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I dabbled with novelty cakes and handmade cards a few years ago, but made little progress because of ever extending working hours. I very happily resurrected the card-making when I made a lifestyle choice to switch to part-time working a decade ago. Since then I've discovered a love of scrapbooking and jewellery making too, and crafting has taken over large amounts of my spare time, my spare cash and my spare room. In July 2006 I was accepted as a Do Crafts demonstrator. Do Crafts demos made a really big impression on me when I was just starting out and I loved the thought that my demos might help people in the same way. During my time at do crafts, I also designed for Creativity! magazine, and demo'd on Create and Craft, Ideal World and Creativity TV.I became a Mum in September 2011, so am taking a break from demonstrating. I don't have a lot of time for crafting now, but am enjoying creating scrapbooks to hand down to my little boy.

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