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.... Is Sheila, Stokesy. Well done Sheila on winning the Fantasy Challenge, your number was randomly picked out of the hat ! Well done, please let me know if you are able to host the next challenge.



Hello everyone! right so i want to talk about art dolls, so to start off with, hi im lauren im nearly 20 and ive just got in to polymer clay, ive joined a few art groups and also brought some of the amazing paint they have to offer which i will be painting my dolls with, i am currently trying …


Good Evening all...

Thank you to all those who wished me a Happy Birthday today.How lovely is was to read all your messages to me.

I have had a wonderful day meeting up with my children and grandchildren for lunch.I was spoilt with crafty goodies including a new die cutting …

4 About an hour ago

Wish to say sorry it's a bit late on Sunday evening to set the floral changenge, been at food and gifts fare at burghley.

first hope the time set is ok, as it's close to Christmas, or should it go on to the Sunday 2nd Jan.

The colour I thought of is Yellow, some Embossing, with …

4 26 minutes ago

ive made an awkward card the size is 8''x6'' inch can anybody tell me what that is in mm


2 About 4 hours ago

My cameo has decided it doesnt want to play anymore. It has never had a lot of use but yeaterday I wanted to cut some card. Wouldnt work. Changed the blade, still not cutting through. Used plain cardstock with blade set to 4 and double cut but it is missing the bottom of the design altogether. …

3 About 6 hours ago

The digi/stamping challenge ends in 48 hours (tuesday ) lunch time. will carry out the draw without you if you do not upload in time. Nikki

1 About 3 hours ago

Good morning everyone, late up this morning, didn't mean to have such a long lie-in, but I must have needed it, well that's my excuse, lol. Just to let you know, everything went really well on Thursday. It could only have gone better if I hadnt cried when I gave them Albert's goodbye present. …

1 About 6 hours ago


Just posting a link if you still need to find your partner for the christmas card swap. Just follow the link for …

5 About 2 hours ago

Early in the morning

A Chatter posts a thread

Guiding light to others...

To it they are led.

Kate it was, who started

Many months ago...

54 5 minutes ago

Morning to everyone that follows me. Ops, I slept until 10 this morning, I did wake for the bathroom at 7.30 but got back into bed and dozed of again. Need to move myself in a minute busy day coming up. I have the bedlinen in the machine as we speak which will be going on the line in about …

3 About 9 hours ago

Up and about early this morning and not sure whether to read my book or do some crafting, will decide after I have had my coffee. Off out for lunch today with three other couples so that should be a fun time and means no cooking for me today. Hope you all have a good day whatever you are …

3 About 10 hours ago

Have a wonderful day Judith


34 About an hour ago

I didn't have a good night so am up early. I have some baking to do and then some crafting time. Hope you are all well

3 About 10 hours ago

Goodmorning everyone I have broke up form work for a week so happy

I have uploaded another Christmas card thank you so much for all the previous comments

Off to catch up with the gallery xx

Take Care Sharon xx

11 54 minutes ago

Partners will be put up tomorrow.

Lots of love Ruth xx


Better late than never, I've just added my layout for the January theme - New beginnings.



You need to make a card for that day’s letter; it can be a theme, Digi or rubber stamp ,image, a colour or a technique, i.e. for the letter A on day one Angel, Apple, Apricot Aqua, Acetate Aperture or it could be Away in a manger, alleluia (also spelt hallelujah)

I hope you will …

12 About 2 hours ago

The challenge is now closed and congratulations to Vicky who was chosen by Mr Random.org as the winner.

Can't pm you Vicky as you're not on my friends list but will send you friend's request. In the meantime, if you read this first please can you let me know if you can host the next …

6 About 8 hours ago

Can anyone tell me the name of this die, I think it is spellbinders, a friend wants to buy it and I dont know what its name is

7 About 20 hours ago

.Thank you for choosing my card Susan, I'm glad you liked it.

For our next challenge, I would like you to think multi-media.

As crafters we usually do more than one thing. e.g. I knit and stitch as well as make cards and gift boxes. etc. So I would like you to produce an …

7 18 minutes ago

Thank you for choosing my card Susan, I'm glad you liked it.

For our next challenge, I would like you to think multi-media.

As crafters we usually do more than one thing. e.g. I knit and stitch as well as make cards and gift boxes. etc. So I would like you to produce an example …



just to update those that took an interest in my previous post.....today was the official "brave the shave day" and I am proud to announce that my daughter voluntarily had her head shaved this morning. She has now posted the before and after photo for those that are interested …

3 About 11 hours ago

Does anyone know if it is OK to use this on dies without spoiling them? It would make life easier when sticking intricate die cuts down. Thanks.

10 About an hour ago

Good morning all

107 About 21 hours ago

Thank you everyone for your messages, on the passing of my father in law, really appreciated by both my hubby and myself.

Can't believe we are on the last card swap for this year! It certainly has flown by thats for sure! Thank you everyone that has supported this swap over this …

15 47 minutes ago

Morning all. Bright and breezy here today so might just get the washing out later, need to do the bedlinen tomorrow. We had a downpour yesterday, we were in town so missed it at home but it was quite a bit fell and it's forecast for Monday as well, I can feel the airer making an …

2 Yesterday at 11:13AM

Does anyone know howto fold and glue the card extensions for the papermania decoupage folk xmas advent card, I can't seem to work out how to fix them?

1 Yesterday at 10:36AM

Very cold outside this morning, but am staying in the warm! Have been up since 6am and looking at Pinterest. Am now up and ready for the day and will get breakfast organised shortly. Himself is still in bed and had quite a bad night coughing, so hope that soon clears up. Just finished off …

2 Yesterday at 11:14AM

Goodmorning everyone I hope your all well last day at work today then I'm off for a week before the madness starts..for those who dont know I work in a supermarket and its crazy this time of the year as you all know specially Jackie ;-)

I have uploaded a Christmas card a little bit saucy …

13 About 13 hours ago