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Congratulations Susan you won my Dolly Mixture challenge. I sent you a PM last night re details.

Emma x


Morning everyone, i just wondered if anyone else that uses outlook for your emails is having problems? For days now its been playing up, either super slow or im just unable to access it at all, can't open emails to read or reply. Ive not got problems using anything else on my laptop so don't …

14 31 minutes ago

Good morning everyone,

Sorry I haven't contributed to chat recently, it's all go here with the decorating, we were busy yesterday and I didn't look at the computer until late in the evening. This morning our plumber is going to put the screen up in the shower room, in fact he is …

1 About 2 hours ago

I read somewhere that you can refresh Gilding Wax if it dries out but can't remember how or where I read it, does anyone know please

4 About 3 hours ago

good morning all beautiful cards so far this morning i have added one if you would like to take a look xx

9 About an hour ago

Its a bit chilly this moring but at least it isn't raining. Washing is in the machine and I have hw to do. I need to do inserts for the cards I made yesterday and there is a beading class I would like to go to so quyite a busy day. Hope you all have a good day

1 About 4 hours ago

Morning Ladies

Yes i'm back laptop is fixed but needs new battery so on mains till i get one. Its like some one put my life on hold as i do everything on my lap to and have missed being on here so much. Got to go to work now will catch you later have a good day take care. Sylv x

22 10 minutes ago

Morning all well, that was an eventful weekend! My gas bottle ran out half way through cooking dinner for friends on Friday but luckily, we had the small bottle on the BBQ so himself had to change it. I fell asleep Saturday afternoon and he didn't wake me so I was still in the land of nod at …

3 About 5 hours ago

Was awake on the hour, every hour and finally got up before 6am! May need to recline later. LOL! No one about yet, so will go and find something to do until you are up. Oh and where is Val? Did quite a lot to my cards yesterday and more to do yet. Have a good day folks.


4 About 5 hours ago

to some embossing folders and was wandering what your favourite ones are only i cant make my min d up what i want paty

11 About 2 hours ago

The draw for the decoupage sheet is now closed.

I asked my mum to randomly pick a number from the list of names I had,

the winner is no.8 - mollysmum!!!

Congratulations, please could you send me your details and I will get it posted asap.

Thanks to all who …

1 About 3 hours ago

Hi folks

I have a gift voucher to spend and I am considering buying the corner chomper with it but I'm wondering if its as good as all the hype. Would I get enough use out of it to make it a worthwhile purchase? Any advice please? Many thanks.

12 38 minutes ago

It is with great joy that I can tell you my beloved Bernard is at last home from hospital :-)

It had been a very long, traumatic, stressful, exhausting and scary 5 1/2 weeks but with your support and prayers, we have survived.

I can't thank you enough for your support.

37 About 2 hours ago

Good morning crafter's, I hope everyone is having a good day.

No church for me today, but I'll get a lift hopefully from nextSunday. I didn't want to risk going out with out mr w till I have main cast on.

I took some card inks and stamps downstairs last night and enjoyed myself …

4 About 19 hours ago

A big thank you to Lainie for hosting a fab challenge and picking me as the winner.

For this challenge I would like to see your rascals having fun at either



or a PARTY

The rest is up to you.

Who would like to play? - Add your …

3 About 14 hours ago

Hi folks some lovely cards again but none from me today and I do not think I shall be crafting today as I have just received a call to from my Daughter to say that my granddaughter will be having a paragliding lesson and it is from the hill that we look out on so I think I will Have my camera …

3 Yesterday at 11:56AM

did anyone else hear the Ideal World Group which includes Create and Craft is up for sale?

10 About 2 hours ago

It is our lovely daughter Linda's birthday today and hopefully we shall Skype and we can see her. Have text her and she and Paul are chilling out at a hotel for the day. If she was here I would have baked her a cake! LOL!



4 About 6 hours ago

x_lizzie_x. So congratulations Lizzie and good luck with hosting the next one. Thank you everyone for joining in, your cards were brilliant and so inspirational and I appreciate your support. I hope you will support Lizzie in hosting her first challenge.

Hugs Lainie xx


Morning everyone looks like a nice day here today my last day off work back to normal tomorrow :-( I have uploaded another birthday card today

Thank you all once again for taking time to visit my gallery and comment

Take Care Sharon xx

15 About 19 hours ago

Have a great day ladies...June

30 About 17 hours ago

Its a damp one today. Not sure what I am doing today but I need to do some die cutting and embossing of cards I have ready for assembly. Hope you all have a good day

1 Yesterday at 7:34AM

The rain is with us, which was forecast for today, hope it will not be too wet for the Marathon this morning. Have my coffee and will Enjoy that. Have been looking at hotels online in Bern, Switzerland as the plan is to meet up with Linda and family and have a weeks holiday together, they are …

4 Yesterday at 11:08AM

Good morning everyone,

Bright sunny start to the day here in Leeds although we are told to expect rain later.

I hope you have all had a good nights rest and looking forward to a nice day whatever your plans are. My next job will be to play catch-up as I didn't manage to join you …

51 About 13 hours ago

looks like we've had rain overnight but I think it's due to be sunny the first part of the day.

Yesterday we went up in the loft and tackled the clothes bags! We brought 7 bin bags down and only left 2 up there, one nostalgia bag and one bag for Tiddler to grow into, so we did pretty …

2 Yesterday at 7:29AM

I'm quite new to the group and mostly lurk (especially as I can't seem to find the gallery to look at other people's makes?).

I've been using Pinflair gel glue for adding toppers with dimension as I find it easier to use for bigger toppers or layering, than foam pads. However I also find …

8 About 19 hours ago

at long last. Must remember to take a spoon . . . .

After long deliberations with son it has been decided that we will scatter his ashes in the sea at Ramsgate (Kent) where he was born in the local hospital. We decided that we didn't want to burden the family with having to visit and …

13 About 19 hours ago

Does anyone here do Machine Embroidery ? I can't be the only one surely?

Have just uploaded a pic in my gallery of some flowers that I have made. Would love to know what anyone thinks of them.



7 About an hour ago

Good morning crafter's, I hope everyone has a good day with some crafting to do. I'm up washed dressed and managed to wash my hair using a jug over the sink. Mr W is taking me to see mum and pick up her washing.

I need to have clean pillow slips on my pillows, I got the ones off for …

3 About 23 hours ago

Happy Birthday Annie, hope you have a lovely day with your family.x

25 Yesterday at 8:59AM