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It would be lovely to see more people joining in the challenges.

They aren't just for card making but most people do make cards for them.

If you head over to the challenges thread you'll see various challenges. They are done for fun but usually the host offers a small crafty …

1 25 minutes ago

If you want to take a peek!!!



1 49 minutes ago

Wishing all a good wet Bank holiday morning, aday for nothing but crafting methinks!!!

I'm getting up Now dont want to waste anymore time on Tablet when my craft desk is saying get up woman and craft lol.



1 About an hour ago

A message for 'Aprilshowers' or anyone else who can help. Which website did you use for the tagxedo car shape?


3 53 minutes ago

Its grey and damp here today so the washing can wait until tomorrow. Kirsty, Andy and Lola are coming this afternoon and staying for a meal. I have a cake and crumble to make so had better get a move on

1 About 2 hours ago

A psychiatrist was conducting a group therapy session with five young maothers and their small children.

"You all have obsessions", he stated. "I am concerned that these individual obsessions are going to impact your children".

To the first mother, Mary, he said: "You are …

9 48 minutes ago

Hi everyone,

Yes, I'm doing another free draw again. For those jewellery lovers I shall make up 2 large goody bags consisting of a mixture of beads, charms and findings. The first person drawn shall receive a new bead board also. Please check out pictures in my gallery.

Good …

18 24 minutes ago

wet, wet wet here! No surprises as it is Bank Holiday Monday!

Today I am going to rearrange my dies into my new set of drawers so Im looking forward to that (Tiddler allowing 😳)

Then Ive cracked Instagram (after a fashion, but my pics are on there so Im happy, my lady is happy …

3 About an hour ago

Good morning everyone. Looking rather miserable outside this morning, I know it was raining earlier, probably will have more throughout the day. Albert woke me up early, 6:00am, for a bottle, thought he might have gone back to sleep, but he doesn't understand the concept of a lie-in for Bank …

3 About 2 hours ago

A really wet start to the day, so shall be staying indoors and plan to do some crafting. Today is our lovely daughter Sandra's birthday so shall phone her later, she is off to have lunch with Kerry and Steve and then out to dinner with a friend tonight. Need to put some washing on, but it will …

4 About 2 hours ago

Good Morning everyone from a very wet Leeds.

27 45 minutes ago

Good morning everyone, I hope you all enjoy you BH Monday while I am working later on LOL.

I have uploaded a card if anyone would care to take a peek :o)Jackie xx

5 24 minutes ago

Morning all. Ah ha got the hang of this uploading lark now, one in my gallery if anyone wants a nosey, that was yesterday's project.

Off with my crafty ladies today. My friend that is having a clear out is bringing me her chair for my craft room and swapping her bigger monitor with …

4 About 2 hours ago

I don't like the last two mornings, so dark, and it has happened literally overnight. It's before 6am I will stay up and have a cup of tea and I want to do something different today. I'm putting away my papercraft and getting out my fabrics, patterns and sewing machine. I want to make fabric …

5 About 2 hours ago

Does anyone know of a website that explains in easy steps how to make a blank insert template that can be adapted for any size card? I have seen one on Youtube but get so far then I'm lost - I will need to understand how to adapt it for other sizes. I need one for A6, A5, 140mm, 130mm and …

4 37 minutes ago

thank you for Herbaholic husband for picking me out the hat, forthis challenge, i would like to see a unicorn, or a fairy,on the card, the rest is up to you,, xx prize at the end xxgood luck all,


3 16 minutes ago

Did anyone go to this show today?? have been many times but was disappointed today.its usually a two day show but was only one this time.A few of the usual sellers were not there I went in the afternoon as they had restricted tickets for full day and one of the stalls had nothing they had sold …

2 About 2 hours ago

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to Tracy's son for picking my card as the winner for the challenge she hosted, I was very happy to win and very appreciative of all your lovely kind comments. I'm happy to host the next challenge and I've put my thinking cap on for a theme and for this challenge …

10 11 minutes ago

Is Elliebellytara, congrats flower! Hubby drew your name out of the hat. Can you send me your address details so I can get your prize off to you? Also let me know if you can host the next enchanted challenge :) Well done to everyone else …

4 About 14 hours ago

hi everyone, apologies re lack of comments/uploads, v sporadic internet connection where i am, but will try to catch up when back. vikki xx

5 About 3 hours ago

Afternoon everyone,

Is it just me or does anyone else struggle where to keep all their crafting stashes?

I would love a craft room but have to settle with hiding every thing behind sofas and evey nook and crany I can find. I drive hubbie up the wall as I am forever adding to my …

4 About an hour ago

Can anyone help please? I am fed up with the cutting plates for the big Shot not lasting very long at all! Does anyone have any useful tips for a longer life or how i can straighten the things out! Thank you! xx

7 About 3 hours ago

Jack age 92 and Vera age 82 are all excited about their decision to get married. They go for a stroll to discuss the wedding and on the way they pass a chemist shop and Jack suggests they go in.

Jack addresses the man behind the counter: "Are you the owner?" The …

8 About an hour ago

Jackie-J.....Shi82.....Margaretelaine.....Well done all of you....can you P.M me with your address and I can get them to you next week sometime.....Joolsx

3 About 12 hours ago

Now opened in Enfield Town - hurrah

2 About 15 hours ago

I'm looking to hold a demo day showcasing all sorts of do crafts products in one day and taking requests. I'm thinking of a Saturday in September.It will be held in Go Create Seaton, 30 Queen Street, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2RB - A Do Crafts Creativity store stocking all the latest do craft …

1 Yesterday at 11:35AM

Morning everyone! I really fancy doing some ATC's but need inspiring. I was wondering if anyone wanted to do some ATC swops? I was thinking along the lines of we give our swop partner a word as a prompt and then let their creativity flow. I'll be more than happy to create one for each person …

4 About 16 hours ago


Who was at squires in Shepperton yesterday? Jill Thornton had some fantastic ideas which has inspired me to try them! I made one card last night 😀

I was also thinking we all said about how we have bits we dont use anymore......maybe we should have a local swapping …

1 About 16 hours ago

good morning all,

Well have I been busy since my daughter came home, phew we haven't stopped, it's amazing how long it takes to get that one suitcase unpacked and all the stuff in its home, plus giving her bedroom the well earned clear out lol. We have finally packed up teddies and out …

1 Yesterday at 11:43AM

Miserable day here in Yeovil in more ways than 1 , am clearing my craft room ready for the move a week on friday,its horrible having to part with so much stuff 😢 . My friend Gill is going to keep my very large boxes of craft in her garage until we sort something out, dont know what though …

7 About 19 hours ago