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..... so much to those of you who posted your lovely comments on the first few makes I have downloaded to the gallery. It was a lovely surprise.

I've only been papercrafting since last January. I needed to find something to do to fill my time following a road accident in 2012. I have …

4 About 3 hours ago

I put a message up to see if you would like the same swap as last time.

Everything Goes.

The general feeling was yes, it was agood idea, so we will go with that.

Leave your names below if you want to be included. It was so lovely last month when we had some new members …

3 About 3 hours ago

Thanks to eveyone who joined in with this sparkly swap!

My thanks are to

SanGran for Brooch

Fantasy Crafter for Jewellery 4

Vicki Veil for Dressed Up

Hop To It for Jewellery rings

Reminder that next months swap is Zoo Animals


Has anyone still got the old blue & grey xcut punches, Iv got one that has got stuck even when I take the sides of to punch normally, it keeps sticking & wont let the paper out, iv tried pushing the piece of metal back up but the blue piece you press down on wont even come back out it …


I am just waiting for Deelovescrafts to upload, I shall give it until tomorrow evening and then pick a winner.

Lainie xx


send a message to som eone tried but not sure it has gone paty

4 About 3 hours ago

have tried to send you a message not sure if you have got it as not sent a message before so could you let me know if you have recieved it thanks paty


Hello I'm wondering if anyone can help me with ink advice. I'm not a stamper but I want to colour some little wooden shapes for my cards. I want them white but not solid colour like paint, a sort of shabby chic style. I'm wondering what type of ink is best for this effect? I've seen a chalk ink …

2 About 9 hours ago

Is on the 21st July, but thanks all the same for your birthday wishes and to Joy for posting, who posted it in Facebook? LOL!




7 About 6 hours ago

Am kn.........d from walking in this heat, must have done miles, but enjoying Bern.we had to stop and sit many times and when we got back we both crashed out! left himslf asleep and am sitting in reception cos it is cooler. Had a really good flight yesterday, got a taxi from the airport. Took …

6 About 9 hours ago

Good afternoon campers, isn't it a hot one today? Hope you are managing to keep cool.

I would like to thank Emma for hosting the last challenge and for picking me as the winner. So I am going to stick with a theme which I thought of a few weeks back when I received my free stamps from …

6 About 4 hours ago

To everyone who commented on my Blue card a big thank you. I didn't realise it had been posted as I was getting fed up trying to get the right dimensions and the right way up. The old way was much better.

1 About 12 hours ago

Found these in my Sewing Box and before they go into a Charity Bag can anyone use them?

Can't imagine why they were there as I don't Sew.

Each packet contains one pair of Polycotton Full Trouser Pockets.

Please see picture in my gallery. I will make the draw on …

About 13 hours ago

hi all, just been in our garden and the local cats have been in my garden again, i dont mind cats in general but they are recking my flower bed, they keep squishing my lovely flowers, has anyone got any ideas. thanks x

39 About 2 hours ago

Good morning everyone, gorgeous day ahead, maybe too hot to enjoy though. Yesterday the gas people fixed the leak, then about 8:45pm someone came and fitted the meter back in, so we now have gas again.

Albert has been fed and played on his mat, now he's having a nap. He's a happy …

2 About 11 hours ago

Hi everyone. Thank you to Jenbob for that fabulous June challenge. It was fun to do.

So as Jen has passed this on to me this month I will put a photo in my gallery and hope some very kind crafter will transfer it to this thread. I just haven't mastered doing that myself.

You …

22 About 9 hours ago

Hi y'all, how is everyone on this warm sunny 1st of July. Can't believe we're halfway through this year already, it's scarey.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has uploaded for the June challenge so far but it isn't closed so if you want to catch up you have until 31st December.

17 About 6 hours ago

good morning everyone, did anyone else find it hard to sleep last night due to it being so hot? im up early for me today. well looks like its going to be another hot day here today. im off to art group in a few hours to work on another painting i am doing. also having my tattoo on my neck done …

1 About 20 hours ago

Morning all, I can't help but chuckle, you are all aware of how I suffer in the summer now with the temperatures your having at the moment in fact, it's hotter than here can you believe! Our paint job is still ongoing and we are hoping it will be fully finished this week.

Got to do some …

3 About 11 hours ago

good morning i have added a card just right for summer if you would like to take a look xx

6 About 12 hours ago

Its very warm already here. The net curtains are in the washing machine and I have had my breakfast. I didn't do the flatteing yesterday as I was shattered when we came back from trolley bashing so I must get it done today. Nothing else planned. Hope you are all keeping cool in this hot …

3 About 13 hours ago

I do believe it is a special ladies Birthday today so I thought it the right thing to do to simply say

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GNOMEY, I hope you have a lovely day in all this wonderful sunshine. I am sure you will be spoilt wrotten but you deserve it.


6 About 15 hours ago

Ian made the draw and the winners are listed below

1) Diggityjen I have your address already

2) VivP Please PM me your address details

3) hoover Please PM me your address details

Thank you everyone …

12 About 12 hours ago

Good Morning all,

Hope you managed to sleep last night. I finally dropped off about 1 am and managed five hours so I was happy and surprised.

It is forcast to be hotter today so do take care. We are indoors today and if there are thunderstorms I will not make the fairly long …

76 About 3 hours ago

Have a wonderful day Julia...June

26 About 6 hours ago

Gosh, looks like i am the first this morning, and thats a first for me. Been awake since 4.30, windows are wide open which makes the birds even louder this morning so i got up to make a cuppa at 4.45. Have let Thomas (our cat ) out, so now theres a blackbird being very noisy, guess tom must …

8 About 14 hours ago

Hi Ladies. I still have no addresses for the ladies that won this draw. Can you let me have them please and then I can send them off. xx

4 About 6 hours ago

so sorry but i am new to this i have saved pint some items to a project list but do not know how to retreive them

i have also veiwed an iten where it asks to link to blog but no link on screen any ideas please

2 About 16 hours ago

Hi please can someone point me in the right direction for a birthday verse for a 90 year old man.....thank you...karen

8 About 3 hours ago

thanks for all your comments were all fine, the coach had a oil leak, weve been told the driver forgot to check the oil, before we left in the morning, every one had some sort of items burnt, but the company are sorting it out, next time i go i take the car,,

9 About 14 hours ago