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On to the naughty step with me this week !!! Don't know what happened, but I have gained .5lb Ric on the other hand has lost another 4lb.. weird as we have been eating exactly the same things.... Ric has now joined the Club 10 as he has lost 10% of his body weight...Oh well and it was going so …

5 20 minutes ago

Hello everyone ,

to all the subscribers have you all received this months magazine?


3 58 minutes ago

Craft show at Sandown Esher Surrey, Is anyone going tomorrow?

I'll pop back later to see if any posts left.


1 About 3 hours ago

Craft show at Sandown Esher Surrey, Is anyone going tomorrow?

I'll pop back later to see if any posts left.



winner of little rascals challenge, chosen at random is:elleibellytara, congratulations on winning, I have got your address for your prize and will post it early next week, Thank you to all who entered their beautiful cards, Sheila, x

1 About 3 hours ago

Good afternoon, it is dry but quite cold this morning. Church hairdresser and back to church hall for lunch with prayer group girls and Frs Joe and Martin they are both leaving next week. Fr Joe to the Isle of Wight and Fr Martin back to Poland. Our new parish priest takes over next Wednesday …

1 About 2 hours ago

I can never find this years link!

I have now uploaded my 15th card, still a way to go! Have made more but forget to title them with the challenge.

1 About 2 hours ago

I have just spent the morning sorting through my craft magazines taking out the free papers only to put them back on my shelf all 119 of them its taken me all morning i was suposed to be making some space but cannot seem to part with them .

what do you ladies do with yours ? xxxxxxxx

7 34 minutes ago

Morning all. I'm the carpenter's mate this morning. Himself got the worktops yesterday - not without a drama, of course! - firstly, he had to follow the bloke up to their factory, had to wait whilst they were cut - what was the point in giving them the sizes and ordering them? - one piece was …

1 About 8 hours ago

Good morning all nothing from me today. It takes I while to get John up and ready for the day and I am just off shopping I will come back and comment on all youlovely cardsxx

6 About 3 hours ago

Well, this time next week we will be loading our furniture into the van for our move. Its a bit tense here, fell out with Angela yedterday, i was not feeling well she was waiting for a phone call to say if their offer on a house was accepted, which it was, Evie was being naughty so everyone …

3 About 8 hours ago

Good morning everyone, the hunt for the apple wedger continues, who'd have thought it would be so hard? Looked in Asda, Wilko's and Home Bargains, so far. I'm off to the Trafford Centre, again, today, so maybe I'll find one there, at 3 times the usual cost!!

Ethan is sitting in his …

3 About 8 hours ago

Its very grey outside but hope it doesn't rain as washing is in the machine. Hw needs doing today and I still have some bulbs to put in. Hope you all have a good day

4 About 8 hours ago

Hello everyone,

Rather a dull start here in Leeds. After breakfast we will drive to Otley Hospital so Ian can have the Xray on his ankle.

We only have the plumber this afternoon who will change Ians toilet. Apparently it was sent wrong due to a missprint in the brochure.

40 29 minutes ago

Was looking at this as I have the others. Exp as only 500 elements and it might be a remix of what is on the others. Hope they sell it on its own. Maybe starting to bring back ddd



I bought more stuff....

They have a really good sale on just now for vintage style lace ribbon etc!!!

2 About 8 hours ago

l would like to share a tip, when cutting out intricate die shapes ,cut a piece of plastic carrier bag place this on die first then card/paper and cut out ,the shape comes out the die easy and leaving it clean.

About 4 hours ago

Finally I have reappeared sorry to anyone that has been waiting. Sorry to report have been so bloomin ill ! 6 days I have been stuck in my bed, in absolute agony it was worse then having the children, oh my goodness the pains! The docs seem to think I have had/got some sort of tummy …

12 About 6 hours ago

Hi everyone, I was wondering what other craft magazine subscriptions do you all have? Also how do you store your magazines. Thank you all.

14 About 8 hours ago

How do I find a particular category in the gallery. Keep using search but either say none found or just shows my own cards. Looking for Christmas cards for inspiration.


18 57 minutes ago

Hi Julia

Sent you a friend request.Wanted to thank you for my lovely Birthday card and give you my new address.

Jacqui xx

1 About 4 hours ago

This is the first time I've posted in this section, but I'm doing lots more knitting now that I have a baby grandson.

I was looking for patterns on ebay, and was shocked to see sellers selling photocopies of knitting patterns.

Surely this is illegal?

They must be making …

5 About 7 hours ago

JUST when I've nearly added all the Spring Brights girls to my stamp collection, docrafts releases a whole new seasons worth!!! So many that I have to have... 😢 darn you lack of pennies!!!! Maybe just one girl... just to help me endure....

3 About 9 hours ago

afternoon Val, just to let you know my bread turned out fine, rose in the oven and I popped to the plot. The edges were pretty bad as neither neighbour on each side maintain their half of the border so I had a difficult job there, and it was wet underneath so just did what I could. I have some …

1 About 9 hours ago

Thanks to all who have entered my draw for the 3 packs pf Football toppers, as there was only 3 docrafters who have entered, my mum has randomly picked a number 1,2 & 3 for each draw and the winners are -

Draw 1 - elliebellytara

Draw 2 - Debsh23

Draw 3 - sanfly

5 About 22 hours ago

Thank you to Sangran, Juliaamy and Alizabethy for their atc swaps today.

I will sort tonight and send back tomorrow.

Thank you Julia for your rak

jackie x


If Windows ten wants to do another upgrade don't let it.

I've just lost my music and pictures plus Firefox was upgraded and I lost my bookmarks

10 About 3 hours ago

Docrafts have once again brought out their Birthday dvd together with a paperpack on today's One Day Wonder on CreateandCraft.tv order no 352220.

This dvd has been sold previously on C&C, but as far as i know there are no new updates for the software.

2 About 4 hours ago

Just in case there is someone who is looking for DDD dvd then have a look at today's One Day Wonder package on CreateandCraft.tv which consists of the Birthday Dvd and paper pack for £29.99, order no 352220. The dvd has been on sale before.

About 6 hours ago

Hello, am new to here. I bought some papermainia capsule collection to decorate some glass jars with candles in for table decorations for a charity night am hosting. I put some large crochet trim around the jar and sewed some marching buttons on to it. The effect looks really good especially …