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where i might get a rich man from spent so much money on house and new craft items that i will have to live on bread and water for a month lol

1 About 4 hours ago

Saw the lovely Lemon Meringue Cupcakes posted here by the Docrafts Team. The method was included but not the ingredients. Anybody have the ingredients please?


have replied to you under my original message. Joan


week 14 is combined with Bear Challenge. Both cards show Polyanna Pickering images.

Thank you for visiting my gallery, your comments are so much appreciated.

Sara xxx

1 About 11 hours ago

Just sitting here in the sun after a yoga session. A hard session today, I feel I have been rinding a horse lol

A great weekend. Daughter arrived Saturday, after a night spent at Hever Castle for her 50th Birthday. She and Keith had had a cruise on the Med. but a surprise for her …

2 About 6 hours ago

On the old site we had a Birthday list, is it still running? and if so where is it,

Thank you Barbara xx

7 About 7 hours ago

I want to start making my own stick pin's for cards and wonder if anyone can tell me where I can buy spacers and pretty bead end caps. I only have The Range and Hobbycraft where I live and niether have any nice one's so it will have to be one line. I would appreciate you any help. Dianax

5 About 7 hours ago

After all this time on the 'new' site, I still can't see the purpose of the Followers and Following section! My friends work comes through my newsfeed but what or where do Followers and Following come in?

Ok ive missed some vital link! Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction …

27 About 7 hours ago

Morning all. Firstly, thank you one and all that sent good wishes after my little mishap with the water cooler blimey, I didn't realise how far a little water goes. We seem to have dried out this morning but the new door may have suffered as a result

2 About 18 hours ago

Late enteries in today please. I will hold the challenge until tomorrow morning if you let me know you are uploading later tonight.

3 challengers still to upload

"Lovemakestwo" Vikki

"LesleyW" Lesley

"denisejones5209000" Denise.

If you can't …

4 About 7 hours ago

I dont know if I'm allowed to do this, but here goes

Cardcraft UK are selling their assorted packs (9 rolls) DST for half price at £2.49

also free P & P till 10th May

go to basket section first to key in FREEPP and then checkout.

3 About 16 hours ago

Good morning crafter's from a sunny but chilly south coast. I hope everyone has a good day. Its Solent Stitchers sewing club this morning. Then see Mum for a while. Town shopping after lunch. Then I should get on and make a start on labeling mums summer clothes.

Must get up and …


Its another bright sunny day. Our hairdresser is coming at 9.30 and then we are going trolley bashing. After that my time is my own

1 About 20 hours ago

Good morning. Bright and sunny at the moment, hope it continues. Up sharp ready for the decking men. They made good progress yesterday and I am looking forward to the next bit. I am in all day so can keep check on them and resolve any design issues as we go along.

Off for some …

64 About 4 hours ago

I chucked names in a hat and Tony pulled out...........Lainie H. Well done me old flower. Send me your addy and i will send you a little crafty something. Thanks everyone for taking part. I will give you a break from my challenges for a while..

3 About 12 hours ago

The sun is shining here again, so a good start to the day. Today is our grandson Cameron's 14th birthday, so just going to send him a message and hope to speak to him on Skype later. It is very hot in Dubai just now and they are not always able to go for a walk - too hot to walk. Himself is …

5 About 13 hours ago

Goodmorning everyone looks like its going to be a nice dry day here...I have just uploaded a card for another friend leaving work we are very close so I'm sad she is moving on but also very happy for her.

Thanks for all the previous comments I apreciate you all taking the time xx

16 About 5 hours ago

morning all! Oh is in Germany so I had a Tiddler in with me last night. I don't feel like I've slept at all, lol! Fortunately oh is back today...

College is really keeping me on my toes. I can't believe how fast this deadline is approaching, but I am getting there, slowly, I think. I'll …

4 About 20 hours ago

Hi everyone,

I have just seen the docrafts club prize for this month of "Papermania's Mr Mister goodies" bundle. I think its lovely but can't enter as Im not a club member. I haven't seen any of them bits in our local shops though, so Im just wondering where they can be brought from? I …

7 About 15 hours ago

I'm a huge fan of the Gorjuss range and I've been enjoying using my die-cut pack (the dark-blue A4 one). But today I went to use one of the boxes and I can't figure out how it folds together. I get the four sides but I can't see how the top and bottom of the box works? And I wanted to use it as …

1 About 19 hours ago

i came on here for a wee look before bedtime and was amazed to see all your lovely birthday wishes - i am really overwhelmed and thank you all. i don't get on here very much now as hubby takes a lot of my time - he was recently in hospital for just over 2 weeks and as it is really just me and …


i came on here for a wee look before bedtime and was amazed to see all your lovely birthday wishes - i am really overwhelmed and thank you all. i don't get on here very much now as hubby takes a lot of my time - he was recently in hospital for just over 2 weeks and as it is really just me and …

3 About 6 hours ago

Good evening to you all. First I would like to thank Strawberries-yum (Janet) for hosting a fabulous challenge and for picking me as the winner.

For this challenge I would like to see 3 BEARS. This could be either mum, dad and baby bear, or 3 different bears or 3 identical bears, it is …

10 About 11 hours ago

when u want to find something in your craft room and you have tidied up it takes you days to find the item does that mean you dont nered to tidy up craftroom

About 16 hours ago

I have done it again order these dies but when they arrived although they look great not sure if I will use them, has anyone got these and put samples of cards in the gallery I did look but couldnt find any so I think I will be sending them back. Dont know if anyone wants these before I send …

3 About 5 hours ago

When a baby comes into the world they bring a world of Joy

2 Yesterday at 8:04PM

looking for a vers that starts when a baby comes into the world the bring lots of joy

3 About 17 hours ago

I need a new printer,( all in one ) i do not used any cd-rom anymore ( my pc was going haywire when i do ). Have anyone got any idea's, i do not do much printing.

6 About 10 hours ago

I posted a query the other day about the silhouette machine and i am almost 100% sure that i posted it in papercraft then die cutting so i clicked follow the post so that i could refer back to the sites that people suggested to help me get started, well today i tried to "follow" and the post has …

8 Yesterday at 10:56PM

Just got in from my crafty day, himself getting ready to go to band practise when he spies water on the floor! We investigate further only to find it all in the middle of the lounge and running toward the back wall under my sideboard. Himself goes outside, no sign of any damage, meanwhile I'm …

15 About 22 hours ago