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I only use a an IPad still not able to get on my page, as any one been able to get on there page.



I only use a an IPad still not able to get on my page, as any one been able to get on there page.



Congratulations Jim picked Out of the hat No:3 Sarabee. Hope you can host the next Enchanted challenge. Sorry to say I am still having promblems getting on to my page to send you an message, I now others have had problems and the answers to solve this does not seem to work on my IPad as this is …



I have only just found you and so glad I did! As my profile says I'm not working at the moment so I have lots of time to craft.

I have been uploading lots of things I have made in the past and some recently and thank you all for your positive feedback.

I have been …

1 About an hour ago

Sorry I have fallen behind with with my comments....my desk top is not well and wait for my little computer man to comes and have a look....Hope you are all well?....Back later...Joolsx

9 About 2 hours ago

Found more stuff I will not use, ( some will be Hunkydory ) so will do another bag, will pick a winner on Sunday coming, so put your name down if you want to go in to the draw. Nikki

5 26 minutes ago

I've just uploaded a photo of a shutter card I made for my niece's birthday.

Any comment and suggestions gratefully received.



1 About 2 hours ago

Well that's us all packed and ready for the flight home.

have enjoyed our break here in Tenerife, especially the weather.

Los Gigantes is a small resort, just the kind I like. Although it is very hilly my knees have not troubled me once, of course that's due to the warm weather. …

7 About 2 hours ago

Good morning all, back to lovely rain today. Glynisrose if you read this hope you are doing ok. Today i have the day to myself, so hopefully a bit of crafting to be done. Today is a quiet one, just one national day to celebrate and thats

National Plum Pudding Day

Sounds tasty …

18 11 minutes ago

Its a late start fo rme today. Hw to do and some flattening. Hope you all have a good day


Morning all. Bit brighter here today sun coming and going, mostly going but it is winter! Off trolley bashing this morning once himself is up he's still snoring at the moment but has had a problem with his ankle the last couple of days so his sleep has been broken.

He tiled the side of …

1 About 7 hours ago

Good morning. Looks like being a lovely day although it's very frosty at the moment.

There is a forecast for snow tomorrow so I'm busy replanning the two days as I was going to go out tomorrow.

So, off for bath then breakfast then decide what is what.

Hope all the under …

15 37 minutes ago

A very good morning to you all,

its white over here, no not snow though, just frost, I guess thats what you get for blue skies/sun previous day.

as you can see I survived my tea of Liver lol, I dont mind it really,Dave and Mat love it,and its good for us, so thats that. only Pigs …

13 28 minutes ago

Fresh outside this morning and think we have had some frost. Forecast is for it to get colder this weekend with the threat of snow. TUT! Having my hair cut this morning and not a lot planned for today, although I do need to do some flattening! Himself played with the new Dyson yesterday and …

2 About 7 hours ago

These are the cards I made last night. Two are for husband as he will be away for valentines day and his birthday. The other one is a leaving card for a colleague.

Any comments would be great .

from look forward to seeing your uploads later.


8 About 3 hours ago

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my recent uploads. Im trying to get on here a little more often but being a busy mummy i dont get a lot of spare time.

Sunshinegem x


For the last few days I have been unable to get on my gallery page, it's showing error code 500. Anybody else got this problem?...... Kim xx

15 About an hour ago

Hello All,

I have the X-Cut square nesting dies:

1 About 5 hours ago

anyone know where she has gone to work?


7 About 15 hours ago

Oh no where do I start... I mentioned at work I have started to make cards and after a bit of conflabbing, my colleague asked me to make her a wedding card for a close friend ! Its not till May so I have a …

6 About 8 hours ago

I came on the site yesterday and could not get on my own page and still can't - what's going on?

7 About 6 hours ago

Had to make the draw a little earlier due to Ian's Birthday.The winners are:-

N0.2 Kirsty71

N0.4 Mistisla

Please can you let me have your postal details. Thank You to all who entered. Sylvia x

4 About 3 hours ago

Thank you Jennie for your goody bag it arrived safely on Tuesday.I have been trying to message you but there seems to be glitter in the system.

I will try and get yours posted asap, been a bit of a busy week for me.

Jacqui xx

2 About 22 hours ago

Just to remined every one the challenge will end tomorrow, will then post win, there Is a little gift.



Does anyone know if Crafters Inspiration magazine issue 9 is in the shops yet. I have seen it on Create and Craft but I think they usually have it before it's available in shops.I don't fancy paying their postage charges and don't want a wasted journey to Hobbycraft which is the only craft shop …

9 56 minutes ago

Good Morning all, well the sun is shining and a beautiful morning, hopefully last the day. Im out to lunch with a friend today so that will be lots of laughter, smiles and chit chat, perfect. Hope you all have a good day whatever you get upto. Today is a right mix again

National make …

25 About 18 hours ago

A Government employee sits in his office and out of boredom, decides to see what's in his filing cabinet. He pokes through the contents and comes across an old brass lamp.

"This will look nice on my mantlepiece," he decides, and takes it home with him. While polishing the lamp, a genie …

13 About 3 hours ago

Second time ..good morning all..Pxx

56 About 15 hours ago

Hallloooooooo crafty peeps,

Its a "Hap hap hap-py day, toodle oodle de dum day, " Liked that little song eh?

Its a happy day cos its another beautiful sunny morning, it was glorious here yesterday right till 4 o'clock. but was a bit of a sad day for me,made a card for a buddy and …

29 About 17 hours ago

Just opening up ..Pxx