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Just a little reminder as there are still two uploads to come on this challenge, don't want anyone to miss out.

Sara xx


Im giving away the Quilling kit that came with cardmaking and papercrafting....

Please add your name here not in my the gallery....I do the draw on Sunday....photo now in my gallery...


3 56 minutes ago

Good morning all, I need a die which will cut a three inch circle with no fancy edging. I thought I had some here, but I dont. If you have any could you let me know where to buy them from please.

2 About 2 hours ago

Good morning everyone. Today I'm off to my cousin Carol's for a day of crafting. Her son bought her a heat gun, for her birthday, and I'm going to show her how to use it. Not sure if I'll make some Christmas cards or make a birthday card and anniversary card for my cousin Gayle.

1 About 3 hours ago

Up with the larks today, would rather not be but hey ho!

Today I have lots of PLANS!!

First (coffee) Aldi at 8 am to buy storage drawers, I am going to take a couple of dies to make sure they will fit and then I want to buy a mini stapler from TK Maxx now that Ive located …

2 About 3 hours ago

I'm not a happy bunny this morning as the plant thief has een round again and has taken my beautiful gladioli. Luckily yesterday I put three sticks in by the purple one and tied it to all of them so that will be hard to remove. I put in some fuschias yesterday too so am hoping that they don't …

4 About 4 hours ago

Good morning from a sunny cool south coast. I made a start on label for Lilly's quillow last night. I stencilled the words and pressed and pinned the hems. I ll stitch the hems this evening and start stitching over the letters with embroidery thread.

Once that is all done I hope to do a …

1 About an hour ago

Morning everyone from another wet day here in the North east .... i have added a 50th birthday card to the gallery if anyone would care to take a little peek

off to work soon so will be back to catch up later

Lorna xx

5 50 minutes ago

Morning folks. Sorry i haven't been around much but i have had a busy couple of days what with the decorating and my appointment yesterday. Also had to go out for various things yesterday too so no decorating was done which is just as well as my legs ain't working too good, i think they have …

23 18 minutes ago

To my man who does! Tis my OH's birthday today and am taking him out to lunch, so no cooking for me! At the moment he is still asleep so will give him his cards and pressies when he wakes up. Nothng else planned for the day so think we shall just chill out. Have a good day folks.

8 About an hour ago

Morning all. Oh I say, the build is going up very quickly, so far so good. It looks to be a good size and we will have a fair amount of space I think, no doubt it won't take himself long to make it messy! he's living under threat of death if he does - I'm no joking!!!!!

Got to do an …

6 About 3 hours ago

Have a fabulous day Val...June

27 25 seconds ago

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Just thought I’d let you all know what I have been up to… my husband & I returned home after almost 4 weeks away in Eire. The first week was spent in a lovely & secluded cottage within walking distance of a beautiful lake, not very far from Kenmare & the Killarney area, …

10 31 minutes ago

Hi sheila xx thank you for your scrappattack parcels for nursery !! i still very much appreciate recieving the parcels for the childrens creation station and your little bundles have single handedly been the main stay of our resources and has resulted in many little childs creations ranging …

3 About 5 hours ago

For the comments you have put on my recent card. They are much appreciated..xxxxx


Does anyone know of any craft shops in Harrogate? They must be in the centre as we are travelling by coach for a day out shopping. Thank you for any info.

1 About 10 hours ago

Thanks to all who entered the draws to win the stickers packs x 2.

My mum helped to randomly pick two numbers and the two lucky winners are...............

...Draw 1 - Flowers Stickers pack - maswan2020


...Draw 2 - Sunflowers & Bees pack - …

1 About 16 hours ago

That I won't be commenting on many cards while I am away, may dip in and out when I get the chance ! I will look forward to joining in the challenges when I return home.

Bye for now,


4 About 15 hours ago

Hi all, I'm new to Chorley, looking for like minded friends, anyone know of any groups or any other people from there please?

2 About 3 hours ago

Just saying Hi, new on here, love all kinds of crafts, is anyone from the north west? I've just moved to the area, Chorley and am looking to make new friends. Will enjoy reading through posts and looking at your crafty makes

16 About an hour ago

confused, scared, excited, worried and lots of other feelings. we have just put our home of 39 years on the market and been advised that what we are looking for is going on next week and we can have first viewing. help!!!!!! we have so much to declutter it scares me. xxxxx

11 About 15 hours ago

I've noticed a lot of crafters are into Glamour Dust, I'd never heard of it.

when I use glitter I usually have the Hunkydory Diamond Sparkles, I find that very fine.

so what is the difference please?


4 About 5 hours ago

Hi All

Huge thank you to everyone that has commented on my cards recently, sorry I haven't commented on everyone elses cards this week. I developed a tooth abscess, which is thankfully better but the antibiotics kind of pinched my energy and wiped me out. I've also been trying to get …

10 About 14 hours ago


A rainbow of colours

In gallery today,

Flowers are blooming

In glorious display.


12 About 4 hours ago

I keep buying stamps but i dont really know much about them. Can you point me in the right direction. Any demos or blogs to help a newbie. I dont even have many ink pads i dont really know what i am doing but id love to learn more. I hope you can help me. xxx

10 About 5 hours ago

Got an email from Honey Doo crafts to say they are on Create and Craft today at 10 am. I like their stamps and they are reasonably priced.

Met them at local Sincerely Yours craft show and they were very helpful.

Just thought I would share.

7 About 20 hours ago

I had a relatively good sleep last night but Ive woken up feeling a bit cranky!

I am definitely missing Tiddler. We phoned him last night and he was making me laugh, giggling his head off he was!

He had a trip to Legoland yesterday but got stung by a bee! He bought t'other one a …

1 Yesterday at 9:02AM

Good morning everyone,I hope everyone has a good day. It's boring food shopping, but we do have breakfast out so that's nice.

I'll pop in and see mum later, got clean washing to take back. Then craft after dinner. My sister will be in the UK by now I think not sure when her plane is due …

1 Yesterday at 9:38AM

Its another bright day. The bedding is on the line and I have had my breakfast. Going trolley bashing this morning and then I have some flattening to do. Hope you all have a good day

1 Yesterday at 8:11AM