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I was wondering if people who ask a question ever bother reading the replies, or do they and just not say thanks for the help?

Not directed at anyone in particular, but it is a pet hate of mine and sometimes I wonder why should I bother if the person doesn't even acknowledge it?

3 13 minutes ago

Hello , i wondered if any of you lovely crafters could help... i'm looking for a Cd that does inserts for 6x6 cards that have an interactive selection to add my own text, i have loads of cds but none of them seem to have an insert for that size card

many thanks ..... hugs Lorna xx

4 12 minutes ago

Good morning crafter's, I'm up dressed had breakfast and have got half an hour or so while Mr W has his shower. Then it will be the bathroom/cloakroom clean. Then craft time.

I'm not happy with the May topper card but it will have to do. I'll take photos today sometime.

Just …


Wondered if I could be cheeky and ask my buddys if they would like to make my Husband David, a 70th Birthday card. His birthday is the 24th of June. Love Angela.x

6 32 minutes ago

Its bright and sunny and we are going into town. Have to get some strawberries, meriingues and ice cream as we have Lola tomorrow and I promised her we could make Eton Mess.

3 About 3 hours ago

Morning All. Just off to open up doors for gas man. See ya later. Have a good day all. Helen x

25 7 seconds ago

Morning all, we'v had some weird weather the last couple of days, yesterday it was blowing a hoolie and it was the hot Sahara winds, today not so windy but overcast and hazy. We had about half a dozen huge blobs of rain and that was it but enough to tell us it had the dreaded red dust in it so …

2 About 6 hours ago

Was awake early this morning and now having my coffee before I begin the day. Have some h/w to do later, but will have brekki first. I really need to sort out some cupboards and drawers, but cannot get motivated to do it! TUT! Hope you all have a good day today.



2 About 6 hours ago

Morning everyone very breezy here today I have uploaded another christmas card trying hard to play catch up on the challenge

Thanks once again for taking the time to visit my gallery and leave such lovely comments xx

Take Care Sharon xx

9 About an hour ago

Sorry about the following. It's 3.36am. Those that know me know my recent medical history. I woke about an hour ago, in my sleep I found a lump at the top of my right breast. I thought where has that come from, when? I don't see my oncologist till early July but if I have any fears she has said …

12 About an hour ago

Sorry about the following. It's 3.36am. Those that know me know my recent medical history. I woke about an hour ago, in my sleep I found a lump at the top of my right breast. I thought where has that come from, when? I don't see my oncologist till early July but if I have any fears she has said …

2 About an hour ago

Have alook on the site.I attended a class on Linoprint making and Felt making this week.( I LOVED BOTH CLASSES)Its a really friendly place nice atmosphere.There is a lot going on.

1 About an hour ago

Hello Iam sorting my stuff because I want a room specifically for crafting!

(Ha Ha!!) I have put things on that site beginning with G.... Thanks for looking....

2 56 minutes ago

Hi everyone had a good holiday in Malta very hot ,now back to trying to get some inspiration for my 25 silver anniversary been on site have seen a few I quite like to put my own spin on them some beautiful ones all ideas welcomed thanks caz xx

7 18 minutes ago

I bought a rubber stamp off e bay recently, it was meant to say "to a friend", but when it arrived its in a foreign language, i don't know what it says. I have put a picture in my gallery, so if anyone can read it and would like it, i will do a draw on sunday evening, if no one wants it, i …

3 About 20 hours ago

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1 About 20 hours ago

Good afternoon crafter's, Its been the food shop this morning, Aldi followed by Sainsburys and breakfast in Sainsburys which was very nice.

Been home put most of the shopping away left some for oh to do. Washed up. I put a coloured wash on before we went out, put it on line when we got …

1 About 21 hours ago

I know quite a few people out there have a Canon Printer, so thought I would ask my query on here. I bought the Pixma MG5550 recently after hearing how good they were, especially for printing on card. The only thing that I'm not sure about is, after I print anything out, after about 1 minute …

10 About 3 hours ago

Have just got the tatterd lace 2015 sentiments dies, might seem like a stupid question but do you seperate them from each other or do you have to do the whole lot each time?

5 About an hour ago

I have put a couple o quilt squares in my gallery these should have been finished ages ago...

I am feeling a wee bit better... still sleeping a lot... back to Drs on Friday...

Have fun in whatever you are doing or going to do (((hugs))) to all that need them..

off to …

7 About 17 hours ago

Hi everyone,

My husband has decided to retire next Tuesday! It's come as a bit of a surprise, but he is 71 and self employed so he has done extra years. I really should make him a card, but my mojo has gone walkabout. Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks in advance. chris x

4 About 16 hours ago

Helen what a wonderful surprise when I opened your envelope a short time ago. Words cannot express my gratitude for you kind gesture. Thank you so Much. Sylvia x

2 Yesterday at 12:52PM

Just uploaded my latest tote bag. Smaller type with a 'crossover the body' handle.


Hi can anyone tell me what programme creates concert ticket style invites. Where you can add text in different fonts & angles anywhere on the page. Ive tried word, paint & power point but no luck getting it to sit right. I cant put my card making cdroms in to the tablet as no drive, …

4 About 17 hours ago

I have in the past belonged to many swap groups for ATC's. I have many beautiful little works of art in boxes.

Do you think it would be ok to turn them into cards?

I would not want to offend any crafter who sent them to me.

Hugs Susan

11 About 7 hours ago

A late start for me today. I didn't have a good night so hubby let me sleep in. Not sure what I am doing today but it may involve some crafting

2 Yesterday at 12:19PM

Its sunny at the moment, but dont think its going to last long.. merv working this a.m, back jn time to get evie from nursery, i hope, i am going to wash down doors today when he is not here to stop me, as i think there is a party planned for my 70th in a couple of weeks time.Merv said …

4 Yesterday at 12:21PM

After a few too many visits to the "Pleasure Parlour" a chap called Craig notices green lumps on his willy. So off he goes to the doctor. The doctor explains "You know how wrestlers and rugby union players get cauliflower ears?" "Yes" says Craig, nodding seriously. "Well" says the doctor, …

10 About 17 hours ago

good morning all lovely day here I have added another poppy card is you would like to take a look xx

11 About 16 hours ago


I was wondering how you all stick your 8x8 inserts into a card? I have been putting mine in with collal glue, just one piece of paper cut down from A4 on the right hand side. It's fine when I've done it but when I come back to it it seems to ripple.... If that makes sense! I'm …

14 About 7 hours ago