivered and have tried Amazon but they won't deliver to my address as I live in the south of ireland. Could anyone help me. Thanks


3 15 minutes ago

Thank you to all you lovely ladies who commented on my latest cards, it is much appreciated. I'm afraid I dont have the time to comment on everyone's uploads lately. We are moving house in the next couple of weeks to the lovely Isle of Wight so I am just sneaking a few minutes here and there …

10 12 minutes ago

Good afternoon all halfway through the year already!

If you would like to join in this months PIF swap please add your name below. The word for June is IMAGINE.

Thanks for joining in Vicki xx

3 About an hour ago

Hope you have a wonderful day

Lainie xx

13 About 12 hours ago

It's me again, have finally got the hang of Tagxedo at long last and have made a couple of cards, but they are made with the standard shapes that Tagxedo they give you. Have looked through the Docrafts gallery and their are designs that I can't find on Tagxedo. My question is how do you get …

7 43 minutes ago

Morning everyone, sorry not to have been on here this week, but I haven't had a lot of time. Well, on Wednesday I had to take Albert to the doctor's, he has eczema and it had got a lot worse, so it called for a change of ointment and a steriodal cream. Thankfully this seems to be working as his …

2 About 20 hours ago

I tried cooking dinner with Wine tonight, didn't go so well. After 5 glasses I forgot I was even in the kitchen.

The other day someone told me that I could make ice cubes with leftover wine. I was confused - What is leftover Wine?

If one glass of wine is good for you just …

12 About 5 hours ago

Morning all. Good grief, me and himself both slept till 10.20 today! and we were in bed by around 12ish last night. I thought you were supposed to need less sleep the older you get, well guess what lol.

Got to get going soon as we need to do the trolley bashing today so himself has …

3 About 20 hours ago


Early in the morning

Before housework is done

I open up my lappy

And through the gallery run.

17 About 11 hours ago

Good morning everyone,

I was awake with the lark this morning and have been looking through DC and thought I would start the ATC chat for a change. Hope everyone is well this morning and raring to go lol ! I'm not, still sleepy but will have to go to the shops later.

A dull …

10 35 minutes ago