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Being a total numpty does anyone have one of these? My Son has bought me one, I am totally stumped. (he isnt due a visit anytime soon) I have got the language page up, went to next which was connecting to Wi Fi it says wifi password incorrect.. 99% sure its right. I cannot backtrack to main …

1 3 minutes ago

I have PM you Ginny x



sorry for the delay in doing the draw - but the winner of the rose garden bits is


sorry to everyone else who missed out


1 About an hour ago

I've noticed there is more than a similarity between these two, especially in the little girl images. I saw a Tatty Twinkle on Create and Craft this morning and thought it was an LOTV image till the woman said it was Tatty Twinkle. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?

Sara …

1 24 minutes ago

A late start for me this morning but we didn't go to bed until 1 a.m. Have trolley bashing to do and this afternoon my last appointment with Victim Support. See you all later

1 About 2 hours ago

Hi all

Just posted a message as a reply to another topic of mine, but thought I had better let you know I might not be around for a while.

We recently had our house valued ready for selling and before we really got it on the market it sold.We are now having to move to some …

12 About 2 hours ago

Hi folks, Ive created a new freebie design sheet for crafters to use, hope folks find it useful



Morning all I hope your all well I have just uploaded a couple of leaving cards

Take Care Sharon xx

8 16 minutes ago

Good morning from a very windy south coast, we are going to the cathedral this morning for the Mass of Oils. An annual event in the church calendar. Lovely hearing the big organ playing in a cathedral and listening to the choir. The priests from all the parishes in the diocese come today.

1 About an hour ago

Have a lovely day Michelle ...June

8 About an hour ago

happy birthday to you hugs jenniexx

12 47 minutes ago

Good Morning everyone,

Some of you have had a very Windy night hope you could sleep, I hate the wind but it did not affect me.

Hope the poorlies are feeling better today. Nothing planned for me today except a day indoors.

Just to say my computer has taken 30 mins to warm …

23 28 minutes ago

Rushing around ths morning as we have a man coming to clean the oven (cannot get down to it very easily now), he will be here at 8am, so we need to get dressed, brekki done and also the rubbish has to go out this Morning. Also himself has to be at the Doctors for 8.30am to have an injection. …

3 About 4 hours ago

Morning everyone. Sorry Gnomey, I'm afraid I was AWOL yesterday. I was late getting up and had to rush to get ready as I was being picked up. Only two of us went to our friend's for craft, two went missing! but we had a good day and a good natter as usual. I'v now got three cards that need a …

4 About 4 hours ago

booked tickets for hunkydory craft show in bolton for may. cant wait buy some new things

1 About 14 hours ago

Mystery I commented on cards today and they are not there, one was to MarilynH's beautiful card - she is one talented lady. Has this happened to anyone else? This site is still not up to the same standard as the old site!

6 About 4 hours ago

I managed to send the private message, but does anyone know how to delete now ?

5 About 2 hours ago

how do I send a pm to my friend any help would be appreciated. Thanks

6 About 15 hours ago

does anyone know the new rates for large letter and small parcel.thank you. Ann

8 About 14 hours ago

two pics in my gallery - first one of my brother Ken and I taken the last time I was in Oz and the second one with my brother Richard and I taken in the USA - both are well over 6' and well I am just a liccle shorty!!!! Just added these for fun.



1 About 14 hours ago

I have my grandson staying for about a week over the holidays and time with him is precious, so I haven't had much time today or indeed all week to view your wonderful works of art and put comments on, I have tried to keep updated but such a lot goes on it's difficult to keep up. I don't think …

4 About 15 hours ago

Hi, can anyone help. i want to buy another machine ( have the sizzix big shot) to broaden my options but can,t decide which of the 2 mentioned. I want it mainly for paper crafts but do occasionally like to cut farics and vinyl. Any help will be gratefully recieved thank you xx

7 About 3 hours ago

Hi Ladies, Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes for yesterday, I had a lovely day with my family.

Thanks again I really appreciated them.

Luv nannyp x

3 About 14 hours ago

I recenly purchased a lace doily die from the X-Cut range, can anyone tell me why it won't cut evenly? it cuts on 2 opposite sides only, then I have to turn it around and recut. then it sticks in the die and after I eventually get the thing out all the bits take forever to come out. at the …

5 About 2 hours ago

Soory folks I forgot this morning, it was church, town shopping and see mum. Then Balance after lunch. Now I've got an untidy kitchen to sort before I can start dinner later.

Easter Cards to write this evening

Mum is making washing for me, she put two clean nightdresses in her …

1 About 18 hours ago

Soory folks I forgot this morning, it was church, town shopping and see mum. Then Balance after lunch. Now I've got an untidy kitchen to sort before I can start dinner later.

Easter Cards to write this evening

Mum is making washing for me, she put two clean nightdresses in her …


Help! Every time I come onto this forum I get an orange band across the top telling me I need to update my browser. Well I updated the brower and I STILL get the orange band across the top of page. It has stopped me from coming on this forum since it changed but I miss being on here. What am I …

16 17 minutes ago

Hi thanks to everyone that done the turquoise swap

and thanks for my atcs to Vickiveil, Sarahjc1, Juliaamy, Hop to it

four little beauties

thanks from mooncat to Juliaamy, Alizabethy, Bottledolphin, Dumbo

lovely atcs once more


1 About 20 hours ago

I am sick of the sight of envelopes and cello bags 😕 I am still trying to match them together its driving me mad. Hope it will be worth it all. I have put a few more makes in my gallery. I charge £1 for cards, but dont know whst to cgsrge for birdhouses, any suggestions welcome. We are …

2 About 19 hours ago

Hello everyone l just want to say a big thank you for all your well wishes when l had my spine surgery a couple of weeks ago. l am making a great recovery and can now walk without pain!

Thanks to you all xxx

9 About 16 hours ago