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An early one for me, went to sleep within 10 mins of going to bed but wide awake since 5.

thought I may as well get up and do a little ironing, the monstrous pile of it I have now is threatening to topple over.

coffee first though, can't do a thing without that!

hope you …


Hi, I am very new to this site, but I joined because I have long watched the beautiful projects made on the docrafts you tube channel. On most of the projects they mentione that there were full instructions on the docrafts website. So I clicked on the link which took me here, I signed up and …


Thank you to everyone who joined in my challenge, i loved all the cards created.

The winner of my challenge is.......


Well done



Well after the months of thinking and talking and research I have bought a Cut'nBoss today. It is being delivered tomorrow. Most places told me their stock was already allocated. I got this place who I have never heard off from the internet, great guy who answered the phone and it will be …

4 About 5 hours ago

does anyone know of any other material for doing the decorated candle?

I have been using the tissue paper and heat gun to some.

But my son gave me a candle he had done by a well known jewellery store.

when I looked at it what was used is like a film on top of the …


does anyone know of any other material for doing the decorated candle?

I have been using the tissue paper and heat gun to some.

But my son gave me a candle he had done by a well known jewellery store.

when I looked at it what was used is like a film on top of the …


Just looked in my gallery and was shocked by how many of you lovely people have left nice comments on my sympathy card, thank you so much. Canada, the flowers are old hunkeydory stock I have had them for a couple of years or more glad you like it. X x


I have posted some pics of Bead Pins in my gallery and on my blog that I am selling, very cheap too.


I would love you to take a peak.


1 About 8 hours ago

Just uploaded my card for week 8 still trying to catch up



just to thank you all for your kind comments on my first showing in the gallery.

much appreciated


3 About 11 hours ago

Hello everyone and Good afternoon,

I've just come on DC and have scrolled up and down and can't see that anyone else has started chat today, so here I am !

Had a quiet sort of day, made a card for a challenge, put vac around and now having my usual afternoon mug of tea. Tonight …

2 About 10 hours ago

Has anyone else had the problem with the new stepper card from Crafts too. It is the stepper card 2. When this is cut out and folded the 2 valley folds show beneath the mountain fold. It looks so untidy. When I asked about it, I was told it was so it fitted in an envelope, however when I …

9 About 7 hours ago

Capstan's Bazaar urban markets return to Constellations with three exciting new dates in 2015

The Capstan's Bazaar team are celebrating their fifth successful year in Liverpool and to kick off their first event of the year on 29th March they are teaming up with …


I have been looking on the gallery and saw a lovely embossing folder with several flowers coming out of a corner. It was mentioned that it was free with a magazine. If anyone knows the name of the mag could they post it on this forum. Many thanks.

3 About 10 hours ago

Thanks to everyone who has commented and sent me such lovely replies to my cards today, I didn't expect so many!

I do try to upload most of the cards I make, but the time just goes and sometimes I don't even think they are worth going in the gallery, especially when I see everyone else's …

4 About 9 hours ago

hi guys

have got another draw for some paper packs that I got free on magazines - there are 3 packs (all in the same draw or I end up spending lots on postage to do separte ones- sorry) - they are all sort of flower themed papers. One is a Marianne Design 'Rose Garden' of 12 sheets+4 …

30 About 9 hours ago

Good grief I was knocking out the zzzz's at 10.20 when himself had to wake me!!!!! I did get up and used the bathroom at 8 and thought I'd just doze for another half an hour but I must have gone right back off again, never even heard himself get up oh well, I must have needed it lol.

2 About 18 hours ago

just a quick hello and a thank you to the following people for their beautiful birthday cards will po a picture in gallery later,we are going out for the day don't know where as yet anyway thank you all for the cards and wishes hugs xx

daisy moo

aunty sue

fiona k

14 About 9 hours ago

Got to be at my friend, s at 10, not dressed yet. Looking forward to seeing the girls today, seems like I been away for ages, dont think much crafting will get done, we have a lot to catch up on. X x

3 About 20 hours ago

sorry I gave not had a chance to comment on your cards lately ladies. Tried posting this a couple of times yesterday but when I pressed Post New Topic I got the terms and conditions and lost my post.

Our lovely greyhound Tess was seriously attacked by a bull mastiff on Monday so to …

42 About 9 hours ago

Have a wonderful day Jennie & Sarah...June

41 About 6 hours ago

Did not get round to coming on here yesterday as I stayed overnight with our daughter and then we went trolley bashing. Was tired after our late night after being at the Theatre. The Railway children was great and recommend it if anyone thinks of going. Last night himself went to the Theatre …

3 About 21 hours ago

good morning all I have added my card for the February friendship swap my 2nd card

Thank you for looking

8 About 13 hours ago

Good morning to you all. I thought I would just post a quick message to say sorry for not commenting on your projects recently. I just don't know where the time goes. I have been busy so not had much opportunity to come on here as often as I would like, just uploading challenge cards so I …

10 About 13 hours ago

i have put a photo in my gallery of a mini hoop cross-stitch kit that i bought in michael's, USA. if you would like to be entered into this draw, please add your name below, Fi x

8 About 13 hours ago

Hi all, I have just trawled through 'inspiration' for inspiration, and didn't get any. The cards on there are fabulous but I needed to find just new baby card to find inspiration. I need to get a baby girl made and posted by saturday if possible. On the 'old site' i could put into a subject bar …

5 About 22 hours ago

I am having a declutter and found i have a duplicate of Cross Stitch Card Shop Issue 98 (Sept/Oct 2014). It comes complete with a Fizzy Moon mini card kit, photo in my gallery.

if you wojuld like to be entered enter your name below, Fi xx

8 About 13 hours ago

i would like to wish my lovely friend Jenny a really happy birthday and a year full of happiness, peace and crafting, many hugs, Fi xxx

13 About 6 hours ago

Good Morning all,

Hope some of you are feeling better in Health and Mood. I'm up early waiting for the hairdresser trouble is I set the alarm an hour too early (silly me) as she won't be here until nearly 8am. After that I will be shopping.

No luck at Bingo last night but I …

101 About 5 hours ago

Hello everyone. I know I haven't shown my face here for a long time. I do look at the gallery from time to time, but along with others I seem to spend less time here these days. I just need to share my latest finds at The Works. They have First Edition 6x6 paper pads at £4.99, some of the …

9 About 19 hours ago