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Hi everyone, I use the papermania card blanks and like to print inside them & handmade on the back, I've used publisher & set up templates for the 6 x 6 and 7 x 7 card blanks and they print fine, but I've tried to set the 8 x 8 up and it wont print in the right place even though it looks …


Hello! I was lucky enough to win the challenge last time and am attempting to host this one - please be gentle with me as it's my first time!

The letter is D. I have chosen Damson (plum/deep pink), Dandelion (yellow) and Denim (dark blue). You can use as many of the colours as you …

6 49 minutes ago


I did some crafting a little while back but stopped and was having a clear out of our spare room, I came across a few bits and bobs, mainly distressed inks, a large bag of assorted buttons, a large box of flowers as well as a tilda stamp, a saturated canary stamp and some embossing …

1 About an hour ago

Thought I'd share Sizzix have 90% off until Monday...I just saved £210! I will have to wait awhile before delivery as I am in Dubai!!!

Happy shopping!


3 About 2 hours ago

Can the metal dies be washed in water?

I used a merry christmas circle greeting die with some shiny green paper earlier today, but when I peeled it away from the die, some the green lining has come away and stuck to the die.

I've used the Spellbinders brush on it, but no luck, …

6 About an hour ago

Thank you to all of you who left me birthday messages, it was a lovely suprise to find them as I have been away on my hols and only just arrived home.

Jacqui xx


I saw John Lockwood using these on Hochanda yesterday and thought they looked good. What did anyone else think? Also, did anyone hear them say when they would be available in the shops? I'd just like to get one to start with, not a set. Looking on Creative Expressions website there is going …

5 21 minutes ago

Good late morning, to anyone who pops in. I'm off to take clean washing back to mum. Then home for hw.

But I had a lovely crafting evening yesterday working on a Wreck it journal.




The October issue of 'Craft Stamper' came through the letter box this morning; it's had a re-vamp. I have to say I'm not impressed, but I'll give it another couple of months before I consider cancelling my subscription.

3 About 7 hours ago

Hope you have a fabulous day. xx

17 12 minutes ago

Good morning all. Thursday afternoon my laptop had a dickie fit and wouldn't connect to the internet, my word I realised it almost rules my life, lol. Well, yesterday afternoon, my son managed to get it working again, he had to reinstall windows though. So here I am again.

On Thursday …

3 About 3 hours ago

Its grey but dry today so far so we may go into town.I did some sorting out in the garden yesterday but didn't get the bulbs planted. We also took down the gazebo as it had dried out and needed putting away. I made a couple of Christmas cards yesterday afternoon and have uploaded them to my …


Good morning crafters!

27 21 minutes ago

Good morning all John is still in hospital he now has gout he is walking but in a lot of pain.

I have added another Anniversary card today if you would like to take a peek x

8 About an hour ago

Morning all, fairy and trolley bashing day for me and yet more washing this afternoon, looking likely it may be the big chair covers, I bought some new ones in Ikea so might put those on as they are a dark beige as opposed to cream, have a change of colour! also have to strip the bed.

4 About 11 hours ago

How is everyone today?

The weather in Glasgow is just horrid!

Think I will make a blanket fort and just hide in it with some stamps, ink pads and some promarkers.

8 About 2 hours ago

Hi all!

I am just getting back into crafting and was wondering if there were any ladies (or gents) near or surrounding Glasgow Southside who would maybe wish to have a wee craft meet somewhere for an afternoon of crafty fun?

I have so far not put any thought into this apart from …

1 About 9 hours ago

Hi all,

I have posted a new thread on the events and groups page as I am thinking of starting to organise an official cardmaking afternoon or evening for crafters in Glasgow to meet up.

I am just putting feelers out to test the level of interest.

If you could have a …



I have to stop making a bad habit of being really active on here and then vanishing for a few months and coming back!

Update on me;

I graduated! (yay!)

I got my dream joy (yay!)

I became ill (Boo)

I found out my dream job is my dream job but …

6 About 2 hours ago

Well, again I had been too busy with work and life to craft but I recently was unwell and then was in a car crash so I have some time.

I decided the best way to get back into crafting was to go online to see what I had missed and buy lots of stamps.

I have over 2000 stamps so I …

3 About 7 hours ago

i used to buy my coloured card from harold hockey in bristol, is there any where on line that you can buy it too, i know there was this pack a box full, but cant remember what it was called,,

8 About 7 hours ago

I would like to say a big thank you for the wax I was sent. I've searched my inbox and friends list and I'm not sure who sent it. It was a free draw, hopefully the right person will read this, once again thank you, Val xxx

1 About 19 hours ago

start my new job on 7th sept cant wait so excited will be great to have some more cash so i can get jobs done in my house that need doing will have to save up but it will be nice to be able to get them done and perhaps some left for new craft items paty

14 About 3 hours ago

I've just completed another bag for my best friend for her birthday. She hasn't a clue. So I am so excited to give it to her. The fabric that's about at the moment is gorgeous and I couldn't resist the owls. Hope you get to have a look at my latest make. Any comments left are appreciated and …


Lost another 2.5lb this week taking the total up to 1st 3.5lb....Ric lost another 1.5lb so in all he has lost 1st 8lb...in 10 weeks.

20 About 5 hours ago

Hi all

I'm your host for the next 2 weeks, so I hope you will all join in...... all you have to do is copy and paste your blog addy and when you paste make sure you press return and it will become a clickable link.................. let's hop.

I'm in and looking forward to …

10 About 7 hours ago

Can anyone tell me how to find this group of cards please. I put in 'childrens birthday cards' but none could be found! x Joyce x

5 About 5 hours ago

I have had my Xcut machine for ages not used it much.just bought a Tonic strip die set and I am having trouble getting a clean cut ,any help would be gratefully received.

3 About 7 hours ago

C&C automatically renewed my membership before I realised there were going to be two new crafting channels. As everybody was leaving C&C I was thinking what am I going to spend my £10.00 on as I certainly wouldn't be buying Tattered Lace, Tonic or Hunkydory kits. So today I …

6 About 6 hours ago

Spoke to one of my Volunteer drivers this morning who is also a friend and was a member of the local Swale Lions International Club along with my husband, who gave me the sad news that one of the older members who lived in Faversham had passed away. He had been his wife's carer for many years. …

6 About 11 hours ago