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* UPDATE* - Still have the sinus infection from June 2nd, on my last lot of antibiotics then if it's still not gone then I'm facing a sinus op, But I have also been diagnosed with diabetes Type 2, high cholesterol and High Blood Pressure, I was as pre-stroke level (180/112) scary stuff! So only making a few cards at the moment until I feel well enough :)I have been crafting for 8 years now, but it's only since I had to stop working to look after my son that I have had a bit more time to really get into it! I have been married for 22 years and have two sons 18 and 16, we moved from the UK (East Yorkshire) to Australia-Melbourne in January 2008 Not made any new friends over here, so we just moved house in April 2013 to see if this area is more me LOL. Never posted anything I have made before so there's not much in my gallery yet.

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