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at long last. Must remember to take a spoon . . . .

After long deliberations with son it has been decided that we will scatter his ashes in the sea at Ramsgate (Kent) where he was born in the local hospital. We decided that we didn't want to burden the family with having to visit and …


Does anyone here do Machine Embroidery ? I can't be the only one surely?

Have just uploaded a pic in my gallery of some flowers that I have made. Would love to know what anyone thinks of them.




Good morning crafter's, I hope everyone has a good day with some crafting to do. I'm up washed dressed and managed to wash my hair using a jug over the sink. Mr W is taking me to see mum and pick up her washing.

I need to have clean pillow slips on my pillows, I got the ones off for …

1 About 2 hours ago

Happy Birthday Annie, hope you have a lovely day with your family.x

9 45 minutes ago

I had to uninstalled docraft Designer. now have intalled it and the update

is only version 1. I can't seem to find where i can install all the updates.Could

you help me to know where, i can get all the updates to date from please.



1 45 minutes ago

Morning everyone weather not sure what to do today looks bright enough but trying to rain..it was good while it lasted

I have uploaded a card it's something a bit different for me today but had fun making it, thanks once again for all the previous comments

Take Care Sharon …

6 About an hour ago

Morning all

Sunny day here again not sure what I'm doing yet

21 10 minutes ago

Its a tad chillier thismorning and its raining but the gardenscould do with it. We have to go to Argos this morning to collect a new ironing board as my other one collapsed yesterday when I was using it. The rest of the day is mine but not sure yet what I will be doing. hope you all have a good …

2 About 5 hours ago

Billy No Mates here - guess you are all still in bed! LOL! Just made my coffee and am going to stick some things on cards I have prepared cos it is too early to do anything else! Did not buy anything yesterday and did not find a craft shop either - TUT! Will order what I want online now. We …

7 About 4 hours ago

I've added two new pics


Hi, I haven't been here for a while. Been cruising the Caribbean and the Usa. Just leaving Boston airport on way back home. Be back here soon.

Chris x

7 About 5 hours ago

I wanted to make a quick card and spent over an hour looking then found loads brought on offer are you the same (the time has come to use them) so I was thinking what about a challenge using Card Kits or old decoupage first one any theme as long as you add a extra twist to make it your own or …

5 About 3 hours ago

It's the weekend blog hop, everyone is welcome so hope you will all join in.

All we ask is that you copy and paste the link to your blog into your post so we can find you easily. Then visit each blog listed and leave a comment.

See you all soon x

7 About 3 hours ago

I leave home at 7.40am sunday to catch train to gatwick. I have prebooked assistance to get me on and off trains at southampton ,guildford and gatwickI. I fly to the south of france to stay for 12 days in my brothers apartment. Was meant to be going with my mum but she has pulled out as she …

15 About 2 hours ago

I also added this to the Chit Chat post, got all confused as to which one I should post it on, without it getting moved. Didn't want any docrafters to miss out.

The 'Chalk & Cheese' decoupage I would like to offer in a draw, to be closed on Sunday at 4pm.

It's a die-cut …

5 49 minutes ago

I would like to offer a 'Chalk & Cheese' Decoupage sheet in a draw to all docrafters.

The A4 sheet has three lots of decoupage, with the characters of a dog & cat, there is also a little mouse too.

On the sheet they also have 4 lots of greeting banners which can be …

8 About 2 hours ago

I recently took out a subscription for the above magazine. Last month I did'nt get one delivered. Has anybody received the latest copy due in the shops next week. Diane

4 About an hour ago

Its time to pack up my craft room It will be a couple of weeks before i can unpack it all at the new house I might have to keep …

10 About 2 hours ago

Hi all,

Well I seem to have disappeared for the guts of a year....how did that happen??!!

We've just had so much going on with family life - (mostly good, thankfully) that Ive been MIA alot of the time.

Ive also found it hard to get to grips with this new (not so new …

4 About 18 hours ago

Its dull and grey this morning. First lot of washing is on the line and the sourdough bread isdoing its first prove. HW needs to be done and I have some flattening to do as well. Hope all those that are poorly get well soon

1 Yesterday at 10:20AM

Good morning everyone, it's a grey start here today, I have some scrapbook to do today add I have started my next project but also I have some cards that I have made so may get them posted up in the gallery later on, not doing any more work on the house today add having a day of plus the …

4 Yesterday at 1:08PM

Sorry but will have to come back and answer your posts as got a busy morning. Having my ears lowered shortly and then we are off out for some retail therapy! Am hoping to find a craft shop where we are going - LOL! Yesterday himself took me out for lunch with another two friends, as it was St …

1 Yesterday at 8:42AM

Good morning everyone, a lovely sunny start to the day here but the forecast is for it to deteriorate later!

I have uploaded two cards (1 post) if anyone would like to take a peek. More swans I'm afraid :o)

Jackie xx

15 About 17 hours ago

Morning all just about to have breakfast and then I really must get myself moving. Did the trolley bashing yesterday and had a lovely seabream with salad last night at the taverna, it was delicious.

Fairy coming to 'do' for me this afternoon so need to get all the prep for tonight …

2 Yesterday at 8:43AM

Hello everyone,

I slept right through but woken by the Birds in Song, couldn't get back to sleep so up for a drink. I will slip back for an hour or so then have my bath and hair wash before I have a drive out somewhere. Ian is making a cooked breakfast which we don't have every day so I …

84 About 13 hours ago

with the tiny leftover pieces of ribbon that are not big enough to make bows dont want to throw them out paty

16 About 16 hours ago

Hello...please can someong help me along while ago in a craft magazine [sorry cant remember which one] there were little shoes to print off.....ive lost myn, has anyone any idea which magazine they were in..thankyou...karen

6 About 20 hours ago

Congratulations Elliebellytara, you have won the Bentley Stamp set.

If you send me your address I will get them in the post to you.

Sorry, to the others, but if you keep a lookout I'll be doing another draw soon. Bx

4 About 5 hours ago

I haven't made a new scrapbook page in about 2 months, my creativeness has left me at the moment.I can stare at the photos I want to make into pages for ages and nothing will come to me. Same thing if i go through my stash.Any ideas on how I can get out of this little rut.

14 About 3 hours ago

Good morning to you all. I would like to thank Lainie for hosting the last challenge and for picking some fab colours, also thank you to Mr Random for picking little me as the winner. for this challenge i would like to these two colours in with your project,



9 About 7 hours ago