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Dumbo and Juliaaamy i have received your Atcs and will swap and return to you on monday as no post til then.

Thank you both for your raks

jackie x


Peel off Challenge Winner is PeridotPoppy Just waiting to hear if Susan can run next challenge thank you to all who took part

2 About an hour ago

Hi Dont know if it is just my computer but I love to look at new projects but it seems the gallery only shows 1 page.... before you could scroll through loads ... anyone else having problems..

2 About 3 hours ago

Not been around much lately, felt washed out after being poorly, been taking metatone as a pick me up and feeling better, have been keeping my eye on you all though. This morning its tipping down, so its ironing for me, then after lunch i am going to my friend, she has just bought a new todo …

3 About an hour ago

morning everyone how are you then this morning?

Plese can you advise me. I'm going to buy a mini studio with lights and stands to photograph my makes.

do you own one? If so are you happy with it? Would you recommend it?

many thanks to you all.

Dee X

1 About 2 hours ago

Thank you to Petrenas (Vicky) for the last challenge and to her hubby who picked out my number as winner.

As some of you may know I love things to do with the sea so for this challenge I'd like to see sea creatures in your creation.

Hope you'll play along.

Taking …


Good morning all, not too bad weather at the moment but looking at forecast will batten down the hatches again later. Whats made you smile and laugh this week. I made a card yesterday so thats good going. So today is another quiet one on the national calendar

National Tortellini Day

28 About an hour ago

Good morning!

16 31 minutes ago

Good morning!

1 About 6 hours ago

A very good morning to you all.

A very wet one here, so a wise decision Sylvia to stay put!.

Shall, your'e just like me ovenwise lol. I wipe it every time I use it and then on a Friday a complete clean, its all done in minutes.

there was no room in our kitchen for an eye …

8 About an hour ago

Another cold morning, but was expected. Going to get ready for the day and then put the slow cooker on and also put washing in the machine. For the rest of the day am going with the flow! Hope you all have a good day.




1 About 7 hours ago

Goodmorning everyone I hope today finds you all well...I have uploaded week 8 of Snoflakes challenge.

Thank you all for the kind comments you have left for me

Ginny I hope Macy is well xx

Take Care Sharon xx

12 51 minutes ago

Have the most fabulous day Kathleen

June. xx

Hope ypur card arrived okay..xx

36 49 minutes ago

Sending special birthday wishes to our bonkers Librarian Kathkat. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Love and hugs



4 About an hour ago

Morning all. Nice and bright here at the moment just waiting for the fairy to arrive. No rain forcast for the next week so I think washing might be on the cards today, bed has to be changed later as well.

Got to make a card for a friend that is 70 soon but goes away on one of her many …

3 About 4 hours ago

Its still dark outside and feels very chilly. Nothing planned for today so will just go with the flow

3 About 4 hours ago

This draw is for 38 Asstd sizes - sparkly Pom Poms.

I shall make the draw on Monday. Please add your name and Good Luck. Sylvia x

4 About an hour ago

A few weeks ago, someone said they got a Winnie the Pooh gift with their magazine. They thought that the magazine would be in the shops around now but I cannot find it. Does anyone have any more info?

Thanks in advance.

Sandra. X

8 About 3 hours ago

Hi Friends

Sorry I have missed so many uploads I will pop by soon but will be unable to catch up with all your lovely work in one go We are decorating the study and its taken longer than we planed and silly me decided to upgrade laptop to 10 all I will say is nephew is on stand by! but …

5 57 minutes ago

I will do draw tomorrow I'm having trouble with 10 update to laptop silly me thought I could do it as computor went on fine !


I have just purchased 4 packets of caption wooden letters only to find no G and no M!!!!

Most annoying to see that none of the words on the back of the packaging contain a G or an M....

Need to spell names!!

Any ideas?


Lynette Sharp

2 About 3 hours ago

I would just like to thank all those who have commented on my recent gallery uploads. I appreciate them all xx


Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend blog hop.

Everyone is welcome to join in whatever craft project you have blogged about. All you need to do is copy and paste your blog addy into your post and then visit each blog listed and leave a comment.

I will join in later x

7 About 6 hours ago

The winner of free draw is Atlantis. Please let me have your address. Thanks to all who entered.

1 About 19 hours ago

Thank you to everyone who sent me Birthday wishes and cards,sorry I haven't replied sooner but we have just got back from % days in Harrogate,what a beautiful part of the country.Celebrated my birthday (it was a special 0ne!) with afternoon tea at Bettys.Don't know or care what my Slimming World …

2 About 18 hours ago

I'm such an eejit; I have just tried to join pinterest through my email address because I don't want to bother with Facebook or twitter. I have confirmed my email, downloaded the app but can't get any further than a page that says 'Discover ideas for all of your projects and ideas' or some such. …

14 17 minutes ago

Can anyone tell me where I might find the two cd roms The Big One and The Next Big Thing, I believe they are no longer avaliable on the La Pashe website.

Thanks Jacqui xx

2 14 minutes ago

Evening everyone,

I am looking for some advice if at all possible. I use a big shot machine and have just bought some first edition alphabet dies. My first day of using them I only cut (several times) D, A and Y in heavy paper/light weight card stock. Today I have tried to cut M and U …

About 6 hours ago

I only use a an IPad still not able to get on my page, as any one been able to get on there page.


5 About 15 hours ago

I only use a an IPad still not able to get on my page, as any one been able to get on there page.


2 About 6 hours ago