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Im now 45 and left work in April, am in process of starting my own photography business, but am currently writing this from Berwick in Melbourne Australia where i will be until end of November. Fab continent but so expensive... may be going walkabout before the holiday is over lol... but making my cards helps he me chill out. I have two teenagers, my son who is 20 now, and my daughter who is sweet 17 (going on 21 !!) She is studying (if thats the right word ) Travel and Tourism at college, my son is currenly unemployed.I have two tabby cats, Sox and Noodles they are 3 years old and always into mischief. Have started making a scrap book of my family tree. Everytime i finish one page i realise there's someone ive missed... so im looking at this as a scrap book in progress. As i didnt want to be limited by the albums, i have made my own covers for it, so i just have to keep adding extensions... ive done 12 pages so far... only 8x8.  

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