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Hi. My husband is in hospital after having a stroke. Early days but the staff are fantastic . I want to make a card but just wondering if there's any nurses reading this what would be a good thank you gift? I don't want to give chocolate any ideas xxxx thanks xxx


Hope you don't mind but can I extend challenge till 12th my brother is coming to decorate study and its taking ages to sort out and empty will have no computor hope to get on via laptop but its temperamental


Hi One card is for the February topper challenge, and the other speaks for itself lol my card for my mum for Mothering Sunday.

I've made it early as I'll probably be too tired to make it when I come back from my trip down under.


1 About 2 hours ago

I have seen this posted on FB and as I have one I will be taking it back tomorrow.

Please read this recall notice if you haven't already seen it :


I would just like to thank the docrafts demonstrator who was at Sophie's crafts today. I think it was Julia Hole but not sure. I called into the shop for a couple of ink pads and I asked her about a metal shim for my big shot because of the trouble I have been having cutting a couple of dies. ( …


can some help im making a valentine card i want to put writing on the front of the card but cant find a suitable one. i cant remember what you call it for the writing


3 About 7 hours ago

Bosch glue gun anyone got one your advice please

4 About 5 hours ago

i am wanting to knit a rag doll does anyone know where i can get a pattern preferably free been trawling the net but can't find what i am looking for thanks know its not card making no one around on knitting section xx

9 About 3 hours ago

just read this on f/b, this is so sad, i even hug my 7 month old puppy,

Well.. 🐕 That's upset me for the day.. Poor puppy.. They only want love and affection ...People are so vile to mans best friend🐕😫😫😰

7 About 2 hours ago

Hi All,

Who's seen this? :

https://youtu.be/QuqVubvpGNg I love the idea but at £49.99 it's a bit much! Has anyone got any ideas for the same kind of thing but cheaper? In particular, for those big …
8 About 8 hours ago


If you fancy joining in the free draw for a parchment tool, please click above link for more details and add your name. …


Good Morning all, well weather not great but hope you can all find something to smile during the day, thanks for joining in yesterday. Jackie loved your tale of your live in weatherperson - MIL! So today is

National Lame Duck Day - apt for alot of us at the moment

38 About an hour ago

Good morning. Early start for me as we prepare for our theatre marathon.

Off to prepare substantial breakfast!

Whatever you are doing today enjoy.

52 About an hour ago

A very good but wet morning to one an all.

Yes its chucking it down here.has been since early hours. not that I'm going anywhere,dont go out in the rain, not me!

Who saw Shetlands then? brilliant stuff, did you make the connection? saying no more, if you've only recorded it.

14 About 2 hours ago

Good morning all hope you are all going to enjoy the weekend I have added a card if you would like to take a look x

6 About 9 hours ago

Its blowing a gale and raining so I think its an indoors day. I didn't get to play with my Groovi boards yesterday so maybe thats what i,ll do today

1 About 17 hours ago

Heard that these are really good. But I don't know which one to get. One looks like a glue gun and the other is smaller and called a glue pen any ideas?


Morning all, dreadful weather we have at the moment, black as 'yer at' and we've had thunder all night and some rather large hailstones pelted down about 1am! it's raining at the moment and it's in for the day I think. Funnily enough though, it's not very cold in fact, we didn't even light the …

3 About 17 hours ago

Off out this morning for Emma's baby shower - Ryan is picking me up and then can help out getting things ready. This evening we are all off to the pub for a meal. Had a really busy day yesterday catching up with jobs that needed doing, so today is job free! Cam's school was evacuated in Dubai …

4 About 17 hours ago

Hi first I got my BS down and cut tags a big sissix die, for holiday. Then put that away and brought my Joy down to just cut ovals for Topper challenge, I got a bit carried away. Photos in my gallery lol.

It's now ten pm, I've been awake since six, but still not sleepy, I didn't put …

5 About 12 hours ago

Hello and welcome to this weekends hop around.

Everyone welcome to join in, all you do is copy your blog link into your post and then visit each blog listed over the weekend and leave a comment.

I will join in a little later on x

10 About 2 hours ago

I've finally added a card to the gallery, that I've made using the Tattered Lace Essentials Side Stepper Die set I got for Christmas.

The card is for a lady I used to work for, looking after her twin girls, its her birthday today and she loves cats. They used to have a pair of cats who …

2 About 16 hours ago

I don't know if this have been discussed before but as there are so many cards on here that I like can a 'like' button be added? And I don't mean just for me!!

7 About 5 hours ago

I have been uploading my cards ok and have been clicking the button to add them to craft box - but what is this?

5 About 5 hours ago

I am sorry thay I have not been on this site for nearly a year. My dad had been ill and I arranged for him to come down to somerset in to Residential care. He was takien into hospital 14 December and sadly slipped away peacefully 20 January 2016. Now that the funeral has taken place I can …

24 About an hour ago

hi there, Marilyn told me some of you lovely people had been asking about me. Well I'm still here, the last chemo has taken its toll but it was that or nothing, the cancer is far too advanced to get rid of it but there's a one in five chance this may stunt its growth for a while, other than that …

17 About 10 hours ago

I just put the winners of the papers over on Papercraft forum....Joolsx

1 Yesterday at 5:29PM

Debs 23.....I have your address

Daffs....I need your address

Joancc.....I need your address too....

Stell1953 I have your address...

8 About 12 hours ago

Hubby has just done draw for me and the winner is Hijaabi. If you could let me havbe your details I will send the tickets off to you

2 Yesterday at 6:46PM

I have got a lot of Christmas toppers and papers that needs a new home, mostly docrafts and Hunkydory, so will do a give away, so please add your name if you would like to go in the draw, if you say which lot you would like so if more then 5 person will do 2 , 1 docrafts and 1 Hunkydory. ( some …

23 About an hour ago