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hi all well finally got my mutaul exchange have now moved anyone that wants my address send message and will send you the new one . The area is so quiet compared to where i was before and the house is like a dream come true love it . although have left sister and friends in dundee am only …

7 About an hour ago

Today was the 1st time I have ever uploaded anything, to anywhere and it was easier than I thought it would be. I had been thinking about doing it for a while but thought I would mess it up. But the instructions in features (under- how to) made it simple. Anyone who might be thinking about it, …

5 About 2 hours ago

Hi ladies,

thank you Katherine for hosting a great challenge and for picking me as the winner.

For this challenge (and inspiration) I took a sketch from Mojo Monday, I like their sketches and didn´t feel like drawing one myself (don´t know if that would have turned …

3 About 4 hours ago

drum roll please............... Trenouth. Well done everyone it has been a privilege to host this challenge. Emma, are you able to host. Please can you pm your addy and I will get a little crafty something sent off. x

1 About 7 hours ago

Thank you to Nikki(Pollycat) for picking me out of the hat and for the great challenge.

For this challenge I thought a nice family group of animals:-

Mum and babies

Mum Dad & babies

or a family group of little animals

A little craft prize for …

1 About 4 hours ago


Just back from the Ross Papercraft Show today in Edinburgh. Had an idea what I wanted to buy but ended up buying things I didn't expect to! Got two of the embossing boards that used to be the Glitter Girls boards for a £1 each. I have the Bookatrix which I use for special …

3 About an hour ago

hi everybody ... sorry dont get on here as much as I used to but just had to come on to let you all know about a little free digi that I found in my magazine that just popped through my letter box ...

I have uploaded a card to my gallery so you can see if you would like to take her home …

6 About 2 hours ago

I lost a lense from my glasses before Easter, I found the lense last weekend, thankfully I got them repaired during the week, the old pair of glasses I was using were no good for close work so no card making etc. I have the opticians this Tuesday for an eye test, well over due.

My …

6 About 3 hours ago


i was hoping some one could tell me where I could get attachments to pin badges o to your tops? Thanks


1 About 10 hours ago

Hi guys, i have been asked if i would like a silhouette machine (no idea what kind) as someone b/f knows has got herself a new one.

Are they easy enough to use ? The lady doesn't want anything for it but i feel i should give her something in return as i know they aren't cheap. I would …

7 About 3 hours ago

16 About 3 hours ago

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Sylvia and hope you have a wonderful day. Joy x

26 About 2 hours ago

Thank you to everyone who took part in the sketch challenge, the winner chosen at random is Elke76. If you could pm me your address i will get your prize sent out to you asap. Also can you let me know if you can host the next challenge.

Well done again and amazing projects submitted …


I saw the oncologist yesterday. The lymph nodes in my abdomen have shrunk but the ones in my chest area, some of them have responded and some have not. I'm going for yet another biopsy so they can see what's going on. As it's a tube down the throat I have said I want to be heavily sedated. I had …

26 About 2 hours ago

Its not so warm today but at least it isn't raining. We enjoyed Lola'slittle show yesterday. They used some of the songs from Tangled and put their own words and choreography to it. There were nine of them aged from 6 - 10 and did a brilliant job. Its a busy weekend for us as our son is coming …

1 About 17 hours ago

Good morning crafter's, I'm not surexp what happened to yesterdays chat its gone. I checked papercraft it wasn't there lol.

Well. Yesterday's hair cut went well, family likes the new style. I saw mum for an hour and a half, then came home and had a few crackers with egg Mayo on . then …

2 About 8 hours ago

Have a fabulous day John....June

33 About 2 hours ago

Looks like it could be another nice day today, although it felt a little cooler when I opened the back door! Himself saw the Doctor who has given him some more tablets and said there is a lot of this Vertigo going around just now and is like a virus, guess it is just taking it's time to go away. …

4 About 12 hours ago

Morning all. Up with the larks today as fairy here soon but she did say she wouldn't come till 9 this week as last week himself was still in bed at 8.30. He has to get up in a minute though as we are off out at around 10ish, he is playing with his mates somewhere for a charity thingy - don't …

2 About 18 hours ago

Well I've just read all of yesterday's thread as I couldn't sleep. I went to bed thorougly k** errr tired out, after my 5 hour bar shift. I guess I was overtired so when I do go back to bed I hope to get a good long sleep as I have it all to do again tomorrow and Sunday night.

94 About an hour ago

Hi ladies ,

winner is LainieH. can you send me your details please. sorry I only have one parchment mag but will send the other two ladies another craft mag if you wish..


1 About 16 hours ago


could anyone tell me where I could where I would get the back part of the badge you pin on to your top. Thanks



The Kimono CD has arrived from Create and Craft, have just spent the last two hours going through the CD looking at the toppers and backing papers etc. - the designs are beautiful. Don't do much CD work but when I saw the collection on C&C I knew I would not use all of the items so went for …

3 About 13 hours ago

The second free members gift is now available, it's 3 Serif digi- kits.

2 About 6 hours ago

Does anyone want this free kit off my Mag, i will never use it, If so put your name down if more than one person wants it i will draw a name out x Anne

4 About 12 hours ago

Welcome to the weekend blog hop everyone.

Everyone is welcome to join in, all we ask is that you copy and paste your blog link into your post so that we can find you easily. Then visit each blog and leave a comment.

Hope you all have a fantastic crafty weekend x

9 About an hour ago

C&C offering the members free serif digi kits cd and craftartist 2 for £6.29 if you want serif or to upgrade great deal

6 About 21 hours ago

Thank you to all of you that posted kind comments on my recent uploads, it is much appreciated. I hadn't added anything for over a year so you have spurned me on to add more. Love Atlantis x


The winner is peridotpoppy, will send a friends request so you can send me your address. Can you host the next challenge?

Thanks to all the ladies who join in glad i pick a name out of a hat.


2 About 18 hours ago

Have you seen the new die-cutting machine available from Create and Craft and had any thoughts on it?

It has its good and bad points compared with other machines but I feel it is very, very expensive for what it actually does and it would not be something I would rush to buy anyway if I …

15 About 2 hours ago