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Hi All,

I have tiny eyelets (approx 1mm in diameter). I took them out of the box (very old), and lots of them are stuck inside each other, in pairs.

I have tried dislodging them by hand (no joy) and have had a few that have separated by using my teeth (yes, really I had no other …

4 20 minutes ago

does anyone know if they have stopped making the cutting blades for the pink/grey paper trimmer as i cant seem to get them anywhere only seem to have the scoring blades xxxx


Stop looking at all your lovely galleries, it is 4.30 pm and still no sign of any housework, I keep coming across things that reminds me I haven't done in ages, so then I go sorting out, quilling, teabag folding, iris folding the list is endless. Oh well I am happy what else matters.

1 About an hour ago

Can anyone tell me why I get only five cards when I ask for Easter cards! There used to be loads of examples in the past! Am I missing them? Thank you. X Joyce X

2 About 3 hours ago

I would not normally ask this but it is my John’s 80th birthday on the 18th of April.

All of his family have now past away as many of his friends so he will not get many cards. He only has our wonderful son daughter-in-law and granddaughter

Please …

16 14 minutes ago

Late hello to you all. Not been able to get on my computer till now as himself has acquired a new piece of equipment for his sound system and is testing it out which mean he needs my lappy to plug his stick into for his music and all the other bits and pieces are dotted around the lounge with …

2 About 6 hours ago

Was up at 6am, but got on with some jobs that needed doing, had breakfast, washing on and now am off to the craft room again! Had a good clear out yesterday and am now going to do the space under the single bed which has sliding doors, I may be gone for some time cos I will have to get on the …

2 About 7 hours ago

Busy day today. Got Evie at 1 , but before that we want to go and see a friend who has just finished his radiotherapy treatment. Havent seen him since before xmas as we both had bugs and wouldn't risk giving tgem to him but we o, k now. Will ring first to see if its o, k as he may be having …

2 About 7 hours ago

Can anyone tell me if they know of any buses running to the NEC from the Derbyshire, Nottingham area please. I will be back later. Thank you

3 About an hour ago

I haven`t been on the site for a while, as I have been having problems, can any one tell me please if they know of any buses running to the NEC from the Derby or Nottingham area . Thanks. I will be back later.

2 About 4 hours ago

Hello please can someone help me, i need to know the size of these numbers in inches...thankyou karen

6 37 minutes ago

Good morning all. I am sorry that I am a bit late in setting this challenge. I had a bit of a wobble yesterday and could not function properly. However, I feel ok now so the challenge is da da da......


So any animal that can be a pet, which literally can be ANYTHING.

6 About an hour ago

Good morning ladies, I can't believe I'm on here before Gnomey and Bimbi. I'm on a roll this morning, Steven's packed lunch done and he's already in school, got a wash load washing as I type and I've just finished my breakfast. Got a bit of form filling to do today, then I am going to craft …

4 About 6 hours ago

Its a busy day forme today. Hairdresser is coming at 9.30, then have trolley bashing to do and then have appointment at Victim Support. See you all later

2 About 8 hours ago

good morning I have edded Snoflakes week 9 if you would like to take a look xxx

11 About 2 hours ago

Good morning crafter's. Sue I hope it won't take too long to find a good plumber and have work start on your new bathroom.

the news I've been waiting for, I have a new grandson, so its going to be a boys quilt or quillow. I'll have to get fabric out of bag and get ironing and ccutting …

3 41 minutes ago

Have a lovely day...June

21 39 minutes ago

Well it is early in the day a little after 1 am to be precise. I did have a little shut eye then woke and thought I'd join the Night Owls, not to be as they had all left the Room. I thought they are never going to believe that I came to join them so I decided to open up Tuesday so they could …

57 25 minutes ago

March Goody Bag Swap.

The Theme for March is:

Exotic Hot Colours.


M for March.


About an hour ago

Hi all I hope everyone is well and been able to dodge the showers/snow/hail today, I'm off to Halifax on a school trip tomorrow so I hope we don't have anymore! Here's this months PIF swap please leave your thanks here.

Eve y




Sarah …


Thanks to Anne for hosting the last challenge, and to Mr Random for picking me.

For this challenge I would like a water theme. This could be a river or stream, pond, the sea, rain, teardrops or even a bath, so I would like to also see some kind of shine - mirri card, glossy accents, …

6 About 4 hours ago

hello i have just been given a cuttlebug and have purchased some large dies, i have tried everything to get them to cut, i have read the instuction but it still won't cut....can anyone give me a clue

7 About 6 hours ago


1 About 21 hours ago


Anyone had problem with orders on online craft stores ? Order on 24th told dispatch 25th and still received the order.

Been told have to wait 15 working days before they do anything with post office.

What are our consumer rights on this ?



6 About 8 hours ago

im looking for a pearcing ruler the one you can put little holes round you card ive tried amazon,sunrise crafts, joanna sheene, creat and craft were i saw it before, but cant get one anywere


10 About 20 hours ago

I have been asked to make 2 bookatrix and have lost the ball embossing tool ..please can someone tell me what size it is and do the Range sell them..Pxx

2 Yesterday at 6:16PM

I have been asked to make 2 bookatrix cards and have lost the ball tool to emboss with ..please can anyone tell me what size it is and do the Range sell them..Pxx

6 About 9 hours ago

I had an email the other day saying Hobbycraft had Artbin magnetic storage cases for half price and thought as I already had one which had so much in it , it was getting too heavy to carry.

So yeaterday Ric and I went to our local Hobbycraft in Worthing to get one.

When we …

5 About 21 hours ago

You have a PM Joan, also posted a thread on Chit Chat for you, not sure which one to post on, so did them both. Sonia


You have a PM. Sonia