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Hi please can someone point me in the right direction for a birthday verse for a 90 year old man.....thank you...karen

2 40 seconds ago

thanks for all your comments were all fine, the coach had a oil leak, weve been told the driver forgot to check the oil, before we left in the morning, every one had some sort of items burnt, but the company are sorting it out, next time i go i take the car,,

2 32 minutes ago

Has anyone else made this box frame card. Found it very unsatisfactory trying to place the folded in frame parts and almost impossible to fit the corners neatly. Used double sided tape and the frames just would not stay stuck down. Any tips for a better outcome if I make this again. Also, …

2 About an hour ago

I thank you all for the kind comments on my Tildas and Willow cards, I have been overwhelmed ,

your comments critical or otherwise are important to me

I thank you.


1 About an hour ago

Hello peeps,

Would really value some advice. I have been watching the Create and Craft show regarding the 4 day deal on the Teal Grand Calibur. I think it is quite a good deal (but then i could of been brainwashed by it all) does anyone out there have anything to say about the Grand …

9 20 minutes ago

Hi Ladies,

I don't know if any of you ladies brought the TL bundle from C&C recently. I did...and at £74 not cheap.

The book dies consisted of two main sizes, large and small. I personally found the large dies too large (they take up a full A4 sheet of card stock and …

4 About 3 hours ago


Would anybody know where I could find some patterns to make some teddy bear clothes and accessories please? I saw a really cute bear and thought I could make it some clothes and a sun hat and bag but can't seem to find any patterns. I would like to sew the clothes rather than knit …

1 About 6 hours ago

Ordered it not to sure on the cut quality but it's an amazing little machine for words small dies didn't even need wax paper. I do on words with my std big shot. It's a fantastic bit of kit.

6 26 minutes ago

Hi ladies further to the post yesterday regarding storage boxes from Lidl I was grocery shopping this morning and saw them. I bought a pack which contained 6 boxes and after pondering over the picture instructions my hubby managed to complete them without any bother.

I have used up the …

3 About 5 hours ago

Good morning all

My best friend and I have organised a craft weekend away at the seaside if anyone would like more information please e mail us at


3 About 12 hours ago

Just had a text from Linda to say they can fly on Thursday, so will be joining us for the last couple of days. At the hospital at the moment awaiting paperwork and will Skype us when they get home. Best news ever!



16 About 6 hours ago

good morning everyone, its a bright and sunny start to the day here, today i have my depo at 11 but its at my house so planning on doing some crafting inbetween times and then i also have my group therapy at 1.30 aswell so got quite a bit to do today. hope you all have a great day x

4 About 4 hours ago

Good morning everyone, lovely blue sky with a few little clouds dotted about it. If only I could do dome washing and dry it outside, but I can't. Why not, I hear you ask. Well, late yesterday afternoon a man from the gas board knocked at my door and kindly told me I have a gas leak. Last …

2 About 9 hours ago

Good morning pheww its going to be another hot one My lovely best friend and myself are organising a craft weekend it is something we have wanted to do for a long time we have now found a lovely hotel that as agreed to accomadate us if you would like any information please e mail us

2 About 12 hours ago

Morning all. Warm one here, painter reckons he will finish tomorrow, hope so, could do with a good old clean up, the dust from the sanding down is everywhere. We are running out of time fast now for the cousin's visit we have to move all the junk from the spare room, no mean feat I can tell you …

4 About 9 hours ago

Its gonna be a hot one. Got lots more sorting and throwing to do today, well until 1 when we pick Evue up from nursery. The baby next door is crying yet again ! She does cry an afull lot. Thought i would be free of that when we moved but yesterday we drove up past the park home and backing …

3 About 9 hours ago

Its another warm one. I had a good time at beading yesterday and did a bit more of a bracelet that I had already started. Our hairdresser is coming at 9.30 and then we are going trolley bashing. I havesome flatteing to do later but I will wait until it has cooled down a bit

5 About 10 hours ago

good morning all lovely hot summers day I have added a birthday card if you would like to take a look xxx

10 30 minutes ago

Good morning everyone,

I was up early to do the duster duties before it gets too warm. I'm shortly going for my bath then will have breakfast. Don't usually do it this way round but I wanted to get the chores finished and out of the way.

Hope you all have a nice day ours will be …

56 6 minutes ago

All packed ready for our hols today! Sandra will be here later to take us to the airport. Paul is seeing the Doctor at the hospital today and waiting for news now from them to find out when he can fly again! I know they will not be joining us this week, but hope the family will be able to …

7 About 10 hours ago

Thank you to all who replied, I think thats the one.

will check with the granny, but its about right for a one year old.

Thanks again



This is just to let you know Her husband John passed away peacefully at 6.15 this evening.

She has asked to pass the message on.



29 34 minutes ago


im looking for a 30th birthday verse for a female. nice and meaningful. Can anyone help please?


Sue x

1 About 13 hours ago

Been asked to do a card with some dragon, the child watches supposedly on cbeebies, but I cant find a thing. granny says its called dracken and its green.

I know you are all wizards, so can anyone help me?



6 About 4 hours ago

Well back to normality today. Two washing loads done and another in the machine. Hope the weather improves as there is still a lot to do.

In between washes I was in my craft room making cards for a Fundraiser at the Church next Saturday. Made some male cards (which I really do not …

5 About 4 hours ago


I need to make an insert for an A4 card, does anyone know how to do it? I saw it on a craft show recently but can't remember which one.


Sue x

8 About 8 hours ago

Was wondering if anyone had seen any good deals/prices about on the tin of 36 Derwent Coloursoft pencils? - the cheapest I've found them is amazon which is about £38 - I have the 12 set and know I will get some duplicates but want/need(!) more of them.


9 About 18 hours ago

Hi folks, I have been playng with an old mat that had lost its sticky. I have been able to keep using it using a repositionable sparay on the back of my card. Today I wanted to cut a card aperture that I did not want glue on the reverse.

I took my mat and washed and scraped it till there …

5 About 2 hours ago

Hi Everyone

Just got a pack of 6 storage boxes 38 x 27 x 16 cm from Lidl, great for us crafters to store our stash.

Come in stripes, spots or butterflies on.


Sue N


7 About 5 hours ago